Get to Hyper Japan if you want to meet the meme megastar Domo

A cultural phenomenon sets his furry feet in the British capital
©Mari Shimmura/NHK
By Time Out editors in association with NHK World

From July 25-27, London will be awash with anime songs, Japanese cuisine and kawaii (Japan’s 'cute' culture) as the UK’s largest J-culture event returns this summer. Guests at this year’s Hyper Japan include masked ninja Hiroki; Siro-A, Japan’s answer to the Blue Man Group; J-pop duo Yanakiku; and Scott Hallsworth of Kurobuta restaurant. But they may find themselves overshadowed by a furry brown animated mascot as meme megastar Domo is swooping in to make a guest appearance at the event.

For the benefit of the uninitiated, this curious creature is the official mascot of Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK. Making his debut in 1998, he shot to stardom with his hit TV series in his native land and broke into the international market via the internet and Nickelodeon. His worldwide success then led to his nomination as promotional ambassador for NHK World TV (NHK’s international channel) in May 2014. You may have already seen him on-screen, but you’ll get to meet him in person here, as he’ll be exchanging grunts with fans at the NHK World booth.

Once you’ve met the megastar, it’s time for your own spotlight shot – try your luck at the anime-song karaoke contest, organised by NHK World TV’s ‘Imagine-nation’ programme.

Hyper Japan takes place from July 25-27 at Earls Court, London.
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