Make London Better

Make London better: share your idea for how to make the city a better place

Tell us your idea for a way to improve the city and we'll help you make it happen. In partnership with GoFundMe.


At Time Out we love London. We also love brilliant ideas. And when they come together, in a way that improves our city for everyone, we get really excited. Take for example the Brixton community fridge: a place where anyone can leave food for those who need it. Genius.

Now, Time Out has partnered with GoFundMe to launch a competition for two Londoners (or teams of Londoners) to turn their brilliant ideas into realities. It could be an event that will bring a community together, a social or environmental initiative, or that lightbulb idea you tell your mates about but never leaves the pub.

Whatever it is: we want to hear about it. Then we’ll choose the best idea and help make it happen. (Although it does need to be something we can actually do – no fried-chicken-delivering drones. Soz.)

What’s the prize?

Two winning ideas will be awarded a GoFundMe page, each preloaded with £5,000. The winners will then need to set a higher funding target, which Time Out and GoFundMe will help you hit and see your idea realised. 

The competition will be judged by a panel of London experts including Caroline McGinn, Time Out Editorial Director. The judges will be looking for an innovative idea which will have a positive impact on Londoners. 

This competition is now closed, thanks for all your entries. Check back soon for the winners.


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