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Photograph: Jon Payne

Time Out tries... Cannabliss, the fitness class with a CBD buzz

Can a CBD patch really help with a work out? We tried Gymbox’s new exercise class to find out

By Charlie Allenby

Time Out tries sees London writers test out new, unexpected and sometimes just plain weird experiences in the city

The last time I smoked weed I set my eyebrows on fire. Don’t ask me how, but it’s fair to say that the guests in that Amsterdam café got quite a show. What better way to get over that faux pas than trying Cannabliss, a fitness class with a twist. Doing burpees while baked sounded fun, and my eyebrows would (hopefully) remain out of harm’s way.

On arrival at the class, instead of a bong, I’m told to grab a yoga mat, lumbar cushion, foam roller and a solid ball the size of an orange. The class instructor explains that we’ll be wearing a patch containing CBD (an oil extracted from cannabis that reportedly has anti-inflammatory benefits, but won’t get you high) and using the other bits of equipment to help stretch out our sore parts.

The focus is on function rather than relaxation. We are repeatedly told that the class will hurt, but that eventually there will be a natural high.

When I slap on the patch, I instantly feel a cooling, tingly sensation running across my torso, but whether it makes any difference to what follows is hard to say. Starting with the legs and working our way up to our shoulders, the instructor contorts us into all sorts of shapes, and that little ball is lodged where it hurts most (no, not there, don’t worry).

Although it sounds like torture, and there were pained expressions throughout, at the end of the 45 minutes my aching and tired muscles felt re-energised. I arrived seeking cannabis. I left having found a little bit of bliss (and my eyebrows escaped unscathed).

Various Gymbox locations in London. Dates and times vary. £20 for a day pass. Book your session on the Gymbox website

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