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David Clack

Sketching and photography classes are coming to the London Eye

Our latest run of events on the London Eye are all about capturing the city’s best side – here’s everything you need to know before you snap up your tickets

By Time Out in association with the London Eye

Polish those lenses and sharpen those pencils – Time Out’s Eye-Openers is back for another round of up-in-the-air action on the London Eye and this time, it’s all about sketching and snapping. That’s right – after our latest sell-out run in April, we’re taking over the Eye’s capsules once more, for a series of sessions that are ideal for creative folk and Insta addicts.

Now, as artistic muses go, the London skyline during the summer is about as photogenic as they get, and gliding above it during a half-hour rotation on the London Eye means you can admire the little stunner from a variety of interesting angles. So whether you’re all about sunset hashtags or you like to make your mark with charcoal, ink and pen, all you have to do is pick your sesh, bag your ticket and go make some masterpieces.

So huge and varied is the London skyline these days that you could easily spend half an hour deciding which bit to draw. That’s why we’ve brought in the peeps from The London Drawing Group to help you see more and do more during your time in the sky. As a warm up, they’ll introduce you to the idea of automatic drawing, where you make loose, flowing marks on your paper without thinking about form, and encourage you and your fellow sketchers to work together on a multi-panel panorama. They’ll also help you to focus your artist’s eye and go beyond the figurative; using the juxtaposed shapes of skyscrapers and bridges to create abstract compositions. Of course, if you’d rather just draw a nice picture of Big Ben, that’s fine too.
June 10, 11 and 14, £25.

Keen to capture London at its absolute best? This is the one for you. Golden Hour, as any seasoned snapper will tell you, is the bit right before the sun sets where everything looks like something out of a Turner landscape or a ditzy romcom or some other cultural masterpiece. As well as the opportunity to capture cityscapes full of dusky colours and long, dreamy shadows, booking for this session means you’ll also get expert tuition from a pro photographer, who’ll show you how to make the most of the ideal picture-taking conditions, plus simple practical tips like how to avoid glare when taking pictures through glass. You’ll also learn how to set up your camera so that there’s no need to spend hours editing your pics to get them looking right. Yep, this could be the moment you finally find out what all those buttons and dials do.
June 12–14, £25.


Listen – nobody ever broke the internet with a wonky, out-of-focus, blown-out selfie with a bit of Westminster Bridge in the background. No, if you’re going to challenge A-listers for Instagram likes, you’ll want to take some tips from the pros and get your phone photography on point. Designed for anyone with a smartphone in their pocket (you, then), sessions are led by one of two professional shooters – art director Matt Inwood and mobile photography whizz Olly Lang – with tons of followers, who’ll show you how to make the most of camera features you might not even know you had to get your cityscapes looking their very best. And because lighting conditions way up high can be a touch challenging, they’ll also show you how to use photo editing apps to sharpen up details, tone down highlights, balance colours and much more. Okay, so you won’t be able to use #nofilter, but you should score a few more followers.
June 10–13, £25.

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