Little Nan's Rio Bar

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Time Out says

From the posters of 'Titanic'-era Leo right down to the half-eaten piles of pic 'n' mix, a night in Little Nan's '90s pop-up in Dalston is much like spending the night in my very own teenage bedroom. Except a lot more drunken. Tristan Scutt and team have created a marvellously trashy cave of wonders below the Rio Cinema that's plastered in film posters, poptastic memorabilia, old lady tat and loads of leopard print. Signing up for a two-hour time slot allows you to order unlimited teapots full of basic but boozy cocktails and scoff as many cups of popcorn and plates of sweets as your tooth enamel can handle.

On our visit even the more self-conscious guests were singing and swaying to 'My Heart Will Go On' after a mere half-hour of teacup booze, and by the end we were doing an impromptu group performance of 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)' wearing wigs and sunglasses from the prop room. It's a place for silliness, a place to let loose, and a place where hopefully you'll leave just drunk enough to forget that you still know all of the words to 'C'est La Vie'. Drop-ins are welcome when they're not fully booked, but commit to the two-hour deal if you can; there's something in those teapots that you just don't get in other bars. Ashleigh Arnott



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4 out of 5 stars