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How to have an epic night in

When it comes to cosiness, there’s no place like home. Here’s how to master the art of the perfect night in

By Time Out in association with Magnum

At Time Out, we’re all about exploring the city. But while there’s still a nip in the air, a cosy night in can be just as thrilling. So we’ve teamed up with Magnum to help you enjoy some Time In (see what we did there?), and embrace the pleasure of missing out. #POMO

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On your own

What to wear: One word: pyjamas. Oh and maybe some slippers, the fluffier the better. Don’t worry, we’re sure the pizza guy won’t judge.

Entertainment: A sofa-based triathlon of reading, telly and video games – lots of variety and absolutely zero chance of putting your back out.

Set the scene: Get the atmosphere right with low lighting and be sure to grab a blanket, just in case the journey to your bed turns out to be all too much.

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With a couple of friends

What to wear: You know that sleek outfit you wore to that wedding? Yeah, not that. Denim and wool are your friends here.

Entertainment: Go for a retro board game you all played as kids, or a film you’ve all seen a hundred times (so you can chat the whole way through it).

Set the scene: Set the vibe to ‘cosy’ with some scented candles, and consider a bring-a-cushion policy so your pals know exactly how much energy to expect.


A small do

What to wear: Chances are that you’ll be meeting some new people, so it’s time to make a little effort. From the ankles up, at least – slippers are still cool.

Entertainment: Team-based party games like charades never fail to break the ice, or put those yoga sessions to good use with a few rounds of Twister.

Set the scene: You’re going to need a bit of extra space, so clear all non-essential furniture into the corner for maximum boogie room (this will double as a ‘crash corner’ when things start winding down).

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A big do

What to wear: Only your finest threads will do, and, since you’re not going anywhere, your outfit doesn’t even need to be practical. Got a pair of platforms that are overdue an outing? Do it.

Entertainment: Hook a tablet up to some speakers and give your pals half-hour DJ slots – keep the mood light by going for a 50 per cent cheese quota.

Set the scene: A party’s not a party without a disco ball, and if you don’t know anyone who owns one, it might be time for a long, hard think about the sort of people you hang out with. 

Magnum deliveroo

And don’t forget the ice cream...

Whether you’re chilling solo at home on the sofa, or spending the evening partying with pals, Magnum ice-cream tubs are the ultimate way to add a touch of luxury to any night in. They come in five tempting flavours, too – Classic, White, Almond, Dark Chocolate Raspberry and Chocolate & Hazelnut Praliné – all of which come encased in a thick chocolate shell that’s just begging to be cracked. Whether or not you choose to share it, of course, is totally up to you...

Available in all large supermarkets, or search for ‘The Ice Cream Store’ on Deliveroo (selected London postcodes). Find out more at


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