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Let's take it outside: seven essentials for playing out

If you want more from your sunny weekend than slobbing on a rug, choose your outdoor pursuit, from Frisbee to kiting, and run with it

By Time Out in association with eBay

London can be a grind when it’s cold and wet. But no other city can match it for outdoor fun when summer really hits – the city’s got more parks, free sports courts, riverside action and rooftop bars than anywhere else. We’ve scanned eBay to find everything you’ll need for your outing. So if plonking yourself on a rug and soaking up the sun isn’t enough to keep you entertained, here's our guide to profiting from the rare appearance of that sparkly orb in the sky. Get the hell out - now!

Inflatable Ice Bath

Inflatable drinks cooler

Keeping your precious liquid refreshments at a reasonably low temperature in the summer heat is always a bit of an issue. Fear not though, this handy inflatable drinks cooler serves as a perfect remedy to the annoying problem of warm beers in the park.

£22.99 | Shop on eBay

ebay badminton

Four racket badminton set with net, post and shuttles

If you fancy setting up your own game of badminton, it really doesn't take much to get it going. In fact, arm yourself with a supply of shuttlecocks and a net set, and you can start a game wherever you find enough grass (although we recommend a wide open space – hogging a petite square would be selfish).

£39.99 | Shop on eBay
ebay ice lolly maker

Single ice lolly maker

Ice lollies, a summertime staple and a piece of cake to make yourself at home. With this ultra-quick lolly making device you'll be able to knock out a whole batch of the icy treats in no time. Who knows, you might even end up competing with your local ice-cream van.

£21.99 | Shop on eBay

ebay kite

Easy to fly two line stunt kite

Mary Poppins and crew are not the only ones to have made use of London’s parks to send a kite soaring. To make the most of winds (which fortunately are common in the city), you’ll need to position yourself at the top of a hill – Primrose Hill, Hampstead Heath and Blackheath provide the optimum conditions. All you need is a breeze, and a kite.

£12.99 | Shop on eBay

ebay aerobie frisbee

Aerobie Pro

The classic Frisbee goes under a slight redesign with the Aerobie and comes out far better. If you want to spend your day running long distances and feeling buoyant about your frisbee throwing game, then this is the one for you.

£9.95 | Shop on eBay

ebay cricket bat

Custom junior cricket bat

Our cricket team aren't doing too badly at the moment, so let's get down to the park and hit everyone for six. Cricket in public parks should, of course, only be played in designated areas or at least with soft balls. Besides the safety precautions, get out there and bat away!

£68.99 | Shop on eBay

ebay water gun

Water gun

Ah, another classic. Not only does playing with water guns help keep temperatures down, but they're also tons of fun to use. Get a large group together, arm each of your mates with one and get stuck in to a day of water-filled war games.

£2.98 | Shop on eBay


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