The Chocolate Show

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The Chocolate Show

We'll take any excuse to eat more chocolate, but this is truly a good one. The Chocolate Show returns for another year of demonstrations, activities and plenty of tastings. Highlights have to include The Chocolate Fashion Show where the outfits are literally good enough to eat, The Tasting Room for samples from bean to bar and The Chocolate Theatre where live demonstations from top patissiers guarantee to get all chocolate fans salivating.


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Although tasting chocolate all day is my kids idea of a great day, crowd control is about if an issue at some of the booths. The chocolate sculpture of the Queen was quite impressive!

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Popped into Olympia yesterday not really sure what to expect. Took my two daughters, 9&11 & they loved the luxury and freedom to gorge on chocolate & spend their pocket money on, I have to say, totally scrumptious coconut lime fudge.

It was interesting to see the wide range of chocolate related products - from super fancy to really kid friendly things. There were loads of demos & the 'art' was really impressive. There were sculptures of The Shard, Bojo & a delightful bulldog. The 'fashion' was interesting too - dresses that were constructed from chocolate! We didn't stay for the fashion show but it must have been a sight to see.

If i went again, I'd spend more time planning & researching as there were loads of activities & some really nice food that I would have tried out if I'd planned in the time.

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Chocolate heaven--there's no other way to say it. If you're interested in learning how to make gourmet chocolates, as I am, or just want to eat gourmet chocolates, this is a classy and amazing show for you. Make a circuit of all of the many stalls before you taste or buy anything so that you don't become saturated with chocolate at the first few booths. The high-street UK companies are here, but you can taste their chocolates any time. Choose the foreign boutiques for tasting, especially the Argentinian 'Compania de Chocolates' (with amazing dulche de leche chocolates, as well as chocolates laced with merlot wine) and the Spanish 'Blanxart,' with superior organic chocolate bars (and a very enthusiastic vendor). The French couple selling huge mounds of fresh nougat are really impressive too. Go around the world with chocolate and enjoy every taste.

Here's a photo of my stash--with a new bag for my cat (she doesn't get any chocolate because it's bad for her, but she can still look) and enough chocolate for me to experiment with making my own chocolates for Christmas.

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Okay, okay, you get to taste amazing chocolates from around the world – I mean getting to eat rosemary dark chocolate, absolutely non-crunchy milk chocolate and nougat white chocolate from the best chocolatiers is amazing and a true privilege. But after a while it just gets boring. First you have a chocolate/sugar overdose slowly appearing that prevents you from trying yet another piece and second there’s not much else to do. A few workshops and cooking shows aren’t enough to keep me entertained long. At £15 an adult ticket, I expected much more, sorry…


The Chocolate show is for a few days in Olympia London. It’s very good but I expected more. Sponsors should have organised some free merchandise like carrier bags. There are lots of nice yummy stuff visitors are buying and all they have from the sellers are little plastic bags. I also expected flowing chocolate fountains. On the positive side there are wonderful displays and so much chocolate to try, delicious liquors, brownies, cookies, etc. 

It wasn't all l expected it to be. Over hyped maybe, the luxury element, exclusivity and the slightly ludicrous tasting demos at the stalls. I'd already savoured most of my 70% chocolate with raspberries and a hint of Himalayan salt at the Divine Stand by the time he had rehearsed the audience through examining the bloom on it, texture in the hand etc etc. Life's too short for chocolate procrastination. My small square was simple, direct, ideal for a late night flirt with a bedtime drink. I went in search of more sophisticated wares and tasted someone's mandarin, basil and anis 65%. Oh yuck. Overpowered by the anis, it was positively/ negatively medicinal. I agree with a previous reviewer that the Spanish vendor Blaxiart was infectiously enthusiastic and having samples of the large almond bon bons in the middle of the display table helped me clean my palate in between tasting the hard core 95, 98 and 99% cacao bean varieties. I suffered later from ' intense' chocolate flashbacks. I tried pistachio, my favourite nut variety at an Italian stall but it was incased in sugary white fat. No finesse and l loathe nibs of any kind. I want to chew pieces, thank you very much. No hints of. I need clear l.D. in a nut variety. I liked the Nordic stand, tasting their peach infused gel bar. Our only purchase though apart from Brownies was the magnificent Paul a Young's stand where stout, wine, and different blends of chocolates in one bar proclaimed their taste worth with pride. They were as described and as seen in my photos. We parted happily with £27.40 and my stout egg is being saved for a special occasion. I was looking for chocolate beer, of which there was none. The wine was too sickly and champagne ok as a gimmick. Eat before going though as none of th chocolate savouries past muster. If you nibble on a near empty stomach you'll get lightheaded very fast !!!

Im trying to print my voucher for the show but there is no attachment with my tickets.... time out some help?

Explored an array of international stalls last year with my enthusiastic samplers (niece and nephew). Lots on offer - they were not going to leave until they had tried everything! I enjoyed the impressive sculptures and left with two RAW vegan testers for my cafe, one of which proved very popular and still is one year on!

I went to The Chocolate Show last year and can’t wait to go again! There are so many wonderful chocolate producers to choose from and fun activities – a great day out for any chocolate-lover.

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Boring and disappointing... paid £15 for the privilege of buying very expensive chocolate for the tasting, the meanest, smallest bits of chocolate... the talks were not very interesting and the demonstrations in the Chocolate Theatre another very obvious attempt to advertise posh restaurants... not impressed...