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Take your summer tipple alfresco with Schweppes 1783

Head to Hyde Park and make your G&T a stylish one

By Time Out in association with Schweppes

London gets full marks as one of the greenest world cities, a metropolis blooming with rich, verdant park spaces that really come into their own in the summer months. And Londoners sure know how to use them: by switching from drinking in the pub to an al-fresco tipple. Now there’s a way to give your sun-drenched park drinking some extra flair. Schweppes 1783 Floral Tonic Water is sure to make any outdoor drinks taste that extra bit summery. Try Bombay Sapphire or Sipsmith London Dry Gin with Schweppes 1783 Floral Tonic Water. Best enjoyed outdoors, with a juniper berry garnish.

Bloomin’ delicious

Leap into the London summer with this delicate and delicious companion to your spirit of choice. Schweppes 1783 Floral Tonic Water is a dazzlingly exotic drink, with delectable licks of vanilla, sandalwood and a whole fleet of floral aromas. Think of it as a bouquet of freshly cut flowers in liquid form. Schweppes has managed to pair its renowned bubbles with the unique aromas of an English garden – and now it’s time to take that taste back out into the great outdoors.

Schweppes campaign, Hyde Park, salty lemon tonic

How to enjoy it

With so many exotic scents being elevated by that signature Schweppes effervescence, it’s well worth pairing all-new and naturally flavoured 1783 Floral Tonic Water with a beautifully botanical and juniper-rich gin. We’d recommend Sipsmith London Dry or Bombay Sapphire as the perfect bedfellows for this flower-bed-like tonic. Fill a tall glass with ice cubes, pour a 35ml serving of your desired gin, add a squeeze and a wedge of lemon and a smattering of juniper berries. Finally, top with this symphony of summer bubbles for a multi-sensory drinking experience.

Hyde Park in London
Girish Nayyar/ Flickr

Where to drink it

Of all the parks and green spaces in London, few are as iconic or historic as Hyde Park. The sprawling central London spot is ideal for enjoying a picnic with pals. At a mile-and-a-half long and about a mile wide, it can always offer you your very own little patch of greenery. Pick from a bandstand, a grassy spot in the shade of a tree, a vantage point for gazing at London’s oldest boating lake or one of the park’s decadent deckchairs for a quintessentially British summer drinking experience. There’s only one drink that could make things more typically British – a gin and tonic, complete with Schweppes 1783, available from your local Waitrose.

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