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By: Katherine Lovage


Nuria R

While living in London two years ago, my mum came to visit me from Spain and I took her to the London Tower. I took a beautiful picture of a Raven, with those colorful feathers and then I decided to tattoo the picture as a way to remember that day :) It was tattooed by Pawel @ Kamil Tattoo.

Gemma S

Even though I was born in the UK, as a child I moved countries every couple of years (due to my parents' jobs), and didnt feel truly at home/part of anywhere until I came to London 10 years ago. This tattoo celebrates that London is definitely my home (along with my other "Brit Abroad" love - Marmite). I was quite nervous getting it, but was lured into the tattoo shop (in Tufnell Park) by the chaise longue and orchids in the window. I'm a corporate lawyer, with quite straight laced friends and parents, so most didn't believe the tattoo was real. For work I still hide it under my watch strap. 

Karina S

I moved to London from Moscow two years ago to study journalism. The first thing i ever bought in London was an umbrella...

Miles A

I just turned 29 and have lived in London pretty much my whole life. I was born here, grew up here, and now work here. London is most certainly my home and the city I love more than any other. I have been lucky enough to visit many great places but London for me is still the best.

My brother is a huge tattoo fanatic and he got me in to this form of art, and ever since my first tattoo 3 years ago I have always wanted something to do with my love for London. I follow lots of tattoo artists on Instagram, the best place for artists to showcase their work and for people wanting tattoos to look around and hunt for styles and artists they like.

I came across an artist called Philip Yarnell who tattoos out of Sang Bleu in Dalston and Skynyard in Southend. I loved his style and particularly a few pieces he had done enclosed in a circle. I immediately knew I wanted to capture my London as a snapshot inside a circle, and my chest seemed the obvious and most natural spot. 

I gave him a photo of my favourite view of London, the place where I feel most at home and the place that I believe respresents London at its most beautiful and breathtaking........and he did the rest. The design was all his, but when you trust your tattoo artist, your own input can be quite minimal.

Philip is a super cool guy and hugely talented, so even though I was confident of the outcome, he absolutely delivered. I am very proud to wear London across my chest, and especially one that I believe shows tattoo as a form of art. 

Since then I have got a tattoo of a Lion's face from Paul Davies at Loki Ink and have a tattoo booked in with Kola Hari at The Circle in Soho, London.

I am excited about putting more art on my body but this one will literally and metaphorically stay with me forever.

I love London!



Marcella C

London Coordinates | Liverpool Street Station

Im Brazilian and I came to live in London in 2013. My principal goal was attending English and Architecture classes for 9 months. I realized that London is the city that I want to live.

I return to Brazil after this period and started studying to get a Master Scholarship and could be Londoner again. In 2014 I just received bad answers, but in 2015 I got a full Scholarship from IPIU, a Urban Planning Brazilian Institute.

I did the tattoo to celebrate this new phase in my life, which coordinates that represent the place that I feel like home. When I arrive Liverpool Street Station, I know that in my second home. 

Maybe, on my past life, I was one the patients of Bethlem Royal Hospital. haha

Stephanie R

I'm an American, but I love London. So many people can say that. For me it's a weird, special connection I've felt all my life, growing up with an Anglophile mother. My first time there, I felt at home. I lived just outside it for a year, and the last time I was there, Benedict Cumberbatch kissed me on the Graham Norton show and London continued to be a magical place. I had wanted a tattoo off and on for years but until my daughter got one emphasizing her own love of London and another of her love for Australia, I was stuck for what on earth I'd choose to permanently etch on my skin. I was inspired by my daughter's choices, and at the age of 43, I walked myself into a nearby tattoo shop, showed them my design and now I take London with me everywhere :) 

I wanted some kind of skyline image, but could find nothing I liked until I came across a website that carves city skylines onto old vinyl records and turns them into clocks. So, with the help of photoshop and the Union Jack, I created my design. I love it. It makes me happy. I've gotten a bit of flack for it from an online troll or two, but meh. All that matters is that it makes me happy :)