Friday Late: Synthetic Aesthetics

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Friday Late: Synthetic Aesthetics

An evening of performances, talks and one-off displays that explore the emerging field of synthetic biology and its effect on the future of design. The evening will feature the book launch of 'Synthetic Aesthetics: Investigating Synthetic Biology's Designs on Nature', by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Jane Calvert, Pablo Schyfter, Alistair Elfick and Drew Endy as well as workshops and installations exploring our biological future. 


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I am writing this before the event. I think we need to think carefully.

Food and Water Watch United States:
"This technology is even newer than traditional genetic engineering, so it is still unclear how it would be proven safe and regulated. Today’s transgenic crops are at least permitted and commercialized through a three-agency regulatory process, albeit flawed. But these organisms would be tossed into a quagmire of federal regulatory programs involving at least seven agencies, making it more likely to fall through the bureaucratic cracks."
"the environment and human health and our federal agencies should be refusing to make decisions on this technology until all risks have been evaluated in the public’s best interest, rather than that of the profit-driven biotechnology companies."

Independent scientists are calling for a comprehensive investigation into the potential risks to human health and the environment posed by synthetic organisms as well as broad discussion on ethical concerns.
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