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Think you've tried VR? TRY THIS! 💥 Untethered, free-roam mind blowing VR 💥 Warehouse-scale 💥. Use code TIMEOUTVR for 20% off today.
- MeetspaceVR

Time Out says

So this looks quite cool. In short, it’s a VR world in a massive warehouse space. And what does that mean? It means you can shoot zombies, work your way out of an escape room, or play loads of other really-quite-spectacular VR arcade games. Welcome to the future, people – try to stay upright. 

MeetspaceVR says
Get your squad together and team up to take down zombies or rogue drones at the UK's largest multiplayer, warehouse scale, free-roam virtual reality arcade right here in BoxPark, Wembley.

meetspaceVR brings the world's best VR all under one roof. From warehouse scale free-roam to immersive VR Escape Rooms and high adrenaline VR arcade titles there is something for everyone.

Be ready to have your minds blown by the experience. Your body is the controller and your mind believes it is all real. This is the VR to try!


BoxPark Wembley
Olympic Way
Wembley Park rail
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