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Your street food comes with a side of fun at this night market for those who like to eat on their feet

Street Feast returns to Dalston Yard for a summer-long stretch of night markets for those who like to be seen eating. New for 2016 are some modern classics of the food stall scene; Hawaiian-inspired sushi bowls from Poke, fiery chicken from White Men Can't Jerk and juicy hunks of beef from Stakehaus. All-time favourites making a return appearance include Kimchinary, Bleecker St and Smokestak. Eating on your feet is likely unless you've managed to snaffle a corner of one of the tables, lots of which are covered so that you don't have to cancel in case of rain. Pop to the Kamm Shed for a refreshing aperitif and the Tequila Treehouse for a post-food shot. This is a food market that knows how to party.



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Forget virtual Pokemon, grab a real life friend and take yourself on an adventure to the Dalston Street Feast.

You will definitely pick up plenty of treasure and awards along the the way.... promise.

Street Feast is an East London institution, well in it's stride, with this being it's fourth year residency, bringing excellent additions year on year. The space is ample, without being too busy, even on a warm summers Saturday night. This food and drink mecca has a relaxed vibe and fun atmosphere, 

I pilgrimage annually to the yard, with a tried and tested culinary route, navigating through the stalls, proving a pretty decent dining experience.

First stop, Margaritas in the "Tree Hut" £8 each, a great spot on the first floor, an excellent vista to people watch and formulate your own culinary food tour plan of attack.

We are off.... "Yum Bun" no messing around here the most perfectly fluffy steamed buns, classic pork Chinese style the only way to begin. Everything is seriously yum about these steamed buns. 

Rolling onto Bob's Lobster to share a lobster roll, at £15 this is one of the more expensive items at the street feast, unfortunately it did not deliver,  severe lacking of flavour very disappointing, OH dear Bob :(

We dusted off the disappointment by heading to the craft beer can hut for a High-wire and 5 points pale £5.50, and mustered up for the next round. We nailed it Baja fish tacos, two for £7 with enough chilli to clear the palette, all in a charcoal tacos, flavour heaven from"Breddor Tacos" 

Now for me, the main event, Rola Wala, bangin' 5 inch naan sliders topped with pickles, chutney, herbs and crunch 2 for £8 lamb and an extra special spicy dal. YES!

Time for another cocktail - obviously :) for those of you who have not yet had the delight of experiencing Kamm & Sons British aperitif - Head to their  surreal tiny hut and  secret  garden. Enjoy this bittersweet botanical spirit , perfect  to refresh the taste buds.  My fav a "Kammpaloma" Kamm and Sons, tequila, grapefruit juice, soda and lime £7.

Oh no we are not finished yet! Last stop on the pilgrimage, you can not come here without a hit of the  classic "Smoke Stack"  and a pulled pork roll.  It is a little smokey unsurprisingly around the smoke stack, hence the last spot.

The tour draws to a close for another year, thank you street feast, you delivered yet again, consistently strong. Hang out listen to some reggae beats, head to The Nest or NT's to carry on the fun.

I would always advise the multiples, lots of 3 for £10 offers,  by the time you have hit up some food rounds and drinks an evening can easily be £50 a head.  Always a pleasure see you soon Street Feast.  


Street Feast is like foodie heaven; as you walk in and the smoke clears from the sizzling grills, you're greeted with bright lights, colourful stalls, mouth-watering food displays and tantalising aromas from all directions, like a pleasurable sensory overload. It’s easy to get carried away as there is so much on offer, from burritos, pizzas, jerk chicken, burgers, lobster and noodles to name just a few, every stall offers up appetising cuisines. There are also little bars dotted around every corner, selling gin cocktails and craft beer to wash down all the food. 

The majority of the stands are savoury, but for those with a sweet tooth or have room for dessert there’s Bad Brownie, selling the newest insane culinary trend: the freakshake. A divine and indulgent mason jar overflowing with sugary dreams or an outrageous diabetes inducing nightmare is a matter of opinion, but either way you look at it they’re impressively calorific. 

A special shout out has to go to Yum Bun, their pork steamed bun is so delicious; the buns are light and fluffy, the pork is thick and succulent and the hoisin sauce, cucumber and spring onion compliment it all beautifully. 

Be sure to take a friend or two as it has a really chilled and sociable vibe, plus many stalls offer multi-buy discounts. They’ll also come in handy to lend a push when the time comes to roll yourself home.


Street Feast was lots of fun. An array of cuisines to choose from and a very cool setting to hang out in. There was a selection of some of the top street food vendors in London all crammed into one space. I would recommend Steak Haus,I have had their food before and I am always tempted to go again, even if I am surrounded by other new delicious choices. Their steak is some of the best steak I have ever had, be it in a cardboard tray or on a plate! Bad Brownie make an appearance with special on the menu. I have had their stuff from brent cross shopping centre, where they only sell brownies and jars of sauce but here you can get the ever trendy ‘Freak Shake’ or The Espresso Mouse Brownie (which I had) Blooming lovely, I mean like dribble worthy, with a big biscotti and peanut brittle poking out of it and the brownie with a light choc mouse centre- YUM. I will say there is nowhere to get a coffee and I really wanted that to go with my very heavy brownie- washed down with a coffee it would have been sublime. My boyfriend had the Hawaiian sashimi- which was beautifully presented with black rice and pickles and mayo on the side. It was a bit tasteless if I am honest but a delight to the eyes. I tried the summer rolls which needed a bit of something else,I have to say. Where my favourite comes in is the Tortilla’s on offer- we tried a classic chicken and pork and they were just yummy. There was another place selling Tortilla with an Indian fusion to it, like mini chipati’s….. Really lovely.Make sure you go to the back and out the main area, there is a fun gin shack run by two very dapper men! Reasonably priced, if you are looking to have sort of a dinner with a dessert and some booze you are looking at around £20 a person- which isn’t bad for a good day or eve out and some really adventurous food to boot!

Yum! Had my weeks worth of carbs all in one sitting and don't regret it one bit! Loved wandering around all the food trucks. It could use a couple more space heathers for nighttime though.


Writing my thoughts of Dalston Street Feast whilst waiting for my dinner to cook is probably not one of my smartest moves.

Foodies. Listen up. I’m sure you’re aware of Street Feast’s London presence. But, the thought of travelling the overground to find its current home in Dalston puts a lazy-shaped spanner into the works. Your stomach says yes. But your patience with the London transport network is standing its ground with one heck of a fight.  Let me save you all the argument: always listen to your stomach.

Dalston Yard is the ultimate remedy for anyone suffering with a severe case of being Hangry. Hosting delights from international themed cuisine’s, you’ll find yourself popping back on at least 16 different occasions, and that alone would see you successfully have a course from each of the selection of traders there. Your favourite chicken, burgers, steaks, lobster, Asian, American and Italian inspired dishes are currently reppin’ a gourmet neighbourhood and driving the taste bud’s of E8’s residents absolutely bonkers.

There are plenty of bars to compliment your chosen meals, alongside shelter and roofing to protect you from the capital’s unpredictable weather. I went during the evening, and despite all of the bodies, grills and cookers, it was still nippy ­– so taking a jacket is advisable.

Exploring Dalston Street Feast is half the fun. Every time you turn a corner, you feel like there’s new territory you need to unearth. Look around you. Look up. Go through doors and keep being nosey. You’ll discover a cocktail shed, an upstairs bar and décor that will soon form part of your photo library.

A couple of hours well spent? Yes. But you’ll only know when it’s time to be rolled home after heading to Bad Brownie. And when negative connotations are in the name, you know it’s going to be quite the contrary. Because it really does take chocolate decadence to another level. The salted caramel square of heaven is worth every bite. In calories and cash. That’s when you’ll know you’ve completed Dalston Street Feast. Get yourself an Uber. GAME. OVER. 


Wow! I know where I'll be once the weather warms up! Absolutely a great time! Admittedly I went very early and it wasn't very busy so I didn't have to wait in lines. One thing we tried was the lobster bun. It was very pricey but so good! I think it was money well spent. We tried the chicken bun next. So good! My veggie plus one thought the veggie option looked boring so we didn't try it. But my mouth was popping with flavour from the chicken. The stall was very unorganised and not very friendly, but I'll give them a break because it was opening day. Now on to the show stopper. The tacos. The blue corn tacos. Omgoodness good! So good we went back for seconds!! We tried the chicken, the cauliflower and the fish. The chicken one is very good. The cauliflower is better and the fish is fantastic.

Again, it was opening night so all is forgiven...but... We had an issue with the letter C. It stands for cauliflower and chicken...which presents a problem for veggies. We ordered the first batch... Cauliflower and fish. I ate the cauliflower, I said to my daughter oh this is chicken. No she said, I ordered the veggie. Not a problem for was good so never mind. So we went back later and ordered the same again.(they are THAT good!) I said to my daughter you try the cauliflower first because you didn't get a bite last time. She was mortified to find her bite full of chicken thigh. She spat it out...but still. So we went to the counter and asked them to fix it. They felt so awful...they actually remade it and gave us our money back. The girl taking the orders was writing C and the cook didn't realise and thought it meant chicken. They were lovely and felt so awful, but it this is important to careful!!

Anyway, there was more to try and more summer to spend there!!


It took me a while to write about it but I was on the preview night at Street Feast Dalston Yard, too, and we had an amazing time! Great food, nice music, interesting venue and totally amazing vibe!

Food options are endless and all with a twist from the regular. Bleeker street burger, one of the best burgers in town has its own stand which appears to be very popular - and that's for a reason! Highly recommended. 

The Slider offers 3 mini-burgers for a tenner, and you can have all different flavours to try! I must say they were all delicious.

Don't miss a big portion of fries with their delicious mayo from "White men can't jerk". After all they go well with the burgers! Do prefer them because they come in a bigger portion comparing to bleeker street or other stands.

Kimchinari is a korean version of a buritto - interesting but I prefer the normal buritto.

Yum bun is so yum yum. Those steamed buns are really dreamy, "so fluffy I am gonna die" kind of thing and you can do 2 for £7, so you can try both the pork and the chicken one as it is impossible to decide which one to chose.  I wish I didn't have left it for last.

It is impossible to try everything and the choice is really hard, so listen to your heart and chose what your hart says, or actually your belly. Prices are all a bit high considering it is supposed to be street food, but the food is more than just street food, which kind of justifies it. 

Gin cocktails there are also really good! The place is really nice decorated (for a ruined industrial building, it is quite cool) but because it is open space be prepared for some cold, because London. There are some barrels that you can get a but warm but it is best to go there prepared! The place is ideal to relax and hang out with a group of people but it is also good for small groups and couples. You'll have a fun evening either way!

Conclusion: Dalston Yard is definitely worth a visit this summer, or maybe more! Because let's face it, you can never have enough street food.


Probably one of my favourite outdoor food markets in east London. It offers a lot of variety and a much larger space than dinerama, perfect to spend a lot of time drinking and eating your way around some of London’s best street food. I tucked into some spicy fried chicken and cheesy fries from mutha clucka, very tasty, crispy and served hot. I did try the cluckwish, yup you guessed it, a chicken sandwich. However, it didn’t live up to my spicy chicken dreams and I quickly deconstructed it to enjoy the delicious chicken on it’s own and leave the rather boring white bread to look shameful on the sad paper plate it was served on. Cocktails from the main bar were delicious, my favourite was a twist on the classic aperol sprits with elderflower, very refreshing and just sweet enough for a summer evening. I would highly recommend a visit, with a small or large group it’s a blast with something for everyone.


it's back for the 4th year and it's delicious! More tantalising offerings. I was enamoured by the ahi tuna - with the great showmanship by the guy who was slicing a whole salmon, almost as precisely as a sushi chef.

My only complain is there was no dish that was hot enough since we were there on a very wet and cold evening. there was no coffee or tea either but I guess as most street fest, this one too was designed for summer, when the sun is out and everyone is looking for little bites to eat with beer, hanging out with friends in the hipster mecca that is Dalston.


A delectable array of food to please even the most fussy eater - including plenty of options for vegetarians. Everything I ate was truly delicious. 

An especial highlight was Rola Wala's mini-naan sliders, which were simply amazing! The jerk chips from White Men Can't Jerk are also well worth trying - and you get a good sized portion.

All in all, can stuff yourself with some exceptional food here, from a range of stalls, for under a tenner.

Great, bustling vibe to the place too.


Oh what a beautiful place to be for a foodie! We'd been to Hawker's house in Canada Water a few months ago which was Heaven on earth and I was hoping for the same experience at Dalston's Street Feast. I must say, it wasn't as majestic but it was its proud little sibling.

Here's the large array of things my boyfriend and I tasted: jerky chicken, mini burgers – that were unfortunately disappointing but were served by very charming staff, lovely gin cocktails – in the gin hut, brownies and brownie shakes – most impressive thing I've ever thing, keep some space in your bellies for dessert, pulled pork – it's the first stall by the entrance and cooked in huge ovens and finally... STEAK + FRIES or the BEST MEAT I've ever tasted. It was succulent! Almost raw, the flavour was super strong and the texture extremely tender.

To finish, the atmosphere was nice but I'd recommend you go when it's warm because, despite the nice barrel wood fires placed at various parts of the venue, it was rather chilly.


All the street food vendors you could ever wish for in one single location. The convenience is probably the number one thing about this place! What is not so great though is the fact that you might risk smelling of smoke from the fires they have burning for warmth and also the not so friendly staff at the front. Other than that, it is a perfect dining venue both day and night! Oh... if it is raining, bear in mind that not the entire venue is sheltered...


A fantastic selection of quite seriously the best street food I've ever had. Everything feels VIP and decently priced. The decor is fun and urban, feels like a summer house party bbq! 

The music is eclectic and I really felt like I could hang out and waste a night away!

Thank you to Bad Brownie for changing my life with your salted caramel gooey goodness. Best thing I've ever eaten.

 Thank you to White Men Can't Jerk for giving me the revelation that jerk food is not automatically melt your socks off spicy, but fragrant, sweet , and omg those chicken wings!!! You honestly sent my boyfriend to beef pattie heaven with your bad ass burger that didn't look out of place in a top restaurant!

Fantastic gourmet, one of a kind food, with new flavours, soulful scenery and great tunes will certainly make this one of my new summer hangouts!


Street Feast offers a plethora of portable, picknicky street food, with options to suit almost every taste and budget. Predominantly exposed to the elements, it would be best on a sunny evening as the cold and drizzle were slightly off-putting on my first attempt. The experience itself, though, was brilliant. Admittedly I attended the opening party and chowed down on £15 worth of food courtesy of TimeOut, but it impressed me enough to tempt me to return when my own moulah is at stake. We tried tacos, sliders and bao, a side of fries, and then to top it all off a decadent brownie for dessert. The Yum Buns pork bao was my favourite dish – fluffy and filling (I also ate it first, so I was at my hungriest!) The slider was delicious too, and although the first bite of my taco was a rather unpleasant piece of gristly chicken, it improved enough to redeem it to an OK experience. The brownie was beautiful and tasty, too, but I would have preferred a smaller portion for a lower price – it was just a bit much. The drinks were nothing to write home about, but if you want to keep your costs low the canned beer was refreshing and tasty. Street Feast may well be a secret social experiment in teamwork amongst hipsters – lots of stalls offered cheaper multi-buy deals, so if you co-ordinate with a friend you can cash in. I just wished we’d shared the brownie – but hey, greed got the better of us!


Love food markets? Love food markets with the BEST FOOD EVER? Then look no further than street feast, which unites some of the very best stalls in all of London, from Kimchinery, to BOB's Lobster, to MOTHER FREAKING CLUCKER, to Breddo's Tacos. Basically, everywhere I looked, I wanted to buy something, because every damn store was worth it. You'll find yourself wandering around and around trying to decide what to get, but you'll still end up getting everything anyway. It was a cold night when I went, so it was nice that they had little cans with bonfires in them to warm people up. Being an open area can be a risk though, and the cold wind blew in way too easily, and even the great food couldn't warm us up. If you're looking for a covered area, I suggest Hawker House in Canada Water, which has similar offerings. Nonetheless, Street Feast is set to be an amazing summer location for sure, and you'll be spending at least a few hours noshing and drinking and having fun in this amazing project. Give me good food and I will brave anything for you. 


If you want to 'eat on your feet' you won't find this street feast as atmospheric or fun as Borough Market or Greenwich Market, but the offerings are still tasty. Bob's Lobster, while pricey, has some delicious & juicy Shetland Islands lobster in sandwich and mac n'cheese form.  Smokestack's BBQ sauce is killer, but my pork 'rib' looked and tasted like pork belly, not quite the same thing, with far too much fat on it. The range of other items includes every sort of food you'd like, even nacho cheese fries (as an American, I'd like to apologise for this culinary invention), but Bad Brownie's caramel brownie doesn't need any apologies and is the perfect finale to the feast. The wine, beer and cocktails are nicely varied among the various stalls as are a large range of every type of fast food imaginable. You may still recall that you are eating in what appears to be a disused junk yard, but it's fun just wandering around and deciding how to spend your hard-earned money before actually forking it over. If you made the wrong choice and are salivating over your neighbour's steak and chips, there's always tomorrow to come back and try again.


I was lucky enough to get Timeout tickets for this event last week. Unfortunately it was a fairly cold evening - so I constantly wished for a more covered area. I think that's the only downside to open air street food markets. London is obviously subject to the constant weather battle that the UK suffers and unless you go during the daytime, one should always bring a spare cardigan / jacket. 

Compared to most street food markets I've visited, there was a good capacity for seating at this place. The selection of food vendors was just right - with some regular favourites but also some that I'd never tried before. I have to give a shout out to 'White Men Can't Jerk' as their wings were of particularly amazing value - I think I got 8 or perhaps even more for £5. My friend and I were saying we could have shared them and been happy. They were perfectly crispy / crunchy / sweet AND salty, a combination I've not quite tasted before!! Will definitely be trying them again.

The other place I'd definitely recommend would be 'Petare' for some super delicious and authentic Venezuelan street food. I was contemplating between plantain and yuca fritters - so ended up getting both. I think the yuca fritters definitely won out, as for the average palette - the sweetness of the plantain (related to the banana!) makes it difficult to have more than one or two. Whereas the yuca is more-ish and you can quickly consume your entire pot! The buns were so great and so filling, they may look small - but be warned, I found mine difficult to finish. I had the traditional beef filling. There's a hot chilli / avocado dip that has a real kick. I'll definitely be hunting them down for some more.

Towards the end of the evening the small pop-up fires were a life-saver for our cold cold hands. If you're prone to getting cold once the sun goes down - locate yourself next to one of these!


Street Feast has now built up a reputation for decent quality 'street style' food in interesting popup locations. This offering is just round the corner from Dalston Junction and it's a great spot in what looks to be the remains of an old industrial complex.

There is a fantastic variety of interesting vendors to choose from with food types from around the world, and for these events the quirky location should be a big part of the draw too and will probably be what keeps you coming back, as for the same money you could have a decent restaurant meal.

As there is such variety and it all looks good, part of the fun becomes wandering around and trying to decide what to have, though when busy (and during peak hours it can get busy) this can possibly lead to frustration as the popular stalls can tend to run out of their most popular dishes and huge snaking lines can form.

As with most events the enjoyment factor will be determined by you the participant, if you like the sound of great (though not cheap) food, with loads of variety, outdoors (but undercover) in a quirky environment and don't mind chilling out while you wait for service, then you'll probably have a great time. However if prefer quick service, or aren't mad keen on street food, and maybe prefer the luxury of a sit down restaurant meal over the quirkiness of chilling out in a crowded old warehouse then this may not be your cup of tea.

As for me I like a bit of both; but the novelty of these events can wear off if you've been to a few, however if you've never been to one I'd definitely recommend trying it out as first time round you'll probably love it!


That’s my third street feast, so I’m guessing the novelty is wearing off... It’s always fun and you get the chance to try some different food, but I wish there were more different stalls – for anyone who’s been in a Street Feast before, they are the usual suspects... At least the price of the food is rather good. I had a £15 budget and I wasn’t able to spend it all, even with a side and desert! There are a lot of different and good options for drinking, but the prices are not really welcoming and, apart from a few seats in some of the bars, the setting is not really a place to stay (as a night out), even less on cold days – I’m sure it’ll feel nicer when summer finally comes. But it’s still crazy that you’d have to pay to go in (and, obviously, again inside, when consuming), even if it’s not that much.


Having Model Market in Lewisham just around the corner form me, I have never really felt the need to travel to Dalston Yard before, but boy was I missing out! It's quite a spacious place, with over a dozen different street food stalls dotted about. There are also a few different drink shacks too - The Rum Shack being my absolute fave!

Recommendation food wise I would have to say Yum Bun (little steamed buns stuffed with tasty meat/fish) would be my first choice. You can grab a couple for £7, so it's really reasonable. I also love Rola Wala (Mini naan bread style sliders with a choice of toppings - meat and veggie) but be prepared for the spicy kick! My last recommendation would be Born and Raised. This is a little pizza place, but definitely the best pizza I've had. Their flavour combinations are out of this world.

It's open from 5pm on Friday and Saturday nights, and although there is ample seating and space, I would advise getting there early in the summer months if you want a seat - I can see it being rammed pretty easily! Also, it's quite breezy so bring a light jacked if you don't want to huddle around the fire bins :)


It's been my first visit to the Street Feast and upon entering I have been blown away by all the choices. It was so much fun to go on the preview night and it hasn't been that busy. I think it took me nearly an hour to decide which food I'd like to try - though unfortunately I did not seem to find an all vegetarian stall, which would be a great addition.

In the end I tried the Mushroom bun from Yum Bun, which was really yummy and not too heavy. And it left room for the dessert - I have to admit that I should have chosen the signature brownie instead of the massive chocolate cake-style creation (picture below), as it was far too much and unfortunately I couldn't finish it. Although I tried really hard to :)

All in all the Street Feast is a fun place and if you gather a group of friends you can start a challenge of trying as many dishes as possible. As spring hasn't yet started really, it was lovely to have some "fire places" around the venue, as it gave the whole market a really great vibe.

I will definitely be back and try some more food anytime soon, despite Dalston being a track from my place. It's completely worth it.


Street Feast has been one of those things I’ve always wanted to go to, but trying to gather my friends together to head East often proves to be a massive problem for me because it’s just such a pain in the arse to get to from our home in deep dark South West London… call us lazy, for that is what we are!

So when I was invited to the Time Out Preview Party I finally had an excuse to drag a friend along to Dalston Yard and see what it was really all about. I was expecting a lot of food, plenty of drink and a great atmosphere… and that is pretty much what we got!

Being given £15 worth of “Dalston Dollars” provided us with a fun challenge… spend it all, try as much as physically possible, don’t have any left over, don’t spend any of our own money. Fun challenge, especially when there’s 2 of you and you actually have £30 to spend. This is how we spent it:

£4 Rola Wala - Pork slider

£7 Yum Buns x 2

£5 White Men Can’t Jerk Chicken Wings

£7 Breddos Tacos - Chicken & Fish

£7 Bad Brownie Peanut Butter & Jelly Freakshake

I mean, it could not have worked out more perfectly!

Our favourite was surprisingly the Chicken Wings (I say surprisingly because, well, it's chicken) -they were succulent and hot, with a delicious, crisp skin and two tasty sauces- one which blew my head off, the other which was sweet and sticky. 

The Yum Buns were soft and fluffy and I adored the hoisin sauce that coated the juicy meat. They were hot and warmed our hands up nicely.

The tacos were ok. Nothing special and were reliant on a squeeze of lime to give it enough of flavour, while the Indian sliders were intriguing and flavoursome but not quite wow.

The freakshake... well, that was a bucket list order for me. Out of pure intrigue I needed to try it out, and within 3 gulps I felt sick but happy. The brownie was chocolaty and rich, and the banana milkshake was thick and creamy. Topped with a massive dollop of marshmallow fluff, shards of peanut brittle and a cheeky stick of shortbread, plus plenty of jam drizzled in, over and around the glass tankard. It is definitely designed to be shared, and i'd recommend packing some wet wipes if you intend on ordering.

Now i've been, I know i'll definitely be making more of an effort to drag my friends East over the summer. As the evenings start to warm up, it's going to be one of the best foodie destinations to enjoy on a weekend. 


It's my first visit at Street Feast (this applies to all venues they've hosted), I had a really great time at the first opening night. I am forever thankful for Timeout hosting the preview event, we tasted all sorts of amazing food. I am hooked! I had the pleasure of eating poki, Jerk chicken, Indian street food, arepa and etc. I would go to a street feast over a Michelin restaurant any day, it's really all about the food! If you are anything like me that hates the posh restaurant environment and would rather just eat the food, then this is your closest thing. I will have to go back and try all the other stuff soon! 


Dalston Yard Street Feast is in a great location,

just around the corner from the railway station.

Hidden away just off the main high street,

Is the most amazingly wonderful and tasty treat.

A delicious and exciting taste sensation,

with street vendors representing many a nation.

There’s so much to see, lots of food to discover,

whether you’re a pizza, burger or lobster lover.

Why not head to Petare, they have veggie Arepas

Full of plantain, cassava chips and plenty of feta.

Born and Raised gave me awesome chips with cheese,

So full of flavour, I was mightily pleased!

And do try their pizza sliders with the beetroot dough,

How they came up with that idea, I’ll never know!

Or how about finishing up with an excellent pud,

believe me when I say Bad Brownie is good.

Chocolate and caramel, a dessert lover’s dream,

A truly delicious treat topped off with whipped cream.

Wash everything down with a cool gin cocktail,

or how about a craft beer? That never seems to fail.

Mind how you go though, as you fill your arms with nosh,

It can be a tad pricey, so make sure you’ve got some dosh

So gather your friends at this awesome urban jungle

Fill your face with food and silence that belly rumble

Don’t forget your coat, it can get really chilly,

You think summers here? Don’t be silly!

Every Friday and Saturday, 5pm till late,

A new place to hang for summer, it’s sure to be great.

It was so very good, I would come here again,

There is no hesitation - just tell me when!


I am not much of a foodie and always prefer gathering friends in front of a stage or a cinema screen rather than around a dinner table, so the idea of large food market didn't sound that appealing to me. Street Feast pleasantly surprised me with its atmosphere - despite being fairly crowded, the place appeared very relaxed and roof terraces and open fires were great places to mingle. Street Feast disappointed me with its selection of food. I was fully prepared to pay double the price, but, with at least a dozen food stalls, I was hoping to part with money in exchange for something I truly enjoyed. After few circles around the market, all of us settled on burritos, which were excellent, despite the £7 price tag. Street Feast offered a pleasant evening out with friends, but I have no reason to ever go back.


A friend and I went to the Dalston Yard Street Feast preview party on Thursday and we managed to try dishes from 4 of the 17 traders with our complimentary ‘Dalston Dollars’ (thanks TimeOut London!):

Breddo’s Tacos (

Masa Fried Chicken – Herb fed thigh, fermented habanero mayo, heirloom tomato & ‘slaw.

Baja Fish – Tequila battered fried Pollack, lime mayo, habanero tamulado, cabbage & radish.

These tacos were the highlight of the evening! The chicken was tender and the tequila batter was a perfectly crisp casing for the soft and flaky Pollack. The acidic mayos and veg combos really lightened up the deep-fried parts…I could have eaten 10 of them!

Yum Bun (

Pork bun – slowly roasted belly pork, spring onions, hoi sin sauce.

Mushroom bun – Portobello & shitake mushrooms, tossed walnuts, miso glaze.

The fillings were tasty and well put together, but sadly Yum Bun was no Bao! The buns were a little doughier than soft and fluffy.

Bad Brownie (

Salted caramel brownie

OK, so I’ve tasted Bad Brownie’s best-selling Salted Caramel brownie before at Winterville, but that just shows how good they are that I just wanted more! There’s a layer of gooey salted caramel sauce sandwiched between two brownies, topped with shards of crunchy caramel…mmm mm!

Bleecker St. (

Bacon double cheeseburger & fries

I’ve heard people rave about Bleecker St. burgers, so I had to give it a go. It was a well-cooked burger with juicy patties served in a classic sesame seed bun, however, I felt something was missing. All the condiments you could want were there, but I wanted more than sauce to make it a complete burger…maybe some crunchy toppings?! I’m afraid, Patty & Bun remains the favourite!

Other dishes I’ll definitely be back to try on a warmer evening were the Goan-style pork sliders and beetroot & coconut dal @Rola Wala (, Korean burritos @Kimchinary ( and the lobster mac ‘n’ cheese @B.O.B’s Lobster (

The Street Feast guys have done a great job decking out Dalston Yard, with string lights and lanterns and plenty of areas to sit and perch. Bar areas are dotted everywhere and I especially loved The Kamm Shed and The Gin Store. They are open every Friday & Saturday, 5pm to midnight and entry is free before 7pm and £3 after. I would wrap up warm during this unseasonably cold spring as open fire barrels are the only form of heat around and although they provide a boost of warmth and give a nice rustic touch, they’ll leave you smelling like a bonfire!


Really impressive on first impressions. Spacious with a vast range of food stalls as well as bars. Even though it was outdoors, it was covered (luckily as it started to rain at the end!) There were fires placed around the venue which people gathered around and was a nice (and necessary) touch.

So the food was crazy! A little pricey but most stalls offered two items for better value than just buying a single item.

My first stop was Yum Buns – I had never tasted these before, which was actually the case with most of the food stalls. But with my first bite, my taste buds came alive! The chicken was in a tomato based sauce which had a hint of lime and coriander. The bun was so deliciously soft and complimented the chicken extremely well. My biggest regret of the night is that I didn’t go back for seconds!

Bad Brownie had a load of brownies on display which all looked amazing. I went for the cheapest brownie as it was the last stand I went to and was almost out of Time Out Money. The brownie had a gold leaf on the top and looked really pretty. The first bite was interesting, however it was immediately apparent that it would have tasted better if the brownie was warm. After eating about two thirds of the brownie I had to throw it away. It was a little sickly sweet, hard and cold. It had the potential to be amazing, if only they had a microwave to warm them up and added a scoop of vanilla ice-cream!

Chuck burger's burgers were juicy, flavoursome and delicious. Just take care it's cooked all the way through, as my friend had a semi cooked one which then upset her stomach the next day.

The atmosphere was buzzing and everyone was enjoying themselves. Thank you Time Out for a really great night... Once again. By the way my friend Pi De Jonge was utterly impressed!


Summer is not far away with Street Feast returning to Dalston's Yard. Set in a former warehouse, this fantastic outdoor street food market is back for 23 weeks of feast offering quirky food concepts from the best street food vendors in London. A real heaven for foodies and hungry visitors! Despite the chilly weather on the opening weekend, my friends and I managed to try out Rola Wala's delicious roti breads, B.O.B's Lobster's magnificent lobster roll and Bad Brownies's terrible freakshakes and brownies. I would definitely recommend Dalston's Street Feast as it's the perfect place to chill out with friends after work or at the weekend, enjoying craft beers and incredible food. 


Enjoyed a trip to Dalston Yard Street Food market. I had two small hot rolls (one pork, one mushroom) for £7 and then a gigantic brownie from Bad Brownie £6 that nearly put me into a food coma! There's plenty of bars scattered about too and plenty of places to sit around plus smoky fiery barrels to keep out the spring chill. Fun for a casual evening out.


This is going to be a popular choice for the summer. Conveniently located across the road from Dalston Junction overground, this little food festival brings together a nice selection of food and drink vendors.

These food festivals are in a few different locations now so if you've been to any before you're bound to recognise at least a couple of places.

I visited a couple of favourites. 

B.O.B Lobster presented an overflowing container of lobster mac n cheese topped with dried shallots. It was an enjoyable dish and filling, but £10 feels like a lot at a food festival even when lobster is involved.

My star of the evening was the soft bun company. The crispy, sweet desert bun is so good it may make you cry but the pork and chicken buns hold their own.

There is so much more to eat and drink so in the words of Arnie, I'll be back. 


Street feast at Dalston Yard is back! Foodies delight with a vast variety of stalls and choices. Going on preview night it was chillier than ideal but I can imagine this being a fab place to go to during the warmer days and nights. The vibe was good, buzzing, plenty of seating the queues weren't too bad in comparison to other food markets. I had the lobster brioche roll from B.O.B's Lobster that was delicious with skin on fries from Smokestak perfectly complemented with a complimentary gin cocktail. What more could you ask for? Literally just across the road from Dalston Junction station this is so convenient to get to especially if you happen to be in East London. The set up is that it is partially covered but still open air enough so that you won't come away stinking of food afterwards. A thumbs up from me and a must visit! 


Food brings people together; you know? No matter where in the world you are, young or old, it becomes the central part of peoples’ day. It’s no different in this 24/7 metropolis we call home. London is unique and our food culture reflects this perfectly. I’m all for the notion behind street food pop ups so when events like Dalston Street Feast pop into my diary, I’m the first in line. Hop off the overground at Dalston Junction and the smokey BBQ whiff will guide you to the elusive entrance. An industrial space with an open roof and casual seating, which on reflection, may be its only downfall because things got CHILLY. You’ll want to go here in a group so you can absorb each other’s body heat whilst you drink beer (or gin) to shake off the shivers. I will wholly appreciate this culinary experience more in the anticipated sunshine this summer! Food wise, I was pleased to see a Bad Brownie pop up as they serve the most incredible yet sinful salted caramel brownie. As probably the only vegetarian amongst the dozens of meat eaters chowing down on sliders, pork buns, fancy lobster rolls and beef ribs, I appreciated the veggie Arepas at Petare – they’re a must try if you can forgive the lengthy queue. If you still have room, Born & Raised sourdough pizzas are a carb indulgence you won’t feel guilty about. All in all, Street Feast is a foodie hotspot this summer and you should be there.


Street food is available in every corner of London. Every culture and country is represented. We’ve never been luckier to experience such great cuisine. So why is Street Feast any better than strolling out for lunch during you lunch break and happening upon a street food market? Well, they make an evening of it all set within a crumbling warehouse space in East London. The choice of food on offer is a bit predictable with a sprinkling of more interesting options – think Korean burritos and Hawaiian sashimi breaking away from the standard, but am sure delicious, burgers and ribs. There are different seating areas and bars, serving all sorts of canned craft beers, ales and cocktails. Get there earlier enough and you’ll be able to nab a great space and bed in for evening. They even have oil drum fires for the chillier evenings. The £3 entrance fee post 7pm seems a bit toppy but worth it if this is your evening destination.


The Dalston Yard Street Festival has finally returned for another summer of fun, food and drinks. Featuring sliders / mini bites from many world cuisines, there is something for everyone in this wonderful outdoor market.

The friendly staff throughout the venue ensured everyone was warm enough by lighting log fires in old barrels and also kept the areas very clean. A further member of staff was on hand with paper towels in the toilet areas so you could dry your hands after washing. The bar and food stall staff were welcoming and made it feel like you were the well known regular at the local pub.

Unexpectedly, the prices were very reasonable, with pints of Kozel being cheaper than in the pubs local to my office in Farringdon and the Bleecker Street Burger stall charging lower prices than their Southbank van.

We can certainly recommend the Rola Wala stall, featuring mini naan bread sliders, and the rum shack, featuring a variety of cocktails which are very freely poured.

We will certainly be visiting numerous times over the summer in order to try out all the food options on offer.


Of the various incarnations of Street Feast, this one is my favourite. Firstly, location. Dalston is easily located on the Overground line, with a 2 minute walk round the corner to the event- no getting lost. The actual venue has that hip East London vibe, with a concrete floor, random graffiti and painted shipping containers, and Instagram opportunities galore with the bright neon ‘Street Feast’ sign and twinkling fairly lights. Aesthetics aside, the food is just so incredibly good!! I have my favourites- the Bleeker Street burger ranks in my top three of burgers in London, and here it is, tucked away in a corner. There is always a queue for these- and rightly so, they are amazing. My other favourite are the Yum Buns, found across all Street Feast sites. Pillowy buns enclose the most succulent pieces of pork, and I would happily just eat these. Other goodies are the juiciest chicken I’ve ever had at Ma Clucker, and the spicy kick of Japanese Kimchi burritos, and Venezuelan smoke stacks. Even for non-carnivores there are plenty of options, with delicious cocktails (hello rum ones), and beers to wash all the food down. Portions are a good size, and allow for eating from 2 or 3 stands. There are the most incredible freakshakes brownie concoctions too, for those who fancy ending the night on a sugar high. Overall I just love this place. Yes, bring an umbrella (because most of it is open to the elements), but for around £30 you can get an incredible three course meal, pudding and drink. Some of the best food in London is here and there’s enough variety to keep everyone happy.


If it ain't broke don't fix it!

Street Feast at Dalston Yard is back and has all the culinary delights as before. Viewed as the mothership of the street food collective set ups and after the last few Summers it's still clear why. Good vibes, amazing food, delicious cocktails and an overall party atmosphere as these Summer weekends creep in.

The burgers from Bleecker St are hard to beat, home of the voted best burger in the world, the Black Bleecker! But to be honest anything you get from these friendly food vendors is not going to disappoint.

Conveniently located right beside Dalston Junction I would go to Street Feast every weekend if my jeans would allow it.


A Fantastic night out for food, drinks and atmosphere. We tried amazing Indian street food at Rola Wala, top notch Bao buns at Yum Bun, freshly made summer rolls and amazing Arepas at Petare. Cant wait to go again.

Only complaint was the temperature, on a cold night its pretty breezy.


remember pogz, and beyblades and, yeah, top trumps. they were all cool - to the point where if you showed up two days running with the same pack of the latter you were totally just a nobody.

so these trends they come and go, and then they come back for a bit, then they definitely go, but then someone opens up a bar themed like one of them and then they're back. (bar beyblade is my idea and no-one can have it, I will sue!)

anyway, my point is maybe the more cynical, and largest, part of me thought the same about eating outside in the elements or in a refurbished warehouse - but I'm happy to say Street Feast @Dalston Yard has proven me, most unequivocally wrong.

people love being cold, sipping craft beer and chowing down on delicious food. and people will always love it, with a capital L; maybe even with a couple more Os ... you know, like Loooove it!

I got in the day before it opened, on my larrot due to a late drop out but I couldn't care less - talking would've just taken up too much time that I could've been stuffing myself with delicious food and glugging down beers, and that is exactly what I did.

I had no time for mingling as my face was stuffed with delicious sliders from Slider Bar, my mind was not bothered with thoughts of being alone as it was too busy reminding me of how much I love me some Beavertown!

there was so much deliciousness on offer I could still be there now, but alas my jacket my thin and my journey home the wrong side of half an hour so I departed; full of small burgers and a smugness that descends upon you when you do something trendy - one time I brewed my own beer and wore a shirt 3 sizes to big. I've yet to de-smug!!!

so Street Feast, what's there left to say: it's great, it's fun, and there's no reason you're not booking the morning off work to be going the night before (I'm mean other than the fact it's only open Fridays and Saturdays).

I'll be going back ... so see you there, I'll be the guy slowly slipping in to horrendous debt because of my slider addiction.


Dalston Yard Street Feast is slightly more exposed to the elements than it's Shoreditch Dinerama cousin but has a similar sort of vibe and decor. This includes painted shipping containers under a tin roof, long cafeteria style tables and chairs, and stands that remind me somewhat of the London version of Singaporean or Malaysian hawker stalls. The eateries available are eclectic and delicious from Kimchinary Korean fusion burritos to Venezuelan street food. Nothing beats Smokestak's sumptuous beef ribs cooked under a genuine smoker. Yum Bun does a pleasing pork belly bun although it doesn't quite match up to Bao's in Soho. Frontier Bar serves an array of crafted beers and there were even a couple of wine stands that didn't seem to attract a huge amount of visitors. Craft beer just goes with this kind of food. Apart from the Brownie stand there weren't really too many dessert stalls so could have done with a couple more options. Overall, really enjoyed Street Feast.


I can't believe it took me so long to get myself to this place. I had visited various similar pop ups in the past, such as Feast and Dinerama, but this one blew all the others out of the water. So many different food and drink stalls, with some of the best food I've tasted. Ever. We started with a lobster roll from Bob's Lobster. To die for. At £10 a pop, I would be happy if I ate one of these every day for the rest of my life. We then had a selection of 3 tacos from Breddos. Not bad. Next we had a burrito from Kimchinary. Delicious. Followed by chilli chicken wings with blue cheese sauce - just spicy enough to make my eyes water but keep me coming back for more. The highlight of the night was the Bleecker Black burger from Bleecker Street. Two meat patties with black pudding in the middle. Holy Jesus. This takes the title of my #1 burger ever without debate!! We managed to wash the food down with several gin cocktails from the gin bar, beer from Meantime, and some red wine from the "Old World" wine stand. In summary: I freaking love this place!!! Countdown to next summer when it opens again!


Great place but £3 entry after 19.00, is not justifiable. Excellent street food with different stalls to choose from but a bit expensive. Try smoke stak for excellent pork burgers. Nice place also for drinks & cocktails.


Big fan of Street Feast. When we went most recently we struck gold finding a bench in the secret garden. Okay there was a fire right nearby that was spitting at us, but what's a few embers when you've found a SEAT at Streat Feast. B.O.B's lobtser had run out of lobster (come on now B.O.B this dish is your namesake) so I went for the three slider deal at the Slider Bar, along with some sweet potato fries from Bleecker St. Burger. It's safe to say I needed to be rolled outta the place, but trust me your tastebuds will appreciate it. Only criticism is that my veggie friend had a complete mare finding food, but I guess that's her choice for taking sides with the animals.



This year was my first experience of street feast and it will not be my last. Our game plan was to arrive early to find somewhere to sit then spend the evening working our way round every single stall. We quickly realised this was a tad too ambitious. It took me 2 days to recover from my street feast food coma. Breddos tacos three ways was the winner for me, the slider bar was an absolute treat and rola wala tantalised my taste buds. I will say it got a little pricey with drinks but it was well worth it. Don't forget to check out the secret garden before you leave too. I was a little disappointed there was no music to add to the atmosphere but that was the only down side for me. I can't wait to go back.


2016 Review

Back again this year and had to just add a little to my review from before. Very happy to see more veggie and fish options this year. And I do believe the food is even better as well. I tried an unbelievable Korean take on a burrito, amazing Poke (Hawaiian) - which I do believe will be this summer's new food trend - and some stunning spicy tofu summer rolls.

Prices are just as expensive as before - though at least they've not gone up, and to really have a 'Street Feast' and follow the name on the door, you have to also have a fistful of cash. But, it is well worth it. The food is amazing quality and the vibe is still very much Dalston, hipster joy - without taking itself too seriously.  

It's not great on a chilly night and definitely not in the rain, but, when spring and summer finally do arrive I'll be back to sample some more treats and probably pitch up for the evening with friends, an empty tummy and a wad of cash.

2015 Review

I love Dalston Yard and enjoyed it for the third year running. There is something about being in a ramshackle warehouse-type structure, sipping beer and sampling delicious foreign food that is the epitome of thoroughly enjoyable cool. And I'm not even a hipster!

We went during the late afternoon to catch the place in daylight as it turned to dark. It's definitely better in the dark, but then you can still catch a few rays of sunshine and get in for free if you go before 7pm so it worth doing so. You've also more chance of getting a seat.

With a, weekly changeable, good selection of food, there is a nice range for everyone to try though I would like to have seen more desserts (I have a sweet tooth!) and veggie stuff. The prices, like most of these foodie events are a little high and it's a shame there isn't more of a tapas offering so you can get small bits from different places without blowing the bank account. Saying that, I had £3 bottle of Sol and some rather tasty Japanese dumplings for just £3 though my ceviche was not as yummy as it promised and quite a lot at £7 a pop. A portion that would not fill you up particularly.

However, you can still eat and drink well for less than a meal in a decent mid-range restaurant and the atmosphere and creative use of space is totally free. So you can't really complain about that can you? 

Staff Writer

Can't get enough of Street Feast. Every year I'm keen to get along in the first week. The winter seems slow and sad without this space and I love passing a warm summer evening stuffing my face. Always good to be strategical and go with a big group early (and before 7pm to get in for free), grab a table and then you can graze all night. I usually start with tacos from Breddos or something from Yum Bun. Then I go in for a little snack (!) from BOB's Lobster and finish with my fave London burger from Bleecker St. Sometimes there's room for wings from MotherClucker too. Where else can you do all of that in one sitting?! 

Great to see Street Feast back at Dalston Yard which is my favourite venue. Go for the atmosphere and a tasting menu of what is reliably the best selection of street food in London. If you're starving and skint it might be wise to preload on a cheese sandwich. But anyone who loves to eat should come here at least once.

I like the idea. The food and drinks are awesome. But it's really overpriced and it lacks places to sit/green areas with tables and grass. Portions are really small, more like £5 tasters.

Positives: Excellent quality food, nice relaxing atmosphere!

Negatives: Although the food was delicious, the portions were very tiny and overpriced in my opinion. There could be some more music as well.  Good experience overall

Jane Colez 

Street Feast was great last time and amazing this time, once again unless you really hate food you probably should go..all time time, all summer. This year features Tequila Slushies, Duck Yum Buns with champagne slaw, The best fried chicken from mutha clucker you have ever eaten ever um, yes I said it - Get there early for the Lobster Mac and Cheese which sells out every time. And if you have space (make space) then. DONUTS. 

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