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Sangria and drag

These are the most popular experiences on Airbnb right now

Miss seeing the world? Airbnb is bringing the world to you with a whole host of fabulous, informative and downright ridiculous interactive activities

Written by
George Blew

As London, and the rest of the world, continues to yo-yo back and forth with what we can and can’t do, there’s one thing that’s been a constant lifesaver since the world got flipped upside down: the internet. It may seem like a ridiculous thing to say – obviously the internet has been a lifesaver for quite some time – but if we couldn’t connect with people virtually, this whole ordeal would have been much, much suckier. 

Even with things opening back up and slowly (so painfully slowly) returning to normal, it’s great that people are still enjoying experiences together online. And it’s easy to see why Airbnb’s experiences have exploded in popularity. Tbf, it has everything you could want. Sangria with drag queens? Check. Become a circus juggler in five minutes? Of course. Booty Shake with a Colombian choreographer? You bet your, er… booty. 

The experiences are beamed into your living room from all over the world – and there are literally hundreds to choose from. Want to know what other people are into? These are ten of the most popular Airbnbs experiences in the world right now.

This is currently the most popular Airbnb experience in the world. Tbf, it’s easy to see why: who wouldn’t want to spend an evening drinking booze with some cocktail-loving queens. Not only will they show you how to make authentic Portuguese sangria from scratch, but you’ll also get to experience a performance live from Lisbon (where we have a fabulous market, fyi). Saúde!

Coming at you live from Austin, Texas, this one looks like a blast for those with a slight competitive streak (just no table flipping, please), as you can go up against a global leaderboard or randoms from other cities. The interactive game involves creative, whacky missions that are open to interpretation, leaving plenty of opportunity for uproarious laughter along the way.


Imagine ‘Breaking Bad’ but with coffee beans instead of crystal meth and you might have something close to this Airbnb experience (but with less murder and ridiculous hats). You see, it’s run by two chemical engineers from Mexico City who have a serious love for coffee. They’ll go into what makes the perfect cup of joe, using the neuroscience of flavour to explain why we like what we like. And they’ll show you how to make a mean cup of coffee, of course.

Hosted by none other than Socrates himself, and live-streamed directly from Athens, this is far from your traditional fact-finding challenge. Your host will blur the line between truth and falsehoods, serving up historical facts and some outrageous lies and leaving you to try and separate the two. Guaranteed to induce some belly laughs, viewer discretion is advised as some of the stories get a little saucy. There are family and corporate versions available, too.


Another experience that comes to you live from Mexico City, this one is a must for any lover of Mexican food. You’ll learn how to create a true Mexican taco from scratch, including how to make traditional red salsa, taco fillings and flour tortillas, all from a professional chef. Plus, you’ll get a bunch of practical recipes that you can easily knock up in your own kitchen. Yum.

One way to make yourself feel about our pandemic is to look back at plagues from the past – those guys had it rough. Fire up the DeLorean (laptops work fine, too) and head back to the 17th and 18th centuries for an up-close look at plague-ridden Prague. Using a video that was cleverly recorded when the streets were empty, your plague doctor will narrate everything you see live, immersing you in the forgotten (and somewhat foul) history of the pneumonic and bubonic plagues.


As you may have guessed from the title, this artistic experience comes from the Big Apple itself. Unlike traditional technical drawing classes, your host Ben has created an adventure into creativity. You’ll look at how the creative process works, how to access the creative mind and fire up your imagination. All whilst creating some art of your own. Looks like it’s worth the Monet to us.

Ever wondered what it would be like to give it all up and live a peaceful life in the beautiful countryside? Well, now you can find out, just with less mud and animal droppings. Live from Palmerston North, New Zealand, your host Arthur will show you around his farm, visiting dairy cows, ewes and chickens along the way, giving you a glimpse into his sustainable lifestyle. Plus, you’ll get to ask questions while he feeds the animals. 


There’s something inherently cool and sexy about tango: two people spinning around in a captivating embrace, limbs flying around as if independent from the body as that sweet. sweet music plays. In this experience, Latin Grammy nominee María Volonté and Kevin Carrel Footer will put on an epic concert. You'll also discover the history of tango and, if you fancy it, try some moves.

Looking to boost your zen levels at home? Host Kuniatsu is here to help. Having been a Buddist monk for nearly 20 years, you’ll get to find out how and why he got into it, as well as trying various forms of meditation. Live from Japan, your host will answer any questions you have on meditation and discuss reflections on the practice.

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