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Time Out's policy on promoted content

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Time Out editors

At Time Out, we produce a variety of content that’s funded by advertisers in both our magazines and on our digital platforms. If a piece of content has been paid for by an advertiser, you’ll know as it will be marked by a clear red label. We also sell advertising space but you’ll spot those a mile off – they look like your everyday ads. Our funded content falls into three categories...

1. Sponsored content

This is controlled editorially, which means an editor at Time Out has given it the go-ahead if they think it will appeal to our readers. Our Editorial team creates it, and the client does not have sign-off. It’s signposted by the byline ‘Written by Time Out in association with [brand]’.

2. Branded/advertorial content

This is overseen by our Sales team. They consult the Editorial team about its look and feel, and make sure it is on-brand and will appeal to our readers. Both Time Out and the client have sign-off. It’s labelled as ‘paid content’ with the byline ‘Written by Time Out. Paid for by [Brand]’.


3. Advertising

This is where we give space in our magazine or digital platforms over to a client. Again, this is overseen by our Sales team, and there’s no sign-off from Time Out – the only instances where we’d intervene is if we think it’s inappropriate for our readers. Ads aren’t labelled but you’ll know them when you see them – they don’t look like Time Out content.

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