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Dishwasher tablet macaroons at Keeping up with the Jones

Enter a world of flawless parties and pristine homewares at the Clerkenwell abode of Mrs Jones at this bizarre and imaginative immersive event. Visitors will explore eight rooms, each with a domestic theme to explore; giant dishwashers, pillow fights and washing powder snowstorms are just some of the silliness that awaits. Edible part sof the adventure include macaroon dishwasher tablets and edible vodka toothpaste. A cocktail menu has been designed especially for the event by Ali Reynolds of the wonderful Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar, and those who fancy making a real evening of it can add a picnic hamper and prosecco to their ticket package.

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Enjoyable experience. If your up for something different, bit quirky and like a drink this may be for you. Contrary to what other reviews state, never heard Whirlpool mentioned until I sat next to one in the Garden Bar. Started off with a cocktail and Canapés, went into a giant dishwasher and enjoyed the Macaroon tablets, next up drink in a Toothpaste tube, very strange but interesting concept. We then ran through a room with bubble balloons to try and find a bottle of prosecco, different and fun. Next was a room with Pillows ready for a mini pillow fight, finally a sound lounge where we relaxed and enjoyed more food treats. This was the end of the experience and went into the Garden Bar, We opted for the luxury package so had a Picnic box each, plenty of food to enjoy for dinner. Followed by some more cocktails also part of the package. Don't let the other reviews put you off, if you want something different and enjoy a drink, this experience may be for you.

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Coming to this event, I had no idea what to expect from this event, but I was very pleasantly surprised!  Our host for the evening, Mrs. Jones, was hilarious and we had a great time with her showing us around her lovely home.  We even ran into her husband in the bathroom where he gave us a tasty cocktail and his banter with his wife was so funny.  The best part was entering the pillow fight room where we actually had a classic, old school pillow fight with one another!  The whole event was fun and I loved every minute of it.  The little treats and cocktails we had were tasty and just made the whole experience better.  I would definitely recommend this kind of event to anyone who likes to change up their routine of just going to another, regular bar with their friends.  The whole event was well done from start to finish and I wish I could spend another evening spending time with the Joneses.  

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Superb - I was taken against my will by my annoying wife who likes quirky stuff; attending with the attitude that I wouldn't enjoy it I was pleasantly surprised. The host who took us round was entertaining, we were given little nibbles to eat and some cocktails. There was a pillow fight and a fun house style dig around in some giant bubbles to find the champagne. When the tour came to an end I assumed that was it but it actually emptied out into a disco in serving cocktails out of a washing machine.quite a few people stayed on afterwards to make use of the bar so we did the same and had a few drinks before going out for the evening in London. I would attend one of these events again; my only suggestion would be that for the price I think there should be two or three cocktails included at the end in the bar rather than one.

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Loved it! If you're looking for an alternative way to catch up with friends and have a few drinks this was an entertaining way to do so. I went to the dirty laundry event previously and thought this would be something different for an early evening cocktail with my mum and sister. Mr and Mrs Jones were very amusing as they weaved us through the internals of their crazy home. We were still finding feathers hours later from the pillow fight! The bar at the end was a great place to enjoy a few more drinks with some excellent disco tunes to set you up for the night. 

Looking forward to the next silly way to enjoy a cocktail served out of a washing machine! 

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Blooming loved this event! Never really know what to expect from these things but I went with my girlfriend and thought it was great. Cocktails were really strong, which I obviously didn't mind, especially as I'm a gin drinker- also didn't mind taking my week at work out in the pillow fight room where we were invited to smack strangers arses lol. I also found the bottle of prosecco in the bathroom so was pretty merry by the end of the night with the free cocktails and prosecco AND gin after (don't mix your drinks kids). Absolute winner :-) 

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What a delight- I was looking for a girly night out and this was such fun. We were led through a crazy house as we made our way to a super cute garden area.

We had ordered the picnics, which were just amazing. So much detail on the packaging and the food was great. We ate them sitting in a beach hut- tell me where else in London you could do that?

I’ll definitely look out for more events like this going forward.

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To be honest I didn't know what to expect, but I must say I absolutely loved it!!! What a cool concept. 

You walk into Mrs. Jones kitchen and she takes you on incredible tour through her mad house via fridge in the kitchen, how cool is that. Then we walked through the several rooms designed all to perfection including giant washing machine, dishwasher where you get macaroon made into a dishwasher tablet, Macaroons were so good! the best I tasted to the day I think .... and couple of other rooms. She was joined by her husband, Mr Jones on the way and they were both absolutely hilarious What an attention to every single detail from labeled mini bottles to giant milk bottles and butter in the fridge. My most favourite room was the "naughty room". I felt like little a child again while pillow fighting with my mates, pure happiness. Also really enjoyed cocktails which were made to perfection and cocktails we got at the end of the tour which were made in washing machine! I don't care that there were some product displayed on the way and if they were promoting some product c'mon we living in 21 century every single music video got product placement we should be used to it by now.

Staff was extremely helpful and friendly and played along within the theme.

Tickets were a little bit more expensive but if I knew whats waiting for me I would happily pay for this experience again. It is difficult to get impressed by something in city like London which is full of creative minds and to try something new, different as sometimes I got a feeling I have seen it all haha but this really made me happy. Overall 10 out of 10 can't wait to see what's next is coming from Meredith Collective I will definitely be the one to watch the space and take my mates along.

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Pay to be advertised to!

It took a total of 15 minutes to go through the 'immersive' bit.  This was quite fun, with nice design and a little pillow fight.  Then you arrive in a bar where you have to pay full price for the cocktails.

Save your money, go to a nice cocktail bar instead. 

I have been to quite a few immersive experiences and this was by far the shortest, and least immersive.   The fact they are trying to sell you whirlpool goods adds as bad a taste in your mouth as the toothpaste cocktail (the macaroons were amazing - but not worth the entrance fee).

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I had such a great time with the Joneses!  As soon as I walked in and was greeted by Mrs. Jones, I knew it was going to be a fun event.  I was so impressed with how they made a part of the space look as if you were going through an actual washing machine, it was very creative and a fun place to take a picture with my friends!  However, my night was made when we went into the bathroom and saw Mr. Jones sitting in bathtub in just a robe!  We enjoyed flirting with him for a little bit and having some amazing macaroons with Mr. Jones.  My other favorite part was walking into a room filled with pillows and feathers and having a pillow fight!  I haven't had a pillow fight in ages, and it was a great way to have the guests party in Mrs. Jones' house.  My friends and I though that the drinks were delicious and a fabulous treat from The Joneses.  

I felt that the event was a creative way to have guests learn more about Whirlpool products while also being a fun, hands-on experience.  I would definitely recommend this event to all of my friends.  You'll be treated to a fun evening with delicious snacks and fun people.  After all, don't you want to know if you can keep up with the Joneses?  

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What a fun fab evening! I haven't had a pillow fight in years! The Joneses were lovely hosts and the Mrs can make macaroons like none other! I love inventive, creative nights out, thats what makes London great. Not suitable for party poopers: one has to go to these sort of events with an an open mind and a keen imagination! 

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The worst experience ever. Such a waste of money. I was trully disappointed.

The whole "thing" lasts literally 10 minutes. It is a modern way of advertising Whirlpool new equipment (fridge, washing machine, dishwasher & sound/TV system).

As soon as you reach the building, you will see "whirlpool" advertisements in the front door. Then a woman/"wannabe actor" will guide you through 8 tiny spaces that each one has a different whirlpool equipement and the woman/"wannabe actor" will laugh loudly speaking about each equipment.

In 10 minutes, you will have finished everything. No plot at all, no acting, nothing immersive. If you buy tickets with 2 coctails and canepes, you will receive: one tiny plastic bottle with an uknown coctail and another tiny/style-toothpaste coctail (I felt that I am going to throw up drinking it). Regarding canapes, they will give you 1 x macaron. That's it.

After the 10 minutes whirlpool tour, you arrive in a bar that serves coctails, but you will have to pay extra for that.

"Meredith Collective" (creative agency) are the organizers - From now on, I will always have a look to avoid any kind of project they are doing - Its such a shame in 2016, to find people hiding that their event is actually a live advertisement of Whirlpool equipment and take people's money this way. We are talking about a 10 minutes walk to see Whirlpool equipment - And they advertise this as an immersice experience that you have to pay a ticket. Really???

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What an experience!

I took a friend of mine who had no idea what to expect and we both loved it! We got very involved and played along.

Our experience lasted about 25 minutes, we were having pillow fights and giant bubble wars (definitely make sure to really get involved in this. So much fun) we each got a marshmallow disguised as soap, a delicious maracroon that was a dishwasher tablet (very clever), finger sandwiches, and 2 cocktails.

The staff were great, the design was very cleverly set out and the cocktails were delicious (not forgetting to mention Mr and Mrs Jones were superb).

It is definitely worth going to for a bit of silly fun.

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all I can say is RIP OFF ... this event was the worst I've ever been to. how? how could they do this to people? promise so much and give so little?

cheap sets,poor acting, one tiny macaroon and a small drink.. all for £17.50???? god only knows how the others who paid higher felt because I was on the verge of insanity from the disappointment. my head just hurts from it all. 

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Poorly created event if you can even call it that- it's a walkthrough of an unused building.

Shoddily assembled. Advertising campaign for Whirlpool.

What was meant to be vodka toothpaste was a foul mixture of blended yoghurt, mint, gin and tonic. Travel size mouthwash bottle of some vodka "cocktail". You also get a macaroon (very tasty) and a lump of marshmallow.

Definitely not worth the travel time (experience was +/-10mins) and entry fee.
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So much boozy filled fun!!!! Mrs Jones is truly loop and entertaining showing you around her well applianced house ahaha! The pillow fight room covered in feathers is so much fun and primed for Instagram (check mine out @emilychapps). Our group was super nice and was great dos hare the experience with other. The food and cocktails are delicious and theres a great selection. The bar did get a bit busy, but expected considering how nice the drink were. If you have the chance the steal more than one macaroon do; THE BEST IVE EVER HAD and appropriately look like dishwasher tablets. 

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I wasn't sure what I was expecting to be honest but i have to say that i was pleasantly surprised! Firstly, the way to 'house' had been set up was so cool...we got to walk through a fridge and a giant washing machine (great photo opp btw!!) , had a huge pillow fight and there was a half naked man in a bath which was the cherry on top of the cake. Our Mrs Jones was hilarious and the drinks and food she gave us were so good- the cute bottles turned out to be such strong alcohol that i was loving life and the macarons were some of the best i've ever eaten! When we got to the end, the bar and zen garden made the whole experience even better; my friends and I ordered these giant gin cocktails which tasted so good and sat in the garden and chatted. We left pretty late because we were caught up in the whole thing and we left knowing that we shall be looking out for other events like this because its better than just sitting in a dimly lit cocktail bar in Shoreditch paying for £15 mojitos. 10/10 would recommend. 

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Such poor value for money.  I paid to be advertised at and the whole thing lasted 10 minutes.  I got one macaron and not the two canapes that I paid for.  The cocktails in the bar were poor and overly expensive, with only two bar staff on meaning a long wait for each,

I would avoid this and spend your money in a decent cocktail bar without the tour of the house first. This venture should make the organisers feel dirty enough that they will need a lifetime supply of Whirlpool equipment.

This event was truly awful and the failure to clearly advertise 'in association with' nothing short of dishonest. Surely an experiential event funded by brands should be free of charge, not monetised?! Every single company involved in this project should be seriously reconsidering their participation. Hoodwinking potential consumers is not a strategy to endorse. I would like a refund please. 

This was so cringe and embarrassing for me, the friend I took and I image for the organisers.I wish I had read the reviews on here before buying tickets. Obviously the positive reviews on here are from friends or colleagues because you just couldn’t go to this event after having paid 17.50 for a ticket (some 52.50!!!) and not feel like you had be robbed and insulted. I just can’t believe they have the audacity to sell tickets for this. It was so bad and disappointing that i had to do some research. I realised that it’s a PR agency behind it called the ‘ Mereditch Collective’ which means its not about providing an interesting immersive event for people, its about putting on a PR event for your client Whirlpool who are paying you and then charging people to attend the event by dressing it up as something more interesting and putting your PR spin on it. Its just a shame that in one of the coolest cities in the world, with genuinely creative and talented curators of events around that you get a flop-up like this happening.

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Worst 'pop up event' I've ever attended. I'm disgusted that anyone could charge so much money (between £17.50 and £52) to spend 15 minutes in a glorified showroom to be sold dishwashers and speakers and then sit on the floor in an awful, overcrowded "bar" and drink mediocre cocktails (if you could get served). Shame on the organisers and everyone promoting it for not clearly branding this as an advert. 

Anyone saying how wonderful this experience was is either the organiser, related to the organiser or has no idea what an experiential event actually is. Appalling and utterly embarrassing.