Silent Disco at The View from The Shard

Things to do, Quirky events The View from the Shard , London Bridge Saturday March 11 2017 - Saturday March 25 2017
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The silent disco phenomenon reaches new heights at these exclusive Time Out events. Pick your channel and choose your side as three DJs battle it out over separate wireless channels, playing the best in pop, rock and party classics, while you dance the night away at 1,000ft.

The View from The Shard is the visitor attraction at the top of Western Europe's tallest building, The Shard. With unparalleled, panoramic views, it offers visitors a unique perspective on the capital.


Venue name: The View from the Shard
Address: Joiner St
Opening hours: Apr 1–Oct 24 daily 10am–10pm (last entry 9.30pm). Oct 25–Mar 31 Mon–Wed, Sun 10am–7pm (last entry 6pm); Thu–Sat 10am–10pm (last entry 9pm)
Transport: Tube: London Bridge
Price: £37.50
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Michelle W
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This was the most amazing alternative night out. We went on a school night expecting a mediocre event with expensive drinks, and yet ended up having the best night, with mind blowing views and brilliant DJs. There was such a range of music to choose from as well as affordable drinks and tasty cocktails. I was not expecting it to be on the actual viewing floors and the views took me a good half hour to get my head around. Have recommended it to everyone I know!

The Man on the Street
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Fab night rocking it out on the 69th floor of the Shard at the Time Out Silent Disco. Not sure Boom Shake The Room, Happy, Bohemian Rhapsody, the Grease Mega mix, Superstylin, Insomnia and 9-5 have ever sounded so good!

You might look a bit loopy dancing to a different beat to the rest of the room and you may well sound pretty terrible when you're singing off tune into the silence, but I love a silent disco. There's something for everyone! The silent disco at the Shard offered beautiful views over the city at night and if you went up to the roof (it being winter most folk opted to stay inside) it felt like your own private oasis. The drinks are a bit pricey but for the gorgeous view and being able to stay with my pals but listen to the music I liked, it seems like a small price to pay. Come for the view, stay for the music- all three channels of music! 
Richard N

This was unexpectedly fun. It's not everyday you get to go up the Shard and party like no one's listening. Because everyone else is so caught up in their own music (although you'd still be watching each other rocking out of course). It's a gorgeous view, but don't expect romantic ballads on your headphones, because these DJs are all about sick beats. Come with friends, grab a drink, and use the interactive equipment to find out more about the big smoke and see a view like nothing else in London. Be sure to head upstairs too, where it's likely to be much quieter, and brighter, getting a more natural view of the skyline. Feels like something out of a movie, and it's definitely opened my eyes to the wonderful world of silent disco. 

Jane G.

I went to the Silent Disco at the Shard, unsure what I would think. I'm not really someone who does a club scene but I wanted to see what this was about. It was actually very fun. There were multiple DJs each identified by colour that matched the headphones so you know if people are listening to the same music as you. It was not too crowded but I was there early. The best part was when you needed a break you could just take the headphones off and it was quite with only people who, like you, needed a break or just wanted to hear each other talk. It's a very reasonable night out, and the views are so amazing you won't be able to stop looking. I'd recommend it for a nice date night!

Minki Winky

Ah, The Shard! I would do anything, so long as it takes place in this glistening glass pyramid of steel and chrome: I'd climb the stairs all the way up to the 72nd floor barefoot, I'd bungee-jump from the roof to clean its windows, I'd even pay £37,5 for Silent Disco at The View from The Shard. The things I('d) do for love...

OK, so Silent Disco at The View from The Shard! Location-wise it's perfect - quite central, very well connected and easily accessible from London Bridge station. The venue is rather simple in terms of décor, however makes up for it in unbeatable breath-taking floor-to-ceiling views of the city (not for the faint-hearted or those with fear of heights!). Tickets might be pricier than other silent disco events, but this way you get to tick two things off your bucket list - Silent Disco and The View from The Shard, so it's worth doing at least once. There are several bars scattered about the place and drinks are cheaper than the venue's other counterparts in the same building (e.g. Aqua Shard, The Gong etc.). The music is fun to dance to (a mixture of current chart toppers, R'n'B, hip-hop, rock and 80's/90's hits) and the tunes are basically the same as the ones they play at other silent disco locations (with the closing number that comes on just before 2AM always being Katy Perry's Firework). The crowd is young, mostly girls in their early twenties and couples, and the place rarely gets too packed. Altogether, it's a fabulous location with a great vibe.

Never been to Silent Disco before and unsure what all the rave is about? It's basically a disco night where you're somewhat in charge of the music you get to shake your booty to. There are three DJ's playing different styles of music on three different channels (red, green and blue) and you get your very own headphones which you use to tune into the frequency you desire. There is obviously no music being played in the background, so it's all in your head (so to speak). And don't let the name fool you - silent disco can be quite loud if you dare to take your headphones off while I'm around ;). On a more serious note though, I'm sure everyone has tried removing their headphones at least once... And, trust me, the sight is hilarious - people swaying and shaking in all sorts of manners and directions, seemingly dancing to no rhythm, singing off-pitch, yet at the top of their lungs because they are sure nobody can hear them (or have had one too many drinks)... It's a bizarre and at the same time exhilarating experience! 

All in all, Silent Disco may not be the most sociable of things to do, but if you go with friends and with the sole purpose of having fun, you are guaranteed to have a good time. This, combined with the stunning views from the top of The Shard, makes for an unforgettable experience!

Angela L

I've been to Silent Discos before at other venues and I was really skeptical as it is like the most unsocial thing ever (even if you are with friends as you are not listening to the same channel).  Anyway because of TO, I thought I would go to this Solo so as not to make the same mistake of dragging a friend to some weird social experiment.  First of all, I was extremely surprised by how well run it was.  There are three channels to choose from being run by three very different DJs.  I really struggled to pick a favourite because they all had their own style.  One played pop tunes, the other more R&B and the third was ANTHEMS!  Then you have the amazing view and you can totally do this solo as there are busy and non-busy places to enjoy the whole thing.  I really loved it but I recommend bringing your coat if you intend to spend time in the upper floors which is exposed to the elements.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED solo or with friends or even as a date (though that really depends on whether your date and yourself will let loose)!

Jess V

A little unsure about silent discos? I hear ya. I’ve always been a bit confused by the idea of a bar hitting you with blend of (out of tune) Katy Perry, Snoop Dog and Bon Jovi screams all at once. But when Time Out say: you can do all of this 1,000 ft in the air with unparalleled views of London; you’ve got to try it, right?

So here I am at the top of the shard with my jazzy headphones in hand. What I dread happens: a weirdly quiet room with the odd (you guessed it) Katy Perry, Bon jovi and Snoop dog inspired screams await me. We all look at each other: what we doing here?

Once you get over the initial awkwardness (down a couple of mojitos from the bar) and take in the stunning views of London, you are, without being able to pinpoint how or when it happened, there:  suddenly you’re the one screaming "We've gotta hooooold oooon to what we've got”. What’s happening to me? On reflection, I blame the intoxicating mix of high altitude, beautiful views and the constant flow of guilty pleasure tunes. Mojitos help too.

Tip: forget everything you know about being cool on a night out. No one’s watching, no one cares. Get involved and enjoy.

(p.s spend considerable time in the toilet- it’s possibly the coolest pee you’ll ever take).  


I was at first a little worried about visiting The Shard due to it's controversial reception (I have had mixed reports from everyone I know that has visited it) but decided to go as on the whole it had been recommended as long as I was there for more than just the view... e.g. going to one of the restaurants or one of the bars. This silent disco seemed the perfect opportunity to go an check it out. One thing I will say is that, not knowing what to expect, the two hi-speed lifts, are a little unnerving and when you do get to the top you do feel as though you are swaying (and no, I hadn't had anything to drink yet!) 

On that note, cocktails are pretty average, as for £8.50 I would expect a properly mixed cocktail and I also thought it was a shame that they weren't serving wine, as this is what I would normally drink, therefore the drinks list felt a little restricted. The only thing I have taken a star off for is the DJs, which are listed as separate rock, pop and RnB DJs, yet only seemed to play an interchangeable mix of mainstream music. Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for anything niche but on a couple of occasions, both me and my boyfriend found ourselves without anything to listen to, even though there were three channels as all were taken up with "charttoppers". Having said that, it's made up for by the fact that you are the highest dancing people in Western Europe for a few hours, plus the breaks gave us a proper chance to take in the 360 views, which were breathtaking. We were lucky enough to get a clear night and the views stretch out over the whole of London. 

Definitely make sure you head up to the top floor, though make sure you have a jumper as you are exposed to the elements and it IS cold. It's also worth making a pit stop to the loos, which have highly unusual views, even from the cubicles! 

Mazzie Cee

Silent Disco at The View from The Shard is really quite cool. The main dance area was on the lower viewing platform on the 69th floor with access to the open air Skydeck for breathtaking views (though we didn’t hang around at the top for long as it was freezing).

As for the silent disco event, the music was so cool with three channels/DJs to choose from – rock, pop and 70’s/80’s. Everything you could dance to. It was a great night out – dancing while seeing London from every direction by night.

Cocktails were a reasonable £8.50. Staff and DJ’s were super friendly. The dance area was smaller than I had imagined but this just gave a party vibe to the whole thing rather than one of a huge nightclub.

It was an excellent night out for a midweek boogie – fun and unforgettable.The only down side I think is a full price ticket is a little steep.

Amanda F

When I see anything with 'Silent Disco' I think SIGN. ME. UP! I was a massive fan of silent discos at uni so when I saw that you could do this on the viewing platform of the Shard I couldn't type my card details in fast enough to secure some tickets. It absolutely did not disappoint, it is epic. The DJ's were on fire, the cocktails were delicious and there was the perfect amount of space to cut some shapes to your station of choice. I'm not a huge fan of overcrowded places but they had the numbers spot on, not empty and not cheek to cheek...

Well worth the price, it's an unforgettable night out.

Sarah G

There aren't enough stars or superlatives for how totally brilliant this experience was. I really can't wait to go again.

5 of us went - and I will  say up front one of us just wasn't into it and left pretty quickly. The rest of us did not stop laughing, dancing and singing for hours and hours. It's a spectacular venue at night with the amazing panoramic views of my brilliant city - London. The surreally of watching people dancing or taking your headphones off and listening to the bizarre mix of singing is like nothing I have ever experienced before.

There were 3 choices of music - which appeared to be 80s pop, mixture of rock and 'poppy dance' (not really sure how to describe it. I mainly stuck to 80s and there was rarely a point where none of the music suited me. I would make a plea for an indie channel though.

The staff are really polite and efficient and the getting in and out - normally a drag was really slick. We had 'tanked up' in advance expecting it to be very expensive drinks wise - but it was in fact totally reasonable - £8 for cocktails, £7.50 for a glass of prosecco.

We bought our tickets from Time Out at a great price and got the night tube home all of which added up to a great night out! 

stacey b

This was a surprise from my bridesmaids/friends as part of my hen weekend. To say we had a fab time is an understatement! We danced none stop until the end and rarely found that with didn't like a song choice between the three dj's. The view and venue made it so special - worth every penny!!


So much fun and great choice of music to dance too. The view of the city while dancing was amazing and the drinks were great

Anthony R

RIP OFF! Absolute waste of money with the drinks stay clear or pre drink before. I caught the bar staff puring measures that were not even a dash of codka, i would say less than a teaspoon of vodka per drink AND £8.50 for the drink. The music was good but the bar staff are basically making soft drinks all night! 


The last silent disco I remember going to before this was one of my last nights at uni, in a club renowned for its ridiculously sticky floors, so I may have quite a limited frame of reference. Nevertheless, panoramic views of London, drinks, dancing and your pick of three DJs was just a winning combination and this was probably one of the best organised and unique silent disco experiences.

I loved that each headphone channel had its own colour corresponding to a DJ and that the three DJs were lined up next to each other battling it out for dancefloor domination! There was a mix of music styles and I was never disappointed- always finding a tune I liked at any given time.

Cocktails were £8.50, spirits & mixers £7.50 and beers £5, so pretty average prices for central London, but sadly, the bars were not allowed to serve any shots! A ticket will set you back £37.50, which does sound a little exorbitant, but if you take into account that an advanced ticket to The View in general would cost £25.95, £11.55 isn’t so bad for a guaranteed evening of fun!

N.B. they close access to toilets on the disco floors near the end (2am), so you can only use the facilities on the ground floor and cannot return to the disco after! 

Laura V

I never thought I'd be one to visit the Shard, until I stumbled across the Silent Disco offer! The Shard, though it  undoubtedly offers a glorious view, usually comes with the hefty price tag of £26 for the general admission to just enjoy the view in the daytime/as a tourist. This probably makes it the most expensive escalator ride in all of London: for many of the little people like myself this is hardly affordable. The Time Out Silent Disco however, which is only slightly more expensive, not only gives you exactly the same view, but a magical experience "on top". There was a choice of three different DJ's, replenishing drinks and obviously the most amazing view that London has to offer (especially from the loo)! If you visit the Shard, don't pay for "The View from the Shard" (lame!), but spend a couple of pennies extra and go for the most magical boogie in all the land.

Telmo M

It was an awesome party with good company. We had few cocktails while we were enjoying the different kind of music. Three Dj's are playing and is very cool with that amazing view from The Shard. Totally recommended!!!!


Incredible! Never seen or heard anything like this before. Best entertainment and drinks, yaar.

Jané M

There are not many going out venues that have such a WOW factor as the Shard. A venue that defines London's Skyline it is a pretty special night out. I love London at night and from here you definitely get to view it from literally a whole new level. Expect to take a zillion pics. The music was fun and I guess the silent disco aspect makes it a more novel but considering it is a such a spectacular venue and pretty costly ticket I think it could be a more creative and make it more of an experience to match the setting. 

Ann L

Hi, i'm looking for tickets for October 22nd, anyone need rid, Thank you ... ....

Chia-wen L

Can't find a dance partner? No need to worry!

I got the tickets last minute and was having a trouble to find a plus one. 

I decided to go purely because it is The Shard and of course the view. I went by myself and I was so glad about my decision. 

You got a pair of wireless headphone when arrived. Then the party started! There were three DJs playing classic, pop and girl power theme on the night I went. Just simply change the channel on the headphone to one and the other.

For a person like me, dislike clubs that are crowded and noisy. Silent disco is a brilliant idea! Also, I think it is perfect if you go alone! Because everyone (and the staff who works there) will be wearing the headphones. If you need to talk to someone you need to remove the headphones and missed out the music, which does not make sense at all to me. So go alone, keep your headphones on. Treat yourself a drink or two (the Pimms is delicious and reasonably priced) and have a wonderful night out at The Shard!

Toni S

This has to be one of my best nights out in london. Highly recommended. From the moment you arrive, you are treated like royalty, you're then lead up the elevators to the where you are handed your neon lit head phones. The evening becomes a DJ battle to win over the crowd over to their station. The music caters for most musical preferences at just a switch of a button on your headphones.

Naturally The Shard offers exquisite 360 views of London all lit up. The views are breathtaking and are the perfect backdrop to this party in the sky. At 2pm it all shuts down, it would be great if they were open for longer, none of us were ready to leave. The drink prices, as you'd expect, is quite pricey with a limited variety drinks served. Apart from that, it's a great night out.

Elie K

I have 4 tickets for this Saturday (30 July) if anyone is interested? Reply here if so! 

Jessica R

Hi, the friend we were planning to take for her birthday on Saturday has fallen ill so I have 4 x tickets available for 30th July if anyone is interested?



Ruth J

If you haven't been to the silent disco in the shard, are you really even enjoying London life? An absolute MUST DO for residents and tourists alike of London. Who doesn't want to party at the top of Europe's tallest man made structure? Silent discos are also totally underrated and most people lose themselves to the atmosphere and music during them! All the staff are fabulous and just want you to enjoy your night. The DJs are located on the roof (yep that's right) so as you are dancing around the very top viewpoint you only have to look up to realise the open connection to the sky, really amazing experience.

Drinks are reasonable and the cocktails are very decent but the resounding top feature is that view. Wow. On a clear night it really is the best view of the city. The music is a great mix of R&B, pop, rock, club classics and some of the old favourites. Queens Bohemian Rhapsody was my highlight! The only (minor) thing it lacks is that you can not see all the people at any one time due to the viewpoint, meaning you can't see what DJ the majority of ravers are listening too (compared to the silent disco in the NHM where you can see the overall crowd at any one time). The entire nights entertainment is also a bargain at £37.50 as it cost almost that to buy a ticket to View at the Shard so you may as well make a night of it! One not to be missed!


I've wanted to go to The Shard for ages but always gave up because of the £25 entry tickets. I was so happy when I received a pair of entries for this Silent Disco thing (had no idea what it was all about at the time...)

I went there with a friend to "have a quick look, dance a bit and leave" thinking that we might get bored after few songs... We ended up staying from 10pm to later than 2am with no wish to leave AT ALL!(unfortunately the party stops around 2am)

As soon as you reach the 69th floor, you are given a pair of headphones broadcasting the playlists of 3 different DJs present on the 72nd floor so you can always find a good tune to wiggle around (very easy to switch channels on your headphones, as many time as you want throughout the night).

Drinks wise, I was expecting quite expensive stuff but actually you can get a super refreshing glass of Pimm's for £5!!

To sum up, dancing and singing out loud 245m above London does worth the £37.50 (and I am definitely planning on going back!)

Lizzie W

Visiting the top of The Shard has been top of my to do list for quite some time. The plan was always a late sunny evening for a drink to see the sunset and then see London in its most beautiful form: twinkling lights. 

Unfortunately I have never got round to organising my dream visit however when I was offered 2 tickets to go up on a Saturday evening for their famous Silent Disco I was SO excited! 

The silent disco opens from 10pm-2am and entrance is the usual by London Bridge station. 

We arrived at 11pm and went straight up - a bizarre experience as it was so quiet walking through the gift shop, security and up the 2 elevators to the top. 

We were greeted, given our headphones and sent up to the top floor where the 3 DJ's were already rockin it, making it hard to choose which channel to dance to. The music throughout the nice was varied (Frozen to Rage) but there was always something I wanted to listen to. 

On arrival the views are breath taking and the space itself is dimly lit making all the bodies with red, green or blue glowing over their ears another magical site to see!

The drinks are fairly basic but not the most expensive I have seen in touristy places in London - a nice surprise.

A truly unforgettable experience. The only reason it was 4* is because although I would have been happy paying £35 for the evening, I do think it is very expensive without a drink included.


Having already been to the 72nd floor of the shard, I thought ‘I’ve had the experience already, how good is this really going to be?’ 

Wow, I need not have worried. I had an absolute BLAST(!) at the silent disco. Dancing with such a beautiful view of this beautiful city really made you feel on top of the world and the atmosphere all around was great. Really lovely bunch of people all out for a boogie and no judging when some people (me) got a bit excited when their favourite songs came on. Having a choice of tuning into 3 different DJ sets was great too as we were spoilt for choice with great music. Considering it was The Shard, drinks were reasonably priced (£5 for a beer) and the fact that it was open air meant more dancing and less getting stuffy and having to cool down. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to experience something different on the nightlife scene in London, it truly was the best fun I’ve had in ages. Even the loo with a view (which were kept in pristine condition) added to the experience and the staff were so friendly and upbeat too. At £37.50 a ticket it is a little steep, yes, but this is not an average night. You won’t remember how much you paid once you’re up there. Looking forward to going back in September for my birthday! 

Gemma H

Where else would you get to see a bunch of grown men singing along to "Let it go"?

I love a silent disco, especially when combined with one of the best views of London. The View from The Shard is so shiny at night with the lights of the city and its famous landmarks. 

First, the floors. The lift takes you up to level 69 and if you've had a few drinks beforehand hold on to your stomach! Level 69 is where you'll pick up your headphones. Make sure to have a wander round to take in the view before heading up to level 72 because level 72 is where the party is at.

The music. There are three channels to choose from, with three DJs playing music to suit all tastes. At other silent discos you have to guess which channel people are listening to by the way they're dancing, here the clue is on the headphones. If you forget which one you're listening to, just look at your reflection in the window! BLUE FOR THE WIN!!

The drinks? There's a bar on both floors, usual London event prices apply. While a beer is around £5, a cocktail will cost you closer to £8. My main complaint is that I couldn't find red wine anywhere but I guess red wine and dancing isn't the best mix!

The crowd is eclectic. Couples, groups of friends, hen parties and families. But they all have one thing in common, they're all there to have a good time and there was plenty of room for everyone. 

And lastly, the ticket price is a little pricey at £37.50, so maybe don't go every weekend but do go at least once!

Marco D

An unforgettable night!

Anxiously waiting right at the bottom of this magnificent structure. Just looking at the height and thinking about how high we are going to be that night was terrifying. We start to walk in and find ourselves to be in the exhibit section where you can find all sorts of merchandise from The Shard. Then we move onto the lift, this powerful lift that takes us up so high. We firstly rise up to floor 33 so that we can move onto another lift on the other side. We then go all the way up to floor 69 where our silent disco will take place. We enter this magnificent, rounded disco floor with a mini bar where you can buy your drinks for the evening of your life. I must mention to be prepared to pay quite a lot for these drinks. The view of our glorious city of London on the tallest buildings in Western Europe was breath-taking. Being at the top took me away to a different world and to see all these lights at night was incredible. Also there is a second floor to the disco where you will find yourself to be out in the air. The DJs at the silent disco were fascinating as each had their own radio station. It was such a fun filled evening at the top of the Shard. To experience a silent disco was truly epic. You can choose your own radio station by switching the colours of the headphones and choose the music you want to listen to. The whole ambience and setting of the silent disco was very spacious. The view of the city at night was just a dream and it was truly beautiful to experience that inside the tallest building in Western Europe. A must go! #TOTastemaker Love MD.


What better way to spend a balmy summers evening than at The View, on the 72nd floor of the tallest building in Europe?! Answer – none, unless there was a Silent Disco, which lo and behold, there was and the first EVER one too!

Kicking off at 10pm, you could still see the sun going down on the other side of the planet from the height you were at.

The crowd was a good mix of ages, although we were surrounded by teens and international students!

Drinks were good, music was awesome and the view of London was breath-taking as always. Would recommend going with a small group of people to make it a night to remember!

Neil K

If you don't know the score with silent discos, you're missing out! It's something you should definitely try and there are numerous options round London. But none like this!

I hadn't visited the Shard before and I must say the space and panoramas are truly spectacular and perfect for an event like this, it is quite literally the dream silent disco venue. Admittedly you pay top dollar for the privilege but, then this is a totally unique space in London and while you could go elsewhere, trust me having been to most they don't come close to touching this. The bar isn't cheap but not dissimilar in price to many London venues, and I thought it was pretty reasonable considering you are most definitely a captive audience.

Overall while it might be a bit of a blowout on the ticket price, you simply can't get this experience elsewhere and considering you're up in the heavens of London for the whole evening as a privileged few, £10 an hour doesn't seem too bad at all! 


This really is a lot of fun when you get over the initial freakiness of people all gathered in a room with no music playing until you put your headphones on. On arrival you move through the exhibit section and are ushered into a lift which takes you speedily to floor 33, then you get in another one all the way to floor 69 - where the building has that 'unfinished' look. The disco takes place over two floors, with the top floor being the best. Partially outside, there are a couple of bars and three DJs all battling to make you switch to their channel. Headphones light up blue, green and red depending on which channel you listen to and you can clearly see which tune is the most popular when everyone's head lighs up one colour. Everyone also sings along which can sound really funny when you take your cans off to talk to a friend. Oh and did I forget to mention the views? You also get stunning night time views of the city and believe me, it's high! Looking down on other buildings you might go into to get a view of London is rather surreal! It's a top night with a good crowd and I would recommend it if you want a fun night out with a spectacular view.

Tara P

The Silent Disco at The View From The Shard is a different way to spend your Saturday night - it's not every day you get to dance crazily around to Natasha Bedingfield (Yes!) whilst staring out across London.

The silent disco is fun and hilarious, particularly when you take your headphones off and realise that everyone is screeching different lyrics at the top of their lungs. The view is beautiful to stare at, and can entertain you for at least half an hour, music excluded!

However, as a value proposition, it's difficult to justify. I managed to get a free ticket, but meeting some rather irate guests demanding a refund on the way out did make me question whether I would have enjoyed the experience had I splashed out £40. So, here are some considerations to help you decide whether it's worth it for you:


It's perfect for a very special occasion when you're out with a group: a hen party or birthday

There's more space than in a club, so if you aren't a big fan of sweaty club crowds, this gives you the music without the crush

If you haven't already been up the View From The Shard, but are considering it (£25 cost) then combine the two experiences and just do the silent disco. The view is much more impressive at night and you get to do the entire experience with extra fun and fewer queues

There are three music channels, so pop divas like me can coexist happily alongside R&B ladies


There is nothing to do except dance and stare outside

There are no seats, so if you want a place to chat with friends or relax for a bit, it's not going to happen

If you haven't had drinks beforehand, it will take a lot of dollars to give you that happy buzz

There, you have an overall assessment to help with decision making. I absolutely loved my evening - thanks a Time Out for continuously pushing the envelope with new and exciting things to do!


Fun night! 

Visited Silent disco at Shard just previous Saturday night with a friend. We had so much fun - a great night out.

3 djs are playing live up there (1) dance/pop music, (2) r&b and (3) 80's/90s - 3 different channels to tune your headphones and choose from. According to your channel choice, you will have the corresponding colour on your headphones so that you know how many people around you just listen to the same music.

It is a but strange to be on top of Shard, hearing loud music while if you decide to take off your headphones, you will experience the complete silence with people dancing like crazy in different rhythms around you!

Having visited Shard several times, during daytime and night, I always love the stunning views of London from there - the city that never sleeps just uncovers in front of you. 

I was a bit disappointed though from the bar - no variety at all. No ciders and just one kind of beer served. The cocktails served are about 6 different ones, at £8.5 each and of poor quality. 

Everything was really nice but truly disappointed for not having proper drinks while dancing.

Ioanna La

The View from The Shard is a venue on the two top levels of The Shard, London's tallest skyscraper. You know, the "tip" of the Shard that looks unfinished during the day and it is lit during the night. It is a viewpoint providing 360 degrees stunning views across London to its visitors all year round.

This place is turned to a silent disco every Saturday night from 10 pm! Two elevator rides will get you to the 69th floor where they will give you your headset and you will start exploring. 3 DJs play their set and you can change throughout their channels whenever you want, as many times as you want! The music is brilliant and the view is magnificent, a combination that makes it a unique experience! It is definitely a quirky night out. The vibe is amazing, everyone looks like they're having a lot of fun, a lot of dancing is going on and the music keeps everyone entertained and happy. The very top level where the DJs stand and the big party is going on is open on the top!

The drinks are good and affordable, you can find some great basic cocktails with just 8.5 pounds.

Keep in mind there is a thorough security control and you might have to queue for a little bit. The staff is really polite.

Highly recommended if you like music, dancing and London (which you most likely do), if you're looking for something different and have some spare cash in your pocket :)

Teodora T

This was definitely something different! First of all, upon entry you are treated as a royalty which feels really nice. The 360 degrees view is absolutely spectacular and the DJs really know what they're doing. Good selection of drinks, no steep prices which was a pleasant surprise! My only recommendation is that it just doesn't feel like a nightclub, the setup could've been a bit just feels like you're in someone's house. Other than that, 5 stars!


I'm torn with how I felt about my few hours of silent disco-ing. On the one hand, wow, what an incredible experience. An outstanding setting that will blow your mind... floor to ceiling (or even more precisely, floor to sky) views of London at night are simply breath-taking. You simply can't get that view anywhere else in the city and for that alone this event is quite special. The choice of music channels with the headsets is pretty brilliant and it was great being able to choose between colours/channels, working out exactly what others were listening (and dancing) to so you could either join in or do your own thing - it was a great touch. I was a big fan of the red channel: pop divas, as were many others by the sounds of the screeching that reached your ears as soon as you removed your headphones. Silent discos give you an indication of what it would look like if we all gave in and started singing along to the voices in our heads and we finally let the rhythm take over. It's fascinating and incredibly amusing, and it actually lowers your inhibitions. I really loved that about it. It was also nice that you could remove your headphones and actually have a conversation with your friends. It gave a fun juxtaposition of being secluded and then included!

What I didn't love was the price. While I didn't pay for my tickets, £37.50 is simply ridiculous. There is no way that this is worth almost 40 quid. Especially when your drinks are served in cheap plastic cups and still cost £7.50 for a G&T. I understand the plastic cups are there to prevent injury should some silly bugger decide to lob theirs over the glass wall (it's amazing that the 72nd floor is open air!) but it takes away any element of class that the elegant surroundings provide. I understand just to go up to the View from the Shard is £25 anyway so it was always going to be a pricey event (but again, even that is ridiculously over priced for a view) but I wouldn't be able to justify that cost to anyone. If you can get a great deal on tickets then yes, definitely go, it's a wonderfully unique experience that you won't ever forget, but I'd struggle to feel comfortable shelling out almost £40 for what is essentially a view with a bit of a dance, when I could head to the 32nd floor for a main and drink at Aqua and pay about the same thing and tap my foot to the music from the piano man instead.

Maybe 3 stars is a little harsh because I did have a good time, but everything is better when you don't leave feeling a bit ripped off, which I think I would have done if I had paid for my ticket.


I had the absolute pleasure of spending my Saturday evening here last night. WOW. where do I even start?! at that time of night london just comes to life in the best way possible.. its positively magical.

the best part about the silent disco is that you have 3 djs!!!! so if one starts to play tunes you cant get down to you can switch within seconds... I danced so much my feet are soar.. its the best way to party! beautiful view and amazing tunes to dance to all night long.

we were in the open part of the shard so it was even better!! you dance and let the wind blow the sweat onto the next person lol ;) 

only criticism is that I would love for the cocktails to be in nicer glasses and not plastic cups. apart from that its sooooo worth it!! already planning my next nightout there!

Stephanie C

This is a sure win especially for when you are trying to find a late night venue to impress and to catch all types of music lovers. We had three channels (colour of headphones is what channel others are listening to) and its so much fun see people dancing to all genres of music but all having a good time together. One of the best things to do is actually take your headsets off and admire the singing (acapella!) and the moves people are throwing to go with it. I loved seeing the different DJs pumping and climaxing their sets at different times to each other. All with an amazing backdrop which if always a bonus if you get bored. Which you wont. :) 

Julie B

 Hello! Does anyone have tickets to sell for Saturday 9th PLEASE?? Happy to pay good amount.. it's for a friends' party and we would need 5 tickets or more even. PLLLEEEEEASE :)  

Ben B

Hi. I have 4 tickets going for Saturday 25th June, face value £37.50. Anybody interested? Need to get rid of ASAP (Brother organised a Shotgun wedding). Serious buyers only! Thanks

Jaime M

Unfortunately was a waste of money. Poor music, no chairs, no space, just the amazing view, but for that it's better to go there during the day.

For a great silent disco I prefer the Cutty Sark.

Thomas B

Hi, I have 1 ticket for the 21st of May as a member of our group can no longer attend. Please message if interested.


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