Performing for the King: The Making of a Court Masque

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Performing for the King: The Making of a Court Masque
This summer the Banqueting House on Whitehall will come to life with the sights and sounds of the masque, recreating the lavish entertainments of the early Stuart Court. Visitors will find out how draughtsman and architect Inigo Jones created
Ever wanted to know how Charles I kept himself entertained? This Banqueting House exhibition (included in the normal entry fee) will enlighten you, with a look at the extravagantly costumed Royal Masques. And that's not a masked ball – a classic Stuart masque was a cross between a ball and theatre, with fancy dress involved, to entertain the king. Visitors will have a chance to see the remnants of the original Palace of Whitehall, try on costumes (including a wolf head dress), learn a masque dance and witness what happened backstage at these events. Also meet characters form the era and learn about King Charles, or stop by the 'chill-out' room, where traditional songs (performed by period musicians at the weekends) will be played while you relax on beanbags. For a full programme of the live performances and family events, visit


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