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Thames Barrier

Here’s what London could have looked like if the Thames Barrier hadn’t been closed

All hail the Thames Barrier

Written by
Time Out London contributor

I think we all got a bit freaked out last Thursday when weather reports suggested that we were going to be hit by an enormous storm surge. And then the apocalyptic storm came and went and we weren’t all underwater. We got off pretty lucky and it’s all thanks to the Thames Barrier. Many parts of the UK were left devastated as one of the worst storms in 60 years rampaged through the country on Thursday and Friday.

The Environment Agency predicted the tidal surge could be worse than the one that hit in 1953, when over 300 people died and tens of thousands of homes were destroyed. As a result, the alarming decision was taken on Thursday to close the 520 metre-long barrier to protect London from the estimated flood chaos (as illustrated in the picture above).

Good call guys! Chief executive of The Environment Agency Dr Paul Leinster said of the measures taken to save the capital: ‘We estimate that at least 800,000 homes and businesses have been protected by flood schemes in the past 24 hours.’

We thank you Thames Barrier!

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