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Tower of London

The Tower of London becomes a spooky playground for this after-dark immersive experience directed by Anagram, a digital theatre company. Messages and phone calls will lead you through the buildings and courtyards as the stories of code-breakers, law enforcers and religious extremists from the past unfold. Tours take place at 6.15pm, 6.45pm, 7.15pm, 7.45pm and 8.15pm and last 45 minutes. Preview performances on Feb 1-2 are available at a reduced rate of £16. Book in advance by visiting the Tower of London website.


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This is a very fun idea and a great way to see some of the Tower of London. I went last  night and I really enjoyed it! I am not a fan of immersive Theatre but this is mostly inoffensive and largely is an experience with headphones and a mobile phone. I have to say the only thing I didn't like was that the 'journey' that you go on- you are an Operative spy in training,on a cryptic mission and guided by the elusive Laura and then an Unknown male voice- is very loose and I wanted more things to happen to me and my 'operative character' or potentially some puzzles to solve or,actually going against my former comment,maybe a bit more of an encounter with the actors.Once greeted and briefed, by two different ladies,you are then on your own and guided solely by the voices on the phone. I loved the historical facts added into the mix and it gave a very spooky feel to walking around the darkened and deserted Tower Of London. I would recommend it,it's a fab way to sight see this nook of London. What a laugh and what beautiful surroundings 

This was so disappointing, with the exception of access to the Tower at night with few people around. It’s an hour of listening, via headphones, to a story that was uninspiring and being sent on a route through the part of the Tower. Feel that it could have been much more interactive. Was expecting to have to solve puzzles or find out who the traiter was - and turned out none of us where. The Tower at night was beautiful and the contrast of 21st century buildings was stunning. Wouldn’t recommend unless it was changed to a more interactive experience.

The best thing about this is walking around the Tower at night time.  The stories of spying were a nice angle, but the spy plot side of it - the immersive theatre aspect - was a bit flat.  The story didn't make much sense and wasn't as profound as it pretended - spies protect the realm, but are they doing evil?  

The Tower is great though.  Maybe they should have focused on more detail of actual historical plots and spies - draw out our inconsistencies and prejudices that way.  I left with a feeling that nothing new had been said; that there was nothing in particular to reflect on.

Worth the money for the atmospheric night time wander in the Tower.


Excellent immersive experience and brilliant idea to combine history facts with fun! You will be given a small bag including phone/headphones to start your journey as a spy. You will make/receive calls, you will send/receive text messages, you will wander alone around outer and -more importantly- inside Tower of London (and all of these for just 20 pounds). This is an after dark immersive experience directed by the theatre company Anagram. I really enjoyed being able to freely walk inside spooky Tower of London during night.