Silent Disco at The View from The Shard

Things to do, Quirky events The View from the Shard , London Bridge Saturday June 3 2017 - Saturday September 30 2017
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The silent disco phenomenon reaches new heights at these exclusive Time Out events. Pick your channel and choose your side as three DJs battle it out over separate wireless channels, playing the best in pop, rock and party classics, while you dance the night away at 1,000ft.

The View from The Shard is the visitor attraction at the top of Western Europe's tallest building, The Shard. With unparalleled, panoramic views, it offers visitors a unique perspective on the capital.


Venue name: The View from the Shard
Address: Joiner St
Opening hours: Apr 1–Oct 24 daily 10am–10pm (last entry 9.30pm). Oct 25–Mar 31 Mon–Wed, Sun 10am–7pm (last entry 6pm); Thu–Sat 10am–10pm (last entry 9pm)
Transport: Tube: London Bridge
Price: £37.50
Event website:
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Michelle W
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This was the most amazing alternative night out. We went on a school night expecting a mediocre event with expensive drinks, and yet ended up having the best night, with mind blowing views and brilliant DJs. There was such a range of music to choose from as well as affordable drinks and tasty cocktails. I was not expecting it to be on the actual viewing floors and the views took me a good half hour to get my head around. Have recommended it to everyone I know!

The Man on the Street
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Fab night rocking it out on the 69th floor of the Shard at the Time Out Silent Disco. Not sure Boom Shake The Room, Happy, Bohemian Rhapsody, the Grease Mega mix, Superstylin, Insomnia and 9-5 have ever sounded so good!

Andrea F
1 of 2 found helpful

Hi everyone!

I am organising a bday bash at this on 12 Feb and I am 1 ticket short! If anyone has a ticket going spare for 12 Feb please get in touch! Thanks!!  

Julia A


Helene H

Hi! Two girls from Norway would be forever grateful if anyone had tickets spare for Saturday April 16th. Please send me an email if you do: Thank you!!

Lauren T

I would be incredibly grateful if anyone had 1 or 2 tickets for the 16th of April. Ping me an email if so Thank you!! 

Debbie C

Hi, I have 2 spare tickets for Saturday 9th April if anyone is interested....... ? Please email me at

Only looking for my money back on them so £75 for the 2.

Sonia C

I love these events & have been to several in some iconic venues. I love the DJ battles & trying to pick the best team at any point in time. The tunes are banging, it's laid back & fun. Plus every songs designed to be a floor filler so dancing the night away is inevitable

Kritt N

We’ve all been to discos before, but have you danced the night away 306 meters high up above London’s sky at night? Thought not.

Once you’ve arrived at the top of The Shard having taken 2 separate lifts, you’ll be greeted by this incredible panoramic 360-degree view of London. It’s breath-taking. It's a night event as well so London twinkles and glitters beneath you. 

Once you’ve slipped your headphones on, you have a choice of 3 channels to choose from ranging from golden classics from to hip-hop, R&B and pop - there’s a channel for everyone music taste. Each channel is manned by three different DJ’s so different tunes will be pumped out all night long.

The headphones provided are excellent – loud, comfortable over-ear headphones that immerses you in the music. Take your headphones off and you’ll be surprised by the relative quiet atmosphere in the air. It’s quite amusing to see others dance in silence. A credit to just how good the headphones are.

Not much of a dancer? Don’t fret. You mustn’t feel compelled to dance. With a view like the one The Shard offers, you can be forgiven for simply enjoying a casual evening milling around admiring the view whilst listening to Nelly, Al Green and co.

Drinks are available at the makeshift bar but as expected are expensive. The Silent Disco does start to get busy as the night wears on but not so crowded as to make you feel cramped. It feels like an exclusive party. If you want the floor to yourself, ensure you arrive a tad early (i.e. right at the start of the evening) so you can enjoy all that view to yourself.

I had a good time, but my only disappointment is the price. Sure, you’ve got incredible views and some good tunes but for nearly £40 is pushing it a bit. And that’s without drinks.

Top tips – make sure you check out the toilets too. The views are pretty incredible there too. 

Alice W

Hey Silent Discoers!  If anyone has 2 tickets spare for Saturday April 23rd I would be incredibly grateful if you could ping me an email -  Thanks!


Quite possibly THE best thing I have ever done in London. This was my first trip up the shard, so exiting the lift and being greeted by London glittering away from every direction was absolutely breathtaking and it took me ages to stop gawping out of the windows and actually start engaging in the disco! There are a choice of three channels on the headphones each manned by a colour-coded DJ on the lower floor of the disco, my headset remained firmly on the novelty disco tunes though! Going on a stormy Easter sunday, the wild winds howled down the opening on the top floor of the Shard, which just made me more hyperactive and the experience even more incredible! It was like being in a film (with an amazing soundtrack) or something. The limited number of people made it spacious for crazy dancing and also meant that the windows weren't too crowded to gaze out of (the view didn't get any less awe-inspiring over the four hours!) I would recommend this to absolutely everybody, honestly it absolutely felt like I was dancing on top of the world!!


This was definitely one of my best nights out in London. We went on Easter Sunday and it was the night before a friend's birthday (perfect way to celebrate). I was to admit, that storm Katie nearly made us stay home, but I am glad that we didn't mind the weather after all. It's been my first time at the Shard and the panorama is amazing (even the bathrooms have a spectacular view) - I have spent at least one hour just to marvel at the beautifully lit city below my feet.

The silent disco is great fun - three channels and the DJ's doing a great job in keeping everybody happen. As you hear the music really loud through your headphones you aren't really aware of the fact that everybody sings along, but it's great fun when you take them off and realise how everybody is enjoying themselves.

Unfortunately we didn't go up to the viewing platform because of the weather, but I will definitely be back for another event and would recommend it for those who are looking for a special night out. It's well worth it!! 

Dianne H

My first trip up the Shard was to hit up the silent disco, and boy did it not disappoint! Not knowing what to expect, I was already impressed by the grand entrance of taking 3 lifts to get to the viewing platform and from then I had my first glimpse of city life from the tallest building in London.

The views do not disappoint. There’s not a bad place to stand (or dance) as from every angle you can see spectacular views of the iconic skyline which shrink the red buses to mere toy cars. Something that made this night stand out to other silent discos I’ve been to is the traffic light system of the DJs linked to the headsets – being lit up either blue, red or green. That way you could see which one was playing your favourite tunes and encourage them to play some requests.

Playing everything from Bon Jovi (personal favourite) and Oasis to Rhianna, there was something to suit everyone and the atmosphere was on fire…even the staff were bopping along!

Great news about the drinks as well. There are two bars serving (one cocktails & one wine, beers etc.) so you don’t spend long queuing and the prices aren’t sky-high (sorry) with wine rolling in at a fiver and Prosecco at £7.50.

When you’re up in the clouds dancing away at 2am it feels like a little secret club that only you and your dance partners know about. One of the best nights out I've had in London so far.

Also, check out the toilet views for the best throne selfie ever!


What an AMAZING night. I mean PROPER amazing. I went with a small group of pals and we had such a great time. We arrived around 10.15pm and were whisked up to the 68th floor where the view we were greeted with was astounding. London truly looks so beautiful at night. The weather on Sunday was not great, but that didn't dampen (haha) our spirits! 

There are 3 different music channels you can choose from and the 3 DJ's really get the crowd going. It's a silent disco with the fact you cannot hear the music out loud, but take your headphones off and you can really hear the punters singing along! You can also go up to the 72nd floor for an slightly outdoor view, but it was awfully windy and rainy so we didn't stay up there very long.

Drink wise they're basically London bar prices so around £5 for a beer, £8.50 for a cocktail, but that's what you expect to pay nowadays I guess. I cannot recommend this night more though, I'm already planning my next trip up the shard for another silent disco experience!! 

Vieve W

Well, well, well, best night ever! I was lucky enough to attend here on Easter Sunday (night). I didn't expect much as I've been to a silent disco before and the music wasn't really to my taste. Well I was certainly wrong! The three DJs were playing a mix of hip hop and R&B, pop, rock & roll, club and dance, so a really good mix of genres. As soon as I got there I happened to lock into the red radio and found it to be exactly what I like: hip hop, old school R&B new school R&B, rap and a bit of club classics! I was locked in all night and became a fully fledged member of the red gang! My girls and I literally spent the whole night dancing; them flicking between blue, green & red and me staying loyal to the red crew! The views were breathtaking... I've been to the Shard before, for dinner, but never to the 'View from the Shard' on the 69th floor. A 360° view at night, of the different points in London, all lit up. Absolutely beautiful. The drink prices were reasonable too! Soft drinks coming in at £2, cocktails wine and beers at no more than around £8 I believe; so much cheaper than expected. We all had an absolutely amazing time! One tip: at least once during the night, take off your headphones and listen to everybody's singing along to different songs... Literally like cats being run over by a lawnmower ha ha! Overall, recommend recommend, recommend!

Mei M

This is a great way to experience the Shard in a different light and to impress your friends. I didn't expect too much apart from the stunning views, as I'd been to the Shard already and the bar was quite posh (as it should be, fair enough), and also very expensive. However, I was so pleasantly surprised that I would put this night in the list of things you absolutely have to do in London! It's fun, unexpected and just brilliant. 

Yes, you get the best views over the most beautiful city of the world (oops, I know I don't sound neutral when talking about London) with good music - the selection usually includes a bunch of good songs that everyone likes - and drinks are not too expensive either. Plus, hey, the lift takes you to the 68th floor in a few seconds and the feeling is just wow! 

Going to the open part on the 72nd  floor is also absolutely brilliant, you feel like you're on top of the world.

So, well...don't miss this ;)

Shona R

Leading up to the silent disco I was beyond excited.  An opportunity to dance, drink and sing at the highest point in Europe.  Upon arriving, we checked our coats in (and having never been to the Shard before) we nervously made our way to the lifts.  It takes not 1 but 2 lifts, followed by a series of stairs to get to levels 68-70 where the party begins. We arrived closer to 11pm and literally did not stop dancing till the lights came back on and we were asked to leave.  There were large groups, small groups and even a few solo revelers, but that's the beauty of a silent disco - at the end of the day the music you're listening to is completely within your hands.  The views are spectacular and when the more popular songs come on you can listen to the acapella version once you take of your headphones.  The drinks aren't too expensive, especially if you stay clear of the cocktails.

All in all, couldn't recommend this enough and would definitely go back!

Cristina A

I love love love dancing but have never been a massive fan of clubs; I'm also fascinated with the amazing 360 views of London from the Shard (even the view from the toilets is awe inducing - I promise) so a Silent Disco at The View from the Shard sounded like a pretty epic idea.

And it totally was.

I gathered 6 of my closest friends and we made our way to floor 69 of the Shard (no infantile giggling please...)

It was a pretty good sign that even before we entered the area where the disco was about to kick-off, the stewards already had their headphones on and were dancing around the place.

With 3 channels/djs spinning from 10pm to 2am, we danced until we could dance no more (if there was a song we were less keen on, nothing easier than changing the channel on your headphones) and it's pretty easy to see what everyone is dancing to by the colours flashing on their headsets.

And the music mix is so awesome that you will be unable to stay still.

A few items on my wislit for future events:

- A sitting area (yes the space is not huge but there were no seats other than the floor and though I was quite happily dancing the night away - even on a sprained ankle - I would have aprecciated a seat for a little rest

- Air conditioning please - we're all dancing to our heart's content here but it gets soooo hot up there and it became a bit uncomfortable

- More water available - there was no tap water available and water bottles sold out fairly quickly because it was so hot

To date, in my nearly 3 years of London and many experiences here, this was probably one of my favourite ever nights and I have not stopped talking about it yet.

Tickets are on the pricey side but trust me, you need this in your life. You'll thank me later

Amanda B

I am absolutely desperate for 3 tickets for the silent disco at the Shard on the 9th April. I thought I had bkd them but alas not! If you can help then pls email me at

Sun H

I'm looking for tickets for 9th April 2016 for my birthday.

If anyone can help out please let me know

Seema A

Hi, I am looking for 15 tickets for the 19th March if anyone has any??? It's for my birthday and I am willing to pay an extra fiver for them if that helps at all! Thanks

Kay M

Looking for one ticket for Saturday 27th Feb! Anyone selling one, then please message me on:

amy m

Am looking for tickets for the 27th February if anyone is no longer going please do let me know!! :)

Alisha D

Hi guys,

I was hoping to buy two tickets for February 12th, if anyone is selling I would be happy to buy please get in touch

Staff Writertastemaker

The crowd at this event is very mixed which makes for a funny loo-queue if not a slightly odd event over all.

Much better to attend in a bigger group as its easier to communicate with headphones (and song) if you’re all together, for a couple it can be a little hard work (unless of course you just love to dance).

Better advance information about the music being played would be really useful and perhaps themed nights. It’s pricy at £40 a ticket (although the View from the Shard itself is almost £30) so planning for an event with your favourite music would be a bit better.

The view itself at night is incredible, worth the visit to see London at night.

Not my cup of tea but the crowd were going nuts for it, so it’s somebodies!

Xstine F

If anyone has a spare ticket going for 12 December 2015 could you please email me at Required urgently! Thank you 

Laura W

Hi, I'm looking to buy 3 ticekts for Saturday 29th Nov 2015,, thanks

Harriet W

Hi, I have 3 spare tickets for the silent disco at the Shard on Friday 23rd October. If you would like them email me at, thanks

Elena A

I am super late but if anyone has 2 spare tickets for the 10th October please feel free to email me directly on - thank you!! X

Hayley P

I have two tickets for Sat 10th October - face value as I've stupidly double booked! Let me know if interested. Hayley

Oliver F

last minute I know, but does anyone have a spare ticket going for this saturday the 27th September? 

Sydney S

 If anyone has spare tickets for the 10th of October I would be happy to buy them off of you. It's my birthday and they're all sold out. Thanks!!


One of the best nights out I have had in London in a long time. It's a bit expensive for the entry, but the views are amazing and the silent disco was so much fun! They had different music channels, which catered for all music lovers (cheesy songs included!) Definitely go and check it out!

Luisa G

Awesome atmosphere, great music, amazing view, and you can even see London from the toilets, which is pretty cool!

Claire D

Hi require 1 ticket for tomorrow, Saturday 11th July's silent disco. Is anyone selling 1 ticket please?!

Samantha W

If anyone has a ticket for sale for 11th April I would happily take it off your hands! Thanks!

Charly Lester
moderatorStaff Writer

Fun concept, great location.  Drinks aren't too expensive, considering the location (£7 for Prosecco), though they tasted quite cheap.  The crowd was quite 'Essex'.  I would recommend going with a large group of friends, so you can make a section of the platform your own, as larger groups can get quite spirited as the night goes on!  If you go in colder months and want more space, don't check your coat in, and head to the top viewing deck.  Two of the channels were playing quite similar music, but there always seemed to be something playing that I would happily dance to.  Go for dinner or drinks first, as it starts at 10pm, so make it the end part of your evening, not your entire night. 

Shabana L

Does anyone have 2 tickets for Saturday 25th April I could buy please? My friend is celebrating her birthday there and we would love to join her but it seems I've left it a little too late to book it! 

Thank you  


great place, cool music with 3 different DJ playing superb rocking music...

Danute B

I was yesterday (10 march)! Is awesome awesome, nice staff , chip drinks, friendly and funny DJ !!! I recommend to go for everyone ! I will go again !!!

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