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Mission Breakout

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5 out of 5 stars
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Mission Breakout
Venue says The most immersive escape room in London. Escape from the ghost tube station using your mind, logic, communication and teamwork!

Time Out says

Mission Breakout is located inside South Kentish Town tube station, which closed to the public in 1924. It’s touches like this that are very much the appeal of this WWII-themed effort, with staff dressed in 1940s army gear and corridors pumped with dry ice as you enter the building. A video of an actor pretending to be Winston Churchill informs you that you need to help him decode a load of encrypted nazi messages before you’re locked into a room that’s full of impressively authentic-looking WWII-era machinery that you need to use to escape the room in 60 minutes. It’s a very impressive visual spectacle.

The gameplay is perhaps a bit less exciting. At times it can feel less like you’re playing a brilliantly designed game than you are interacting with an impressive set. Rather than multiple puzzles to be taken on at once, there’s only one problem to be solved at a time, which means it lacks the high-energy excitement of other escape games. Nonetheless, it’s a reasonably enjoyable experience. Until, that is, you come to the finale. At which point, it took us a full, hair-pullingly frustrating 20 minutes of pressing the same buttons over and over (and over) again to decode a message. Frankly, the gameplay leaves a little to be desired, but ultimately, how often do you get to take a trip into an abandoned tube station that gives you a fairly decent escape game into the bargain?

Mission Breakout says
MISSION: BREAKOUT - LONDON is a fully immersive escape room located in the borough of Camden in Central London.

The fully immersive game is taking place in the disused tube station called « South Kentish Town » that closed in 1924!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is simple!

Locked up inside a room in the historic building, your team has 60 minutes to escape from the abandoned place using your mind, good sense and teamwork to solve a series of puzzles, find the clues and manipulate mysterious machines!

Effective communication, time management and group determination are the keys to bring your team to escape!

Challenge your team from 3 to 6 players with family, friends or colleagues and enjoy the new and innovative live experience inspired on the true story of the ghost tube station!

Enjoy the new entertaining indoor game open from Monday to Sunday, 10 am - 10 pm, bank holidays and school holidays!


Address: 141-145 Kentish Town Rd
Transport: Tube: Camden Town
Price: £28
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Users say (8)

5 out of 5 stars

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Well the South Kentish Town station has now become a playground for you to find a ghost that has been stuck in the station since it closed down. Mission Breakout is where you and your friends have 60 minutes to escape before you become trapped just like the ghost. With this escape room, prepare to get down and dirty. There are small tunnels to crawl through and stairs to climb. The room says you can have up to 6 people but I wouldn't recommend more than 4. Most of the puzzles are for 1 person, 2 max.


An escape room set in WWII and located in a disused railway station. Some very difficult tasks in here with lots of patterns and codebreaking involved – we only just escaped! A very real feel to all the props in the room and some great nods to real history, especially the work at Bletchley Park. It worked well for the three of us, but it might feel a bit crowded if you went with five or six members.

Great fun ! We did few escapes room and this one was definitely the best one ! Very immersive game, great location, staff was helpful, would recommend it to anyone.

 Amazing location! Very well planned and organised! Not so easy and we were very close to escape! Our host made the experience even more better giving us clues at the right time!

Would highly recommend it!  


I really enjoyed this experience. Once I heard it was in an old Underground station I was pretty much in. So when we actually went through it I was even more happy. We went in with 4 people which I think is the sweet spot of participation-- too many and people may be just watching. I thought the story was engaging and we all had a great time in it. Highly recommend, but maybe not for super large groups (maybe split in half and then have a battle!)


This is a wartastic real-life escape game that is based in the borough of Camden in Central London.

It is a booming escape game that takes place in South Kentish Town’s old disused tube station which closed back in 1924.

Upon going down the stairs to the escape room we came across old black and white photographs showing people that used this underground station as a shelter when World War II was happening. The photos made me feel emotionally sad inside and made me think back to how people must of felt back then in that era when the bombs were going off.  Upon entering the entrance door we are greeted by the host and was briefed and given World War II style jackets to wear.  We are then left in the small study type room to watch a short video in which a Winston Churchill lookalike gives a speech. After the video we are then led by the host to the escape room which at this point we get locked in and had to escape within 60 minutes. There were several rooms that we went through all highly decorated within keeping with the war theme and sounds that are played through the rooms giving a unique eerie atmosphere.  Without giving too much away all I will say is that you have to hunt down clues,  solve many puzzles and decode many different style enigma machines.  We escaped the rooms and the won the war with just over 5 minutes remaining on the clock. 

We were then led to the victory room and we are all given a can of drink as a award.  The victory room is decorated up in how the underground would of looked like when it was being used as a shelter back in the war with bunk beds, gas masks and metal hats hanging up everywhere.  We had fun posing in the beds and playing with the gas masks and hats but at the same time it made me think how terrible and scary it must have been for those poor unfortunate people that went through that awful time.

The whole escape room is not just brilliant and very well themed but very historic as well.  You will need to use your mind, have good communication, time management and play as a team to solve the series of puzzles, clues and coding challenges. Teams of 3 to 6 players can play this escape room. 

I would highly recommend this mission to family, friends and work colleagues to go along and play as this escape room is very different to other games and really historical as the whole story is set upon the war age.

They now have a new mission room called the Lost Passenger (July 2018) 

We had to discover what happened to the missing man that travelled on a train back in 1924 and disappeared. 

All the gadgets, gizmos and props that were dotted around everywhere really did make the lift, engine room and train feel very real indeed. For example you’ll be using real metal levers and buttons to solve many of the puzzles and to get the train to start.

I highly recommend to any escape room enthusiast, train lover, and horror fan.


How does this place not rate more highly in the list of London escape games? This escape game, located in Camden, is definitely the best I've been to - now there is a sentence to get you interested! It has been set up in South Kentish Town tube station; a disused station, also used as an air raid shelter in WW2, around which the whole escape game is themed. On arrival we had to enter our first code of the evening to get through the door. Down the stairs decked with signs such as "air raid shelter" and old photos along with atmospheric smoke we were greeted by friendly staff in army get-up and taken in for our debrief. Here we were handed military jackets and given an overview of the situation by Churchill himself!  Then it was off in to the bunker (full of impressive props and great decor) where we were locked in with an hour to encrypted codes, work out who the traitor is and get the hell out of there. We completed it in 55 mins (phew) and found the clues varied (from the enigma machine, memory games to morse code). The tasks were set in chronological order, which I liked as you move from one to the other in a logical order and enabled everyone to work as a team - it was perfect for 5 people. At the end you are given a debrief with lovely, enthusiastic staff, who also answer any puzzles that still left you puzzled! They also took plenty of photos for us in the bunker - extremely accommodating. A slight difference to most escape rooms is the fact there is no team name, official time posted etc however it works well in my opinion! A definite recommend!

I disagree. There is loads to do in the room! It's an amazing experience set in an incredible venue. The staff are energetic and get you excited for the game. The enigma machine is difficult to use, however once you understand what to do with it, it is simple. Fantastic game; probably the best escape room in London. I escaped with 4 minutes to spare. Most escape rooms are not as heavily themed and captivating.