Magnum x Moschino Pleasure Store

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Magnum x Moschino Pleasure Store

Everyone’s favourite chocolate covered ice-cream has teamed up with the fashion gurus at Moschino for their latest Magnum Pleasure Store in Seven Dials. Alongside the new MagnumXMoschino bag collection, the store will also be serving bespoke ice creams and double dipping the sweet treats in layers of sauce and toppings, such as Black Lava Sea Salt and Blackberry Crunch. Prices start from £5.50. Various events will also take place over the summer. Find out more here


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Amazing. Ok, it's a bit pricey for an icecream (£5.50 for a standard) but well worth it. The staff are really good and put on a show for you (and your instagram followers) whilst they decorate your magnum with your chosen toppings. I chose a classic chocolate magnum with raspberry pieces, mini meringue balls and dark chocolate flakes with a white chocolate drizzle. My boyfriend had a white magnum with hazlenuts, dark chocolate and toffee with a dark chocolate drizzle. I think our contrasting selections show how many varieties you can actually make.

Not only was it a fun experience, but the magnums tasted great. I can't recommend enough if you are in Covent Garden at any point soon!


Yum yum yum! The Magnum pop up pleasure store is an icecream lovers dream. Just for £5.50 you can personalize your magnum however you like. From hibiscus petals to golden nougat this store has something to tickle everyones tastebuds. I went for a white chocolate Magnum with lemon popping candy, hibiscus petals, black lava salt and pistachios; it was absolutely delicious and hit the spot as it balanced the savory and sweet flavors I love. 

After they shake up your flavors like a cocktail and place them on your magnum you get a choice of dark chocolate or white chocolate drizzle as well as a choice of chocolate button. There were so many steps to making the magnum that it felt extra special and I am leaping at the next opportunity to go back. Now the clever part, in order to let your Magnum set they have placed instagram style photobooths all over the store so you can get that perfect pic while letting your magnum cool. So very tactfully Magnum has upped their social media game as well as yours and we're all much happier for it. 

I would highly recommend checking out this place before the sun goes away as its a really fun creative way to indulge in one of our all time favorite icecream brands and rack up some likes on social media.


It was a fun experience. If you haven't gone to try it, it's def fun for a one time thing because it was not cheap. They look very nice on photos though! But better eat them quickly before it melts. :)


I’ve been to the previous Magnum pop up and I was happy to come back as glamming up this very average ice-cream is actually so much fun! You can chose the basis version for £5.50 (one chocolate dip, three toppings), the pimped up £7.50 one (double dip including peanut butter flavour which is not available in the basic version) or £8 ‘special edition’ about which I only found out when I was trying to get edible gold on my lolly. ‘That’s only for the special edition’ said the server to my bemused face as noone mentioned it to me at the point of ordering and paying, neither did they say some ingredients are only available on the ‘limited edition,’ so think over well before you pay, especially if you care of what your Magnum is gonna look on Instagram;) But even if you go for the cheapest one, you can choose from toppings like volcanic salt, salted caramel pearls or corn flowers, so fret not, there are still nice options there to decorate your treat.

To boost the sharability Magnum prepared three different settings for you to photograph your creation, and I must say the ice-creams look amazing in these little boxes!


This is a perfect summer treat! Head over to magnums pop up store in Covent Garden for your very own personalised magnum! You can create your own magnum by choosing to double dip (if you dare) with either peanut butter or cookie dough and then choosing from a range of toppings and sauces, and obviously more chocolate of course! Then head over to the very special glam booths to get that perfect Instagram photo of your creation! Whilst you feast on your magnum, your eyes can drool over the new MagnumxMoschino bag collection and the gigantic glitter magnums in the window! The queues can be upto an hour on the weekends but the wait is most definately worth it, as a day without pleasure is a day lost!