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Take time out of London with Hertz

Move the car below to discover more than 100 great UK getaways, then save your favourites to create and share your own personal itinerary

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Jen Godfrey

These trips are what I cam eto the UK for! :) I've only got another 16 months before I have to go home, better get on to it!! :)


I'm so lucky to live in London all my life and wish to experience the rest of the UK! Myself and partner are totally ready to start our adventure Hertz

vanessa carby

Would love to take my dad to re- visit beaches we visited as a child, plus take him to Blackpool where he dreams of going.

Thibogang Ntloedibe

Hi I really like sheffield.it would be a nice place for me and my family

Laurence Chapman

Southwold is truly a lovely little village, just up the A12, on the Suffolk coast. It's where Adnams is brewed. Go visit the pier. A beutiful place that seems to be frozen in time during the 50's/60's in its appearance.


Hi I really liked the dagger that secretly conceals itself as a car key. Can I buy one?

anne-laure jacopin

I would like to continue to discover UK with my friends. It will be good to continue to visit and have fun at the same time !!

Diana Pereira

I would love to grab the car and drive through England's green and beautiful landscape visiting all the historical sites on the way. Definitely try and drive to the lake district and stay at a small B&B with all the charm in the world using the car to be able to move around and actually see more than one place in a couple of days.


Love this. I would add Stamford in Lincolnshire as a GREAT place to visit at a weekend. Take a car out of London, head straight up the A1 and in two hours go back two hundred years. Stay at The George Hotel and next day drive to Rutland Water. Its an area that most tourists don't know and most Brits have yet to discover.