New Year’s Eve Fireworks

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Fireworks 2016 (Ben Broomfield)
Ben BroomfieldNew Years Eve fireworks 2016
Fireworks 2016  (Ben Broomfield)
Ben Broomfield New Years Eve fireworks 2016
Fireworks 2016 (Ben Broomfield)
Ben Broomfield New Years Eve fireworks 2016
 (© Peter Kindersley)
© Peter Kindersley

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The magnificent fireworks display that showers the Thames with light each New Year's Eve is back for 2019. The impressive display will feature more than 12,000 fireworks. Big Ben’s famous bongs, which are currently silenced because of vital renovation works, will sound for the special occasion. The event is now ticketed each year due to the huge numbers of people who crowd the riverbank to get a good view. The main release of £10 tickets will go on sale in September on For the ultimate guide to fireworks in London, visit our Bonfire Night in London guide.

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3 out of 5 stars

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The fireworks were very good, however the organisation was a farce, You had to leave westminster underground and instead of turning left, you had to walk about 2 miles to get to the gate (with a walking stick) and then there were no toilets at this entance. You had to walk another mile through crowds of people, which bottle-necked and nobody could move. Whne you finally got to the toilets, you could not get back in and had to walk all the way around again. I thought there'd be places to buy food or drink (even though it might be extortionate) but nothing. If you compare it to places like Edinburgh or Dublin it was rubbish.

I will never ever go again! It’s nonsense, you pay money to stand 2 hours in a queue. Nothing is organize for those who is standing and waiting no screens or any music! How you can fell New Years atmosphere? I am shocked, all people around were tired and you hear all night long a lot of complains. And those who came first for better London Eye view waited like 3-4 hours in advance, what is stupid as well. For 13 minutes show I just wasted my time. Good luck for those who will go next year. And happy New Year!!

Absolutely c**p!!! you have to be there at 6pm to have the chance to see something miles away at midnight. the crowd is impossible, too dangerous if you have kids as most people are drunk or on drugs and always willing to fight. And now you have to pay to experience this s**t! best view is at home on TV!!

Hey for all of you guys that are new to London & DONT have tickets,,,, DONT WORRY,, you will not need any as there is plenty of FREE space in other places to see it :). Also for all those that are wanting to buy alcohol,, you will NOT be able to buy any on the North side of the river, unless you get it from a pub. Cheap off-licences are your best option,,,, there is a 24 hour off-licence just opposite the London-eye towards the Graffiti wall at Waterloo station or another cheaper one around the corner at Lambeth-south underground station,,, if you want or need ant further assistance e-mail or call Dean on 07564 304 480 :) MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!!! :)

Get your booze and party! There is loudspeakers playing great music and the firework display is amazing. Been there for new years 2011 & 2012 and probably will go again this year. I would recommend going on Waterloo Bridge, you get a great view and have a lot more space then you would have on Westminster Bridge which will be full around 9. After the fireworks end the majority of people goes to the tube station in a loooooong cue.. What I would recommend is wait. Wait for the music the stop and then go. It saves you standing in the cue and you can just party on! Music goes on until about 1/half past 1.

I have always wanted to come down to London to see the fireworks and be part the the new year celebrations, so this year my family and I will be doing just that, can't wait.

The last time i saw the London fireworks was when i was a child, i now have 2 children of my own and feel as my daughter birthday is on new years eve it would be a magical moment to spend in London with a wonderful atmosphere, and watch the sky come alight.

Every year I watch the fantastic Firework display and New Years display in London and each year it beats the previous one ! As I am now in my 'wiser' years I would love the opportunity to visit New York and see the places that people dream about and compare with our wonderful London. Being a Londoner born & bred, I would be very amazed that anywhere would compare with our vibrant city. Architect, history, museums, palaces, parliament, theatres, atmosphere, the list is endless of what we have on offer to our visitors.

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Pretty crap if you are a family of FIVE and can only buy 4 tickets. Bet you don't have to pay anywhere else in the world. Yep Boris you do have this one wrong

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Such a good idea selling the tickets they are now on eBay selling for rediculas money good job boris

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Appalling.  I booked a hotel a year ago to see this spectacular and never saw any advertisement for tickets so consequently didn't get any!  Perhaps only London participants saw them advertised!  Really hacked off as I'm bringing my daughter, my  sister, her daughter and grandaughter.  What was going to be a fabulous time will now be thoroughly disappointing. So fed up!


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I wish i could gv no stars at all this year fireworks is ticketed and which is fine for me. But the thing making me sad is that i have been trying to book tickets for more than 10 days and couldn't get any. The link open 12pm and closes immediately with in 30sec. Me and my boyfrnd tried so much to book the ticket but all the time it's unavailable. People like us who really want to go couldn't get any tickets and There are people who want to make money out of it by selling the tickets on ebay for £400. Am so disappointed that will not be able to go watch fireworks this year.!!

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Had our tickets through for the fireworks. Paying £10 to gain access to the embankment. that wasn't too bad, but now we are told no chairs and no glass bottles. Alcohol is allowed in small amounts in plastic bottles. So...where does one buy Champagne in a plastic bottle. Yet another ruse to make us spend more !

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Amazing !!! One of the best New Year's Eve fireworks in the world....

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Is this place outside?? So do you have to pay and buy tickets to be there to watch the fireworks?? I am really confused as this is my first time in London for New Years and I don't know what to do..... HELP!!!

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