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Xmas survival, hangover

Five hangover cures tried and tested

Wish there was a cure for your festive hangover? There is! Will it work? Hmm

Written by
Alexi Duggins

It’s Christmas party season! Which means only one thing: a month of wretched, brain-mangling hangovers. Don’t worry, though. Hangover cures are everywhere now, so in the name of research, we tested five of them out. This is for your benefit, you understand: not because we need to get rid of our hangovers or anything. Ahem.

Hangover cures

1. The Organic Pharmacy’s homeopathic hangover pills

How does it work? A special homeopathic remedy containing the delicious-sounding ingredient ‘Nux vomica’ which supposedly restores your body’s ‘nutrient balance’, thus reducing headaches and nausea. You take one before you go out, one afterwards and one the following morning.

Does it work, though? Actually, yes! We’re as sceptical of homeopathy as the next person (unless the next person is Prince Charles). But within an hour of a bender that’d make Gazza jealous, our nausea and headache was miraculously cured.


2. Drip and chill

How does it work? A nurse rigs you up to an intravenous drip and delivers ‘a bespoke blend of vitamins and nutrients’ which offer ‘ a vital health and wellbeing boost’. More importantly, Rihanna’s been known to do it.

Does it work, though? Sort of. The inch long needle was not relaxing to look at. Nor was the lurid alarmingly fluorescent yellow colour of the liquid in the drip bad it was rigged up to. But it definitely took the edge off our headache – even if we still felt knackered afterwards.



3. Oxygen

How does it work? A tube is inserted into your nostrils and a machine blows oxygen into them. The theory, according to random internet sites, being that oxygen molecules are involved in your body breaking down alcohol, so the more of them you can get, the better.

Does it work, though? No. In no way. After ten minutes of being rigged up to a machine that bubbled air up our nose, we noticed absolutely no difference whatsoever.

£16 for 20 minutes.

4. Overhang

How does it work? A beverage made to a 130-year-old recipe of the creators’ Italian great great grandad containing orange, lime, ginger and milk thistle – plus added vitamins. Supposedly it will ‘refresh and revitalise when you really need it’.

Does it work, though? Kind of. It definitely lived up to its claim to help with our body’s hydration. But then so would glugging dirty dishwater, and if we’re honest, we’re not entirely sure that we wouldn’t prefer drinking exactly that compared to this bizarrely spicy orange juice. Did we notice any effect whatsoever on our hangover? Well, it did revitalise us in a way. It revitalised us into spitting it out pretty quickly.

£17.99 for 12 bottles.


5. BrainWave

How does it work? An app that plays you ‘low frequency theta and delta waves to induce relaxation and provide relief from hangovers’. You’re meant to pop it on while you’re lying in bed the morning after boozing, so that it somehow chills your hangover out until it disappears.

Does it work, though? Not so much. It’s a bit like listening to someone playing ocean noises over the humming sound of a fridge-freezer, which did approximately sod all for our headache.


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