Talking Tulips

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Unless you’ve always thought Disney’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was more real than they let on, it’s not normal to expect flowers to talk to you. But this enchanting pop-up isn’t normal either, so you can blabber on to the bulbs all you like this weekend. Four displays containing a total of 1,000 imitation tulips will be installed in Leicester Square Gardens, and the flowers will greet visitors in seven different languages, chatter away about the history of Leicester Square and even share some London tips. Hear about the museum of natural history which called Leicester Square its home from 1775-1786, discover how the square nearly got buried under an eighteenth-century opera house or see whether you can get your tongue around the Greek for ‘hello’. Sadly the tulips aren’t some of sort of genetically modified robot miracle – the babble is triggered by motion sensors – but that’s still some very inventive planting. The installation, which was commissioned by Heart of London Business Alliance in conjunction with Westminster City Council, is free to visit and open from dawn until dusk.

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