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  1. Winner: 'Fence Walk'

    Photographer: Richard Hammerton

    Time Out's judges said: 'The composition, depth of field and focus point of the image makes for a very strong shot. This combined with the sunshine caught at just the right time of day, makes it a great photograph!'

  2. Runner up: 'Bessie'

    Photographer: Ferenc Horvath

    Time Out's judges said: 'The narrow depth of field works well to highlight the dog’s dreamy eyes - we also liked the colour coordination.'

  3. Runner up: 'Swans'

    Photographer: John Hodgkiss

    Time Out's judges said: 'We liked that the photographer took a different approach, showing the swans in passing, whilst focusing on the Little Venice location and lighting, which makes for an overall more interesting effect.'

  4. Runner up: 'Daybreak'

    Photo: Eric Baldauf

    Time Out's judges said: 'This photo of deer in Richmond Park captures the atmosphere of a misty morning, using the morning light and its reflection on the grass.'

  5. 'Fox cub on steps'

    Photographer: Jeremie Fromageau

  6. 'Disco dog'

    Photographer: Martin O'Reilly

  7. 'Pink and grey'

    Photographer: George Gibbs

  8. 'Giraffe legs, London Zoo'

    Photographer: Sam Coates

  9. 'Kensington squirrel'

    Photographer: Nathan Westgarth

  10. 'Otter cuddle'

    Photographer: Mark Spokes

  11. 'Stoat race'

    Photographer: Tim James

  12. 'Pigeon on the wing'

    Photographer: Chris Wilson

  13. 'Taking the paper home'

    Photographer: Jarod Hargreaves

  14. 'Venturing out'

    Photo: Sean Foreman

  15. 'Kew pigs'

    Photographer: Katy Lubin

  16. 'Cone of shame.'

    Photographer: Dani Lurie

  17. 'Heron, Regent's Park'

    Photographer: Robert Covell

  18. 'Blog dog'

    Photo: Katie Boswell

  19. '♥'

    Photographer: Becky Shorting

  20. 'Good morning, London!'

    Photo: Ed Holmes

  21. 'Richmond deer'

    Photographer: Tony Lillie

  22. 'Blue and gold'

    Photographer: Anthony Eskander

  23. 'Boxer sunset'

    Photographer: Solange Thomas

  24. 'Swans at the Serpentine'

    Photographer: Claire Downes

  25. 'Can I eat now?'

    Photographer: Oliver Livick

  26. 'Mr. Jaime'

    Photographer: Nuria Citoula

See 25 brilliant photos of London animals

Our favourite shots of the city's critters as taken by our readers



ZSL's Animal Photography Prize exhibition is now open at London Zoo. To celebrate (in true Time Out Takeover style) we asked you to share your photos of London's animals both wild and domestic. Nearly 1,000 people took us up on the challenge.

Above, check out the winners and the rest of our favourites.
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