Looking in, Looking Out

This festival of philosophy features a series of screenings and talks, workshops and panel discussions, in which modern and classic cinema is examined in a philosophical context. The talks and panel discussions unpack the meaning of art, reflect on what philosophy can add to our understanding of films and ultimately ask: what is film for? Films include philosopher-turned-director Bruno Dumont's Grand Prix-winning detective story 'L'Humanite' (Sat 9pm), Powell and Pressburger's classic 'A Matter of Life and Death' (Sun 2.15pm), Woody Allen's 'Crimes and Misdemeanours' (Sat 7pm), Darren Aronofsky's 'The Fountain' (Sun 12pm) and Wim Wenders' 'Wings of Desire' (Sun 6pm). Speakers include the writers Will Self and Julian Baggini.


Event phone: 020 7061 6744
Event website: http://www.conwayhall.org.uk