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Cahoots bar - for use in Schweppes campaign

The garden party in a glass at Cahoots, presented by Schweppes 1783

Here’s how to enjoy a top gin and tonic at London bar Cahoots

By Time Out in association with Schweppes

We Londoners are always showing off about the latest new trend or the most weird and wonderful thing to drink. So there’s a lot of excitement for this unique new mixer, set to transform tipples in the most refreshing way imaginable. Combine dandelion root-infused Courvoisier VSOP cognac, rhubarb, lemongrass, apple and ginger jam, topped with Schweppes 1783 Quenching Cucumber Tonic Water.

A quenching and refreshing tonic

We know what you’re like – always adding a sliver of cucumber to your drink to make it hella fancy. Well, now the smart bods at Schweppes have done the hard bit for you. They’ve captured cucumber’s unmistakable aroma (something top bartenders admit is a really tricky thing to do) and flavour in one of their brand-new range of tonics. Introducing: Quenching Cucumber Tonic Water. The quintessentially English flavour is made extra refreshing when it collides with those famous bubbles – the perfect vehicle for all the delicious aromas of your chosen spirit – and bursts on to your palate, creating a fresh and fruity drink.

Schweppes drink for Cahoots feature, Schweppes London campaign

How to enjoy it

The refreshingly green-tasting Quenching Cucumber Tonic Water naturally pairs to perfection with dry, floral gins and fruity vodkas. But it can do more. Much more. In this drink, the bar staff at Cahoots team it with cognac: dandelion-infused Courvoisier VSOP, to be more specific. The fruitcake-like flavours of the spirit sing when mixed with those crisp cucumbery bubbles, plus the summery tastes of lemongrass and rhubarb, and apple and ginger jam. It’s lip-smacking, tongue-twisting stuff.

Cahoots bar - for use in Schweppes campaign

Where to drink it

Where better to try this most English of flavours from Schweppes – a bubble-crafter with a rich history–than at Cahoots? The vintage-style bar is as ‘tally ho!’ as can be, bedecked in Union Jacks and serving a spiffingly boozy afternoon tea. It just so happens to look like an Underground train from the 1940s, so gather a group in one of the carriages in this truly quirky setting and try this delightfully fizzing, thirst-quenching garden party of a cocktail, where cognac meets cucumber. Jolly good show!

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