‘Scoop: A Wonderful Ice Cream World’

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The British Museum of Food’s founders Bompas & Parr present this exhibition dedicated to all things ice cream. See memorabilia from the world’s largest collection of ice cream paraphernalia, try scoops made with intriguing flavours of bygone era like candied fruit, an all-day-breakfast flavour and an eighteenth-century daffodil recipe, taste a glow-in-the-dark concoction in a futuristic luminescent cave and stand in a cloud of vanilla-flavoured fog and breathe it in. 



Event website: https://www.bmof.org/

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1 out of 5 stars

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I was quite disappointed with this exhibition for the price I paid. I learnt a few fun facts about ice cream but that was kind of it. The ice cream making class was fun but the taste of the final product was underwhelming and not sweet enough, the glow in the dark sauce on our whippy ice cream didn't glow in the dark and I wasn't convinced by the ECG headset measuring my brainwaves in connection to eating ice cream. Still, having a large tub of Ben & Jerry's to take away made up part of my ticket price!


My word, this is such a disappointment! I had high hopes being a lover of all things ice-cream and a fan of Bompass & Parr's previous exhibitions, usually delivered with an exciting twist and a delicious new take on something but this delivered neither of those things I'm afraid.

Small - it took us just over half an hour to go round the whole thing which is not great value when tickets cost £13 and you can usually get in to see truly world-class exhibits at places like the V&A for a similar price-point - and pretty uninspiring, there were some interesting facts to learn and if you felt you simply had to sample daffodil flavoured ice-cream, you could visit Conehenge at the end of the tour aka a tiny scoop shop in reception but a lot of what is promised on the official website felt somewhat lacking in the flesh.

'Ice-cream weather' was a small vanilla scented cloud...'glow in the dark soft serve', well, didn't really...and a chance to make your own frozen treats out of salt, ice & flavouring was distinctly underwhelming despite the best efforts of the lady in charge...unless of course you happen to have a thing for fake tasting, luke warm, watery cream. There was a curious chance to watch your brain waves on screen while you ate a mini sample of ice-cream but if you go with a few people, it soon becomes clear that actually, everyone's brainwaves look pretty similar and the novelty soon wears off.

Staff were really nice, there was a cute display of vintage ice-cream postcards and the location is lovely with plenty of actual places you'd want to spend time in nearby but if it's an ice-cream dream you're looking for, you'd be better off nipping to one of the capital's glorious parlours or even sloping off to Sainsbury's and stocking up on Ben & Jerry's.


Definitely agree that we felt short changed! The promise of this immersive ice cream experience didn't deliver. It was small and quite militant at times with the staff, when we reached the room where you can look at your brainwaves when eating ice cream (this part was quite cool) we were told we had to do that first before we could sample the whippy ice cream and there didn't really seem to be any rationale behind that. The whippy ice cream machine had broken and so we were served up mush in a cup as it wasn't formed properly and they had run out of cups so we had to share one. I definitely thought there would be more ice cream tasters on offer and this was minimal to say the least. Overall, very disappointing and I don't think worth the visit! 


Glad to see we weren't the only ones feeling a little shortchanged after the Scoop experience! 

Their newspaper handout promised great things and made the exhibition seem bigger than it was. I thought the exhibition was delivered in an interesting way, with a mix of prints, exhibits, and interactive elements. There were some cool aspects like the quick ice cream-making workshop, and the ice cream shop at the end selling weird and wonderful flavours. I think it all went wrong when we got to the Future of Ice Cream room, as nothing seemed very believable, plus the glow-in-the-dark ice cream was actually just normal ice cream, which felt a bit of an insult.

So a bit disappointing and underwhelming, but this was an unusual exhibition and we did take some interesting facts away with us. It might have helped if the Joyous Fountain of Hundreds and Thousands was working ;)


Not the greatest of exhibitions. I was hoping for copious amounts of ice cream samples and all we go was a small scoop of Ben and Jerry's which I could have bought from the supermarket and a glow in the dark (that didn't actually glow in the dark) chemical tasting ice cream. Don't waste your time.


Don't waste your money. The exhibition is quite small, the glow in the dark ice cream, is just regular ice cream, if you are wearing white it will glow just the same. The ice cream class could have be put together better. The exhibits were not very exciting at all and you spend more time queueing to enter the next area than you do looking at anything.

Very disappointing. The exhibition is quite small and is not well executed, you spend as much time queuing through the various exhibits as actually looking at/doing something. The ice cream making class is 5 minutes of shaking a container and the glow in the dark ice cream did not glow in the dark at all. Not worth visiting. 


Could be better... this was disappointing given the high standard Bompas & Parr have set with their previous events and experiences. There was very little interaction and on a hot summers day, the only thing pushing me to go was the thought of copious amounts of ice cream. Unfortunately, they failed to deliver on this too. For £12, I would have expected a lot more in terms of interaction and ice cream (not two small portions).

Complete waste of time and money (£30 (!!) for 2 adults and a toddler). You get a freezer, a tiny room with glass cups, 6 minutes of "ice-cream" making class and a scoop of Ben&Gerry's. Are you guys, serious?  With so much going on in London, there are so many better things to spend you time and cash on. 

This exhibition in 1 word - SHAMBLES! 

This is a complete waste of time/money and simply feels like something a bunch of students threw together in 5 minutes. In theory, the idea of an 'Icecream Exhibition' should work but the execution of this particular one is shambolic at best. From the poor organisation and sweaty humid rooms to budget design and basic interaction, I'd recommend to stay clear and give this Exhibition a miss in favour of your local Icecream Van.


Just a warning the exhibition is smaller than I expected but it is well laid out and there are still some interesting immersive elements to it. You get the chance to make your own flavoured ice cream with a choice of different notes from champagne to parmesan cheese! The joyous sprinkle fountain didn’t work when we visited, there is a small vanilla fog mist and the glow in the dark ice cream and cave was quite small. I did come away with some interesting facts about ice-cream though and there is even a small shop and the conehenge where you can purchase weird and wonderful ice-cream combinations and flavours afterwards.

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