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Silent Disco at Cutty Sark

We've partied 244 metres above the city at The Shard and now we're sailing south with dance floor, headphones and expert DJs all in tow. The latest Time Out Silent Disco will be hopping aboard the Cutty Sark in Greenwich with three channels of perfect pop tunes to keep you dancing all night long. Boppers can also venture from the dance floor and explore the rest of the ship between 8.30pm-10pm to avoid the usual crowds and pepper the partying with a little history. Tickets must be booked in advance online.


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I think this has got to be my favourite silent disco so far in London. Cutty Sark is a brilliant venue to hold such an event, as the lower level used as a dance floor was very spacious. Even as the night went on and it got more crowded, I never felt cramped or stuffy at any point. It did get warm at certain points but only because we were dancing so hard!

Before the silent disco began, we had the opportunity to roam around and explore the ship. We were able to learn about some of Cutty Sark's iconic journeys transporting tea back in the day, to see where seamen would spend their days and nights in their cabins, and even to get on deck to take a cheeky picture behind the ship's wheel. The view from the upper deck was really refreshing - being able to see Canary Wharf on the other side of the river, a giant cruise ship docked nearby, and even The Shard from the telescope on board. 

The silent disco took place in the lower deck, which was huge! There was plenty of space to dance around without knocking into other people and to have our own space. There were also 2 bars in this area, one on either end so the queue and wait were never too long. Drinks were priced at a reasonable price for such an event and the selection was pretty basic: beer, cider, wine, prosecco, gin, etc. I liked that my friend and I were able to ask for tap water with ice cubes without issue, as it did get quite hot after all that dancing. 

As usual, there were 3 channels with different genres of music playing. All three were pretty good and it was lots of fun being able to change between them throughout the night. There was a mix of classic songs, old school songs, and current chart toppers, so something to suit everyone's fancies. I liked that all three DJs played the same finale song so that everyone could enjoy the last dance together. It was a brilliant night overall, thanks Time Out! 

A great way to see the Cutty Sark without the crowds. Upon arrival you are able to explore the ship, and the museum, before heading downstairs to dance. We were able to stand on the deck as the sun was setting.

The venue is huge, so there is no chance of a crowded dance floor. The night I went was sold out, but at times the venue seemed almost empty. 

The Silent Disco at Cutty Sark is a unique way to view a London icon.


Silent disco-ing anywhere is so much fun! Having the chance to experience it underneath the great Tea clipper - the Cutty Sark, is a pretty cool experience.

Once you enter you’re guided through the museum, which is on the deck and below the Cutty Sark, so it’s essentially a 2-for-1, great value! It is such a great space, almost future like.

The silent disco takes place below the suspended ship which is a vast and great space for silent disco. There is no formal bar area, a pop-up bar table is setup to cater for your drink requirements, and the prices are comparable to bar prices.   

My one and only criticism about The Cutty Sark as a venue for silent disco is that it may be too vast a space, the night I went there were quite a few people but the space still seemed a bit empty, having said that, I still had a fantastic time and will likely be back!


Doors open at 8:30pm and the whole thing finishes at 12pm, which I thought compared to other similar events was pretty early. Nevertheless the overall night was really fun and was timed perfectly for the last DLR home. 

We arrived around 9pm and the place was dead so we explored the ship until more people arrived around 10pm. Everyone was allowed to go through the exhibits and around the decks before - top deck closed at 10pm. 

Underneath the giant hull is where they had the party, which was pretty cool! No red wine was served incase it stained the hull of the ship, instead there was processo, white wine, beer and gin.  

The drinks were around £7 for a double gin and tonic, which I didn't think was too bad considering you can't go in and out of the ship to the pubs nearby. 

The DJs really got the party going and everyone was singing and dancing along, but then the clock struck 12 and it was over. I think another hour would have been perfect.  Would really recommend if you live in the East.


You’ve done Silent Disco at The Shard, and you’ve done Silent Disco at SEA Life Aquarium. How would Silent Disco at Cutty Sark stack up? Pretty darn well if you ask me.

Set in the historic neighbourhood of Greenwich under the impressive hull of the world’s fastest tea-clipper of its age, silent Disco at Cutty Sark is rip-roaring fun. The biggest dance floor of all the other aforementioned venues above and as an added bonus you get to explore the upper-decks of this magnificent structure. 

Unlike in The Shard and SEA Life Aquarium, the signal between DJ and your headphones is not affected (at least for me anyway) so you’re going to be rocking out without any fear of that horrible white noise you get when you’re out of frequency range.

If Greenwich sounds like a pilgrimage for you, don’t fret too much. Cutty Sark is mere minutes away from Cutty Sark and Maritime Greenwich DLR station which means you’ll easily get back home after dancing away the evening. 

Definitely able to hold it’s own against The Shard and Sea Life, Silent Disco at Cutty Sark doesn’t disappoint, in fact, I’d go as far as to say I’d rather prefer to the Shard.


Just another spectacular Silent Disco with Time Out and Tastemakers. I had mixed feelings about the whole experience after my silent Disco at the Shard, but the more parties I’ve been to, the more I love it! Once again, an exceptional location, my favourite tunes (well, at least on the blue channel), bunch of like minded London lovers, can’t ask for more perfect Friday fun. In terms of music, I must say I was missing the rock and musical soundtracks channels, but on the other hand, the blue DJ didn’t let me leave the dance floor even for one song! I loved the space and the fact we had so much of it to go crazy.

I’ve never been the Cutty Sark before, so having a chance to visit it for free before the party was just another great perk of the night. I can’t wait for the next disco! 


In comparison to the other Time Out silent discos venues based at the Shard, the London Aquarium and the Underground Vaults based in Waterloo, this came off quite favourably. The welcome from the Cutty Sark staff was extremely genial. We managed to explore the top deck and the rest of the museum. It was illuminating to see the conditions of the crew and the contrast in the living conditions between the officers and the ordinary seamen. Everything is expertly annotated. 

Whilst it took a while for the event to get going, it turned out to be fun dancing underneath the hull of the vessel.  Dancing in a room with 230 odd ship figureheads gazing upon you did add something spooky to the atmosphere. There was even a partygoer that gave us an impromptu demonstration of Irish Riverdancing, much to the delight of the other revellers. As always, it helped that bar prices were reasonable.


Another superb Timeout silent disco location. Its not quite like dancing high over the London sky but it was a great night dancing under the historical ship. The staff were super friendly and one security guard was rocking LED lined shoes. Be sure to get there early and explore the museum before diving down to the lower ground to start your night. This will not disappoint.


Silent discos are a bit of an odd concept, but they are also a lot of fun!  The idea is that everyone is given a set of headphones on entry and you can switch between three channels - red, blue or green.  You can see what others are listening to depending on the colour of the light on their headphones - cue music envy as you're listening to blue but everyone else is going mad while listening to green...  It's also worth slipping off your headphones on occasion to hear the 'singing' as some people don't realise they can be heard...  The Cutty Sark was a great venue and although initially very quiet, it did fill up as the night went on.  The bar is reasonably-priced - you can ask for a bottle of prosecco rather than order by glass.


The silent disco at the Cutty Sark was so much fun. The atmosphere was great and the setting so unique – dancing away underneath a huge ship! There was plenty of room on the dancefloor and the venue looked incredible all lit up. It was nice that you could access the top deck too but it’s a shame you cannot take your headphones up there with you. I arrived at 9pm and it was so so quiet, so tip is to arrive a little bit later. I still prefer the Shard venue for silent disco but this is still a good one. Overall a fun night and I would return!


Arriving before 9pm (which I now know is waaaaaay too early, as you can see from the photo below), my first impressions were a little mixed - as we arrived, we explored the near deserted upper decks (just as the sun was going down - nice!) and were't actually too sure where the silent disco was taking place (as we obviously couldn't hear it :) .When we found the dance-floor (right beneath the Cutty Sark), there was literally a handful of people dancing. However, as the night progressed, more people showed and it truly was a fun night out - even the staff joined in the fun (hats off to the security guard who had the LED flashing shoes on). Pints of Heineken were also a fiver so reasonable compared to similar venues. So far, I've been to three different silent discos - this, London Aquarium and the Shard and this ranks in the middle; the historical setting is superb but is hard to beat dancing on 'top of the world'.


I had never been to a silent disco before, but this first experience and in such a great location, was amazing!

The dance floor was set in the area at the Lower level, in a huge room below the boat itself. Very emotional!

Unfortunately I arrived only very late and I haven't had the opportunity to enjoy the DJ set enough to judge it properly. Although, the last few songs were nice.

I can't wait to experience it once again, I'll go back very soon for sure!!


I live for silent disco .... Been to them all so I know which ones swing the most. This one was fun and different..pleasant I'd say!... Never partied on an ancient boat before so that was cool!

The DJs were actually pretty good too and the space one had to move around and bust a few moves was invigorating. My only criticism is that we couldn't take our headphones on the actual ship above which would've been fun and added to the experience.

Had a fun night but then again with silent disco I always do ;)


Sadly this silent disco barely compared to the one at the aquarium for me. Although it was in a cool setting, dancing underneath the boat was a tad anti climatic and just felt like a large hall with not enough people to fill it.I think had the silent disco been on the decks of the boat it could have been an amazing night. Additionally, you did get to see the museum part but it didn't quite fit in with the disco side of the night so I think the history of the boat was a tad wasted on me. 

However, the headphones were brilliant quality and drinks were reasonably priced making the whole experience pretty fun. Also the staff were all given headphones which I thought was a really nice touch as they got to enjoy the music as well as everyone else. Everyone was in high spirits and I would still recommend this night out, I would just argue that the silent disco at other venues were more to my taste.


One of the funniest concepts of disco-ing I have ever been apart of. Depending on your chosen station the rhythm takes you places different to those surrounding you. Honestly such a laugh watching everyone dance to the beat of a different drum! The conveniently placed bars on both sides of the room allow one to grab a drink and hit the dance floor. Music ranges from pop, hip-hop and oldie but goodie throwbacks.


Having previously been to a Silent Disco at the Shard, I wasn't sure what could top the atmosphere of that wonderful building.. However, the Cutty Sark managed it! Such an awesome space with so much history.

The Silent Disco itself was brilliant. Great selection of times, very varied. At first you do feel a bit silly, but after about 10 minutes and a few drinks you lose all inhibitions and just boogie the night away with your own personal headphones!

A really exciting experience. Can't wait for the next one!


This was my favourite silent disco by far.

Loads of space to dance, wonderful setting, friendly staff. It's just epic, such a fun night out. This event actually takes place below the boat in the exhibition space but you do get an opportunity to go and explore the boat if you wish - before donning your headphones.

The bar situation was a bit stressful - maybe they need to rethink this as the queue was so long and they ran out of booze pretty early. Although after 10 mins I remembered that the joy of silent disco is that I don't need alcohol to dance, so one round of queuing was enough for me.

The music variety was great as usual. Events like this are why we love London - there is always the opportunity to do something a bit different without the fear of feeling intimidated.


I did my first Silent Disco at the Cutty Sark and it made me want to do it more often!

This is loads of fun! I really recommend going there with friends who are not afraid to move!

Don't be afraid to sing either! Everyone is and I can tell there are not only good singers!

Everyone is here to enjoy the music, so the atmosphere is really good.

Greenwich is an absolutely lovely place, and I couldn't think of better place there than the Cutty Sark to do a silent disco!


Silent discos are great fun, but when they happen in amazing locations that only heightens the experience, and beneath the Cutty Sark is a pretty amazing location! I hadn't been to the Cutty Sark since it's revamp, and I muust say they've done a terrific job. Your ticket gives you chance to look around before the disco get's going, and it's well worth getting there early to wander the decks at night before it gets busy and you have the freedom to walk through the whole exhibition. The silent disco takes place beneath the ship itself and it's a lot of fun. You have three DJs to choose from each with a colour and your headphones illuminate the colour you are listening to, so you can see what's popular and also what your friends are listening to. The DJs jovially compete with each other for popularity and one even got their listeners to form an impromptu conga, which worked really well and I hadn't seen before.

All in all it's a great location for a disco, and a fantastic experience as a whole.


Amazing! Silent disco is definitely a great and entertaining concept that just has to be experienced. There is some serious fun and dancing to be had at this event and where better to boogie on down than on the lower deck of one of London’s most historic landmarks, the Cutty Sark. It’s quite easy to find, you actually can’t miss it, as it’s just a brief walk from the nearest DLR station.

The headphones are wireless, comfy and have good music quality and come with three settings that change with different colours, so you get an immediate sense of who is listening and dancing to the same tunes as you! You could be jamming along to Snoop Dog whilst your friend could be throwing some shapes to Britney at the same time. Caters for all different music tastes and great thing is if you get bored of song you can flick the channel over to find another that you do like. Although some may consider this to be a little pricey, this is for sure an experience, also factor in the included entry to the Cutty Sark as well it is actually quite a good deal. Exploring the Cutty Sark itself is great, there plenty of interesting informative displays on board in the galleries and on the top deck you can appreciate the London skyline at night and have a look through their telescope. There is also a free cloakroom and places for you to sit down and get drinks as well. 


Last week, my friend and I had a great night out aboard the historical Cutty Sark for TimeOut's Silent Disco. We hit the deck....I mean the dancefloor wearing headphones with three different music channels. Each channel was color coding - so  we could easily see what sort of music people were listening. We had so much fun looking at people dancing on different rhythms and singing different songs. The venue is just amazing and it was great to be able to explore the boat before partying. Overall, it was a wonderful and fun experience to party on one of London's most magnificent venue. 


This was such an amazing and fun experience! The whole concept consists in short of each person wearing headphones that are linked to three different DJs in the same venue, each station has a corresponding color so you can tell who is listening to the same station as you. Silent Disco is perfect for friends who wouldn't necessarily prefer to listen to the same types of music when partying as one can be listening to house and the other R&B while dancing together. The venue was fantastic and it was great that we got a chance to explore the boat before going down to the bottom deck. Would definitely recommend this event cause its fun and interactive, its like singing in your room, but with a bunch of people who can't hear you. 

P.S the best part is taking of your headphones and hearing everyone else sing. 


Easily one of the best run silent discos I've been to! 3 separate channels, each of them playing fantastic music, with a cool neon look to them that made it clear which station the rest of the boat was listening to! We took the chance too to walk around the Cutty Sark and view its exhibits, which was a nice way to segue into the dancing! 

Drinks were surprisingly decent value on the boat, but with a pub/M&S nearby there were also alternatives people can take of.

Only reservations about this is that the tickets are £30 per person, which honestly seems a bit high. Given tickets for the Cutty Sark alone though are priced at £18 - paying an extra £12 to get a silent disco thrown in is pretty good value! 


Light and music and singing OH MY! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this crazy new night out fad oh so much :)

It was Friday, it was on the bottom deck of the Cutty Sark, one of London's iconic venues, overlooking a beautiful London skyline. It was my first time at a Silent Disco but I had the time of my life! 

I didn't know what to expect but Silent Disco's are certainly up on my list for a great night out! Dancing away, really letting loose and singing your heart without any fear or judgement!

Even though you have headphones on, it is still a fantastic night out with friends, you can dance away to your own tunes, but when that song comes one you know your friends all love, the hilarious miming 'switch the station, switch the station' followed by singing together really makes fantastic memories! 

Its full, playful, sociable and no energy is lost because if you don't a song, just switch the station and keep on dancing!