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Easter egg hunts in London

Get hot on the trail of the best Easter egg hunts happening in London this year

If you're on the hunt for things to do this Easter, put your sleuthing skills to the test and join one of the many London trails in search of coveted chocolatey eggs. Easter fans can track down rabbits in royal surroundings, chocolate eggs in city farms and brighten up a dull day at the museum with an egg-based mission. Perfect Easter activities for kids and sweet-toothed adults alike. 

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Easter egg hunts and games in London

Hunting for more fun for the kids this Easter?

The best family theatre in London this Easter

Forget stuffing your face with chocolate eggs - there's an even better buzz in store at London's childrens' theatre shows. From tiny toddlers to grumpy teenagers, we're got something that'll leave kids of all ages on a sugar high.

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By: Time Out London Theatre


Karen P

Make your preparation for this year's Easter Egg Hunt easier than ever with my 

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Here's a sample of the clues you'll find:Then off to the placewhere you keep all your socksI'm sure that's a placewhere I left a nice box!Rummage around 'till you find it in thereI hope it's not smellyfor your sake, my dear!!