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Lady Chastity's Reserve Clapham

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5 out of 5 stars
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Time Out says

Not even watching 'Psycho' in a chapel at Halloween made me jump as many times as spending an hour trying to unshackle Lady Chastity's Reserve. The immersive team game isn't quite an escape game (not least because you're not really trying to escape) but is built on the same main premise: work as a team to solve puzzles and complete the challenge within an hour. It's also themed to an extent no other game I've experienced has managed, with an innuendo-drenched storyline woven throughout the clues, a cobweb-spattered spooky set and a creepily convincing (and hilarious) performance from the game's host, Gabriel. He's the one who had us yelping with terror at every blast of the smoke machine. The tasks in this experience are very linear, so it was difficult for the whole team to get stuck in at once, but they were also packed with original features and fitted the wonderfully silly storyline beautifully. There's no hope for Lady Chastity, really, because I highly recommend you get your hands on her reserve. East Londoners note: there's another Lady Chastity's Reserve in Hackney now, too. 

Ashleigh Arnott

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Lady Chastity's Reserve Clapham says
Lady Chastity’s Reserve is an experience like no other, combining clues, comedy and immersive theatre.

This fun fuelled team game takes place in the secret rooms of premium pub venues. After you're free from that boozy brunch why not play an escape room?

Your host, Gabriel, will introduce you to the lair of the deranged Lady Chastity as you pit your wits against her mysterious belongings and strange contraptions. Those who prove themselves worthy will whoop their way through an hour of surreal gaming, leaving with Chastity’s fabled bottle of aphrodisiac wine.

This game is for adults of 18 and over, as Chastity does have some slightly sordid secrets and there are moments that could shake up weak minded souls.



Address: 51 Lavender Gardens
SW11 1DJ
Transport: Rail: Clapham Junction
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5 out of 5 stars

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Thursday night, in Farringdon, London. The city is abuzz with all the after work business people. I find myself at the Hope pub, a small 3 story pub with a gin bar on the second floor and a ” mystery” on the 3rd.

As much as I wanted to do more on the second floor, the 3rd was calling my adventurous side. The escape room, based on the story of  Lady Chasity, a socialite that loved parties and wine (my kind of lady!).

My lips are sealed regarding the details, but I will say this escape room is all about the ambience and it was done superbly. It was spooky, well created and very enjoyable. The host was great and really stuck to her character. Having done a handful of escape rooms this one is up there with my favourites.


An amazing escape game set in the smallest space. Brilliant spooky decor, fantastic actor, varied and tricky puzzles. The only issue was the recorded voice of Lady Chastity who we all struggled to hear. The biggest incentive to win is the bottle of plonk locked inside her wardrobe!


This Lady has a few surprises...

I'm a big fan of escape rooms and I have been to a few, but Lady Chastity's Reserve could show me new things. I found it very entertaining to have a dressed up host, an actor who actually could make us feel like a part of the story. He improvised, made us laugh, but of course explained us everything and helped us when we needed (and he never broke character). The puzzles were clever, the design was eye-catching and I was that excited I lost track of time.

There was one thing I was disappointed about though. In spite of what others have said below when me and my partner went we had to team up with three strangers. This was ruined our date. I picked this place especially because I thought we could go in by ourselves and now I'm quite confused how others managed to play just as a pair. We had fun and we enjoyed the experience, but we had to share with people we didn't know.

So overall definitely recommended, but if you want to play, organise a group or inquiry beforehand to avoid the awkwardness and to ruin your date night.

This was my first time doing an escape room, and I'll definitely go again.  We went along as a couple, looking to do something a bit different on an evening out in London, and it was a real blast.  The organisers have clearly put in a lot of effort.  The room itself is very atmospheric; I found myself totally immersed in the experience, forgetting about the real world outside.  The puzzle calls for some proper lateral thinking, but it's just the right side of challenging.  When you make a breakthrough, there's a real sense of achievement.  However, there's definitely strength in numbers, and the teamwork aspect gives it another dimension.

Surpassed my expectations.  Looking forward to trying their new game. 

This is an escape room like no other i have ever done. It has a twist! You are not seeking to escape, but win an aphrodisiac wine, made by the demented and debauched lady chastity! In this, you are plunged into wine drenched decadance, immersed into the story and theme by the wonderful host, Gabriel, who helps bring the experience to life and guide you as you become lost. The trials and tribulations you face are challenging, but not impossible. The theme and atmosphere are uniqur and addictive. Step into wine sodden darkness if you dare, you will not regret it! Cannot recommend this enough!


This puzzle room is set in a room that is a tad dark and a tad scary so a bit different to the usual escape rooms.  I loved the man that greeted us upon us arriving his ancient looking with his whispy long beard and wide eyes scaring at us.  When we stepped in the room he gave us the story of Lady Chasity which was interesting but whilst he was speaking I could not help but start to try and look for clues in the room not because I was finding it boring as I was not as he was interesting but I am inpatient and I just wanted to start hunting.  I cant say much as I cant ruin the story and the mystery for everyone but lets just say basically its about trying to free Lady Chasity from the wardrobe and to get her wine as that is what you win if you solve the clues/puzzles.  Highly recommend I felt like I had stepped back in time.


I was looking for an escape room to buy a gift voucher for a friend as something for us to do together as we’re always on the lookout for unique experiences in London, however found that many required a group of 4+ to book – however this one allowed pairs and also jumped out at me as particularly kooky. I was not entirely sure what to expect from this, and warned my friend that it might be a bit odd and in the worst case we’d still have a laugh together, however we really embraced this weird and wonderful game and both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We were paired up with another set of friends and after getting off to a slow start before long get got stuck in became working as a team to unlock “Lady Chastity’s Reserve” within the allotted hour timeframe. You need to be on the ball, inquisitive and truly immerse yourself in the moment to be successful. The location (Four Thieves pub) was perfect to host this – and enjoyable to spend time in afterwards to enjoy our winnings! All in all it was lots of fun and I would definitely recommend.


From the get go, the weirdly wonderful Butler leads you through a secret doorway in the newly renovated Four Thieves pub, telling the tale of Lady Chastity and the legend of her aphrodisiac wine. The set is eery, clever and very interactive. 

Well worth the small amount of money and if you succeed, the booty isn't too bad either!  Where most escape games are designed for team building, this takes it up to a notch, stepping into a horror movie, meets immersive Theatre, meets good old fashioned fun.

Oh and it is in a pub :

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