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A walking tour for ‘Harry Potter’ fans, exploring London film locations and inspirations for the books, with props, trivia and fun behind-the-scenes stories. The tour starts at the corner of Duke Street Hill and Borough High Street and ends near Leicester Square – you need a travel card as a short tube journey is involved. And group sizes are kept small so booking is essential. 

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Users say (239)

5 out of 5 stars

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We had Nick Ollivander as our guide and he was wonderful! This tour was everything I had hoped for and more! I loved learning new things about the series and wizarding world, as well and winning the house cup with the knowledge I already hard. 💪🏽 I highly recommend this tour—it’s a great way to see the city and infuse some magic into your time in London.

 With Luke Lestrange as a tour guide I can speak with complete certainty that you will have an unforgettable afternoon. Touring classic sights seen in the movies, the tour is filled with magical inside information about what it was like to film the fan favourite movies, along with information as to how JK Rowling created such a magical world. A true highlight of any trip, definitely make this tour a priority.

Such a great way to see London and Harry Potter filming locations all in one tour! The guide was super friendly, engaging and knowledgeable and he made sure every person in our group was included in the fun. (Plus he was a Gryffindor ;) the best house.) 10/10 would recommend and would definitely do it again next time I'm showing anyone around London.

Our tour guide Steph "Black" was excellent!!! She was very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, entertaining and interactive. She had both the adults and children in our group completely engaged and so into our Harry Potter world that we even forgot the other "muggles" around us! Definitely recommend this tour!

I wasn’t to sure what to expect on the tour, but Steph “Black” didn’t disappoint. It was interesting, funny and over all fantastic. I’ll admit I have watched HP more than once, but I certainly wouldn’t say I am expert on all of HP. So saying that I loved the day, I could have listened to Steph all day. My girls loved the day. Thank you Steph.

Arrived at the tube station meeting point, hundreds of people in rush hour walking around, I wondered how to find the tour guide...I looked left and right, turned around and ... suddenly Hagrid was standing there!! Hagrid! True to his form :) The tour was fantastic, so many sights, facts and anecdotes about HP. Will Hagrid was so passionate and lively, we felt so well taken care of an expert showing us all the Harry Potter mysteries and locations in London. It is not only a "tour" but extremely entertaining with house quizzes and house points to be given for the correct answers! A must for any Harry Potter fan! Thanks, Will Hagrid and Tour for Muggles!

We had the best time walking around lovely places in Ldn, with the most nice Slytherin that exists  -although I suspect him to be a Gryffindor deep in his heart-  Luke Lestrange!  Time went by too fast, and my daughter and I we wanted to start all over again!

Luke is a "walking One Man Show" and we enjoyed every minute of this tour

Really excellent tour - Nick was a wonderful guide, and the tour was so fun and informative! It was great to learn more about JK Rowling's inspiration, details about the filming, with a few random historical non-HP facts thrown in as well! Highly recommend!

I had a lovely visit today with the funny Nick Longbottom : the tour is really complete and full of anecdocts about the movie, books and author. We go through many places around central London from the ones who inspired JK Rowling in writing to the ones where the movies where really filmed ! The guide carried a binder with him of where these parts in the movie took place so you were able to visual exactly what it looked like when it was happening ! All along the visit we are invited to answer different questions about the Harry Potter Universe in order to win points for our House ;) Nick was really funny, sweet (even for a Ravenclaw) and eager to share with his Harry Potter passion ! So thank you for this wonderful visit : Hufflepuf won today and I add to admit the defeat as I was the only Slytherin of the group but I'll come back for my revenge !

I highly recommend this tour as it is really shop and we really can see London from the Harry Potter point of view ! It is not excluded that I will come back later in the month with this time my wand and my green scarf :) 

I had such a great time. Thought it was freezing, even the rain and the snow were part of the magical environment around some of the best Harry Potter locations. The best part of all: our tour guide! Will Hagrid, who looks like the son of the original Hagrid itself, kept it fun all the time. Thank you so much for this awesome experience!

As a Potterhead, I have high expectations when it comes to HP-related things. The Tour for Muggles exceeded those expectations by a mile!

It's a wonderfully curated tour that highlights locations from the films, as well as others that inspired JK Rowling's imagination. I thought the locations were really well selected and particularly enjoyed visiting areas that formed the inspiration for some of the magical locations in the books.

The highlight by far was Nick Longbottom, our tour guide. He is a super friendly, hilarious and enthusiastic Ravenclaw who made the tour really enjoyable!

Definitely recommend this tour to all muggles out there.

I've done the Harry Potter studio tour and visited Platform 9 3/4. This was my first Harry Potter walking tour though. It was a real treat, with lots of behind-the-scenes information on London locations related to HP, as well as little known facts. You can tell that our guides, Luke Lestrange and Steph Black (both Slytherins), love what they do - Steph even told us about the HP convention they went to recently! The tour lasted about two and a half hours, and can really be considered a performance, not just a tour. Highly recommended!

I took the Tour for Muggles yesterday with Hufflepuff Alex Scamander as my tour guide.  Alex was so incredibly awesome that I almost wanted to switch houses...almost.  This tour far exceeded my expectations and the 2 and 1/2 hours flew by (I could have done more!!). As a recent UK transplant and Potter fan, it was a fantastic way to get to know the city.  And this tour would appeal to anyone, not just Potter fans--In addition to exploring Potter sites, Alex took us on a historical London adventure, including other famous movie and television film sites and locations (I don't want to be a spoiler, so I won't get too specific).  I am already planning my next tour with my husband....and maybe a third when our son visits from the States.

Tour was really cool! Places are interesting, a lot of new information, cool quizes and probably the most important - our guide Joseph Lockhart, he made our day, good mood accompanied us the whole day after! Thank you for such experience

Loved the tour. My kids and wife are Harry Potter geeks. I was initially planning just to drop them off at the pick up point and get a pint somewhere but just the few minutes chatting with Will (our guide) while waiting for the tour to start was enough to get me to sign up as well. All of us thoroughly enjoyed the tour and will was superb. Will definitely recommend it to all. 

Absolutely loved this! Steph was a brilliant guide- a real Harry Potter geek but in a good way! You don't have to be a geek to enjoy this though. We found her very informative, entertaining and engaging. We saw parts of London we'd never have otherwise discovered. Suitable for all ages and a great way to spend half a day. Thanks Steph!

I only had 2 days in London and as a massive Harry Potte fan, I thought this would be the perfect way to spend 1.5 hours. Steph was phenomenal. She was extremely engaging and knowledgeable and loads of fun. I learned some awesome Harry Potter facts eas well as some London history and much more. Steph also had great suggestions at the end of the tour. I followed her advice and went to check out the House of Minalima- if you are a Harry Potter fan, YOU MUST GO HERE! Steph was awesome. I Highly highly recommend this tour!

This was such a great tour! If you are a Potter fan, it is definitely worth doing. Steph Black was an amazing guide, as we explored London and learned facts we did not know about the series. I highly recommend this tour!

Highly recommended! It's worth every penny because the tour included not just shooting locations but also places that inspired the books/JK. Hannah Weasley is really an HP expert. Her energy was the same until the end of the tour which is amazing.

John Lupin, the very excellent Tour for Muggles, made my stay in London a little more magical. I'm a potterhead, started reading the books at a young age, obsessed about the movies, and spend more than I should on merch. This walking tour was amazing, engaging, and informative! 394 points!

We had Ellie as our guide and it was's a lovely mix of harry potter facts and behind the scenes stories from both books and movies. Sprinkled in are several sightseeing places and some fun facts of London as well as other movies. Ellie did a great job and gave us a jovial and magical experience of London

My friend was visiting from Australia who loves Harry Potter, so I googled tours around london and found this! Amazing price and very attentive emails about everything we needed to know. The tour itself was brilliant, our tour guide Ellie Lovegood was full of enthusiasm and made the whole experience so enjoyable and fun! The tour was fact filled not just with Harry Potter facts so anyone would love it really! Honestly I think everyone should do this, can't praise it enough!

This tour was AMAZING! The great Ellie Lovegood (distant cousin of Luna, of course!) was a wonderful guide. She made sure that everyone in the tour was comfortable and taken care of. She also took the time to learn about each person on the tour, which made the experience extra special. The pace was great and none of the walks between stops were overly long. It was wonderful seeing some of the sites that aren’t on ‘every other HP tour’ out there. I would even recommend this tour to those not ‘into’ the HP universe (like parents or significant others with a HP freak in the family) as there is plenty to see and hear about that is also interesting not in relation to the series. In summary, it was an engaging experience with just the perfect amount of history, folklore, magic, and, of course, Harry Potter!

Amazing tour! Great price with it! Our tour guide was Steph Black and she did amazing! Got to see so many great things and publicly display my Harry Potter fandom! HIGHLY recommend!

The tour was magical!! pottering around with scott/daniel radcliffe was great craic, recommend it to anyone who appreciates the wonder that HP is x

As a true Harry Potter nerd, I really enjoyed the tour, and with the sheer enthusiasm Greta had as a guide, we managed to not mind the cold as we traipsed through London looking at all of the Harry Potter-y sites! What made the tour even more fun for me was to be able to discuss some of the more obscure fan theories with Greta as we walked! I've lived in London for about 3 months now, and walked by some of the places we visited today so many times before, but, only after this tour did I realise the significance these places had with respects to a book/movie series that is very close to my heart. Cheers, Muggle Tours! I'm sure I'll tell all my HP obsessed friends about you guys!

We really enjoyed our office party outing with Greta, to explore the world of Harry Potter in the London Bridge area. Greta was an excellent guide, full of interesting anecdotes and with a lovely animated manner, making sure everyone felt involved and at ease. She gave fascinating insight into the filming and development of Harry Potter on screen, and fired all our imaginations as we looked with new eyes at familiar places. Thanks Muggle Tours, I am sure we will all be recommending you.

The tour was great fun! It was a perfect mixture between seeing real-filming locations, hearing facts about various actors and the integration of all participants. Steph was a well prepared and enthusiastic guide! You do not even have to be a hard-core Harry-Potter fan you will also enjoy the fact that you get to know very exciting places/streets you have never seen before. I will definitely recommend the tour to my friends!!!!

This tour was fantastic!  Our tour guide (Scott) was knowledgeable and very entertaining!  The magic of Harry Potter was found everywhere, and it was fun to receive additional background information about the movie we wouldn't have found out about otherwise.  Seeing London through this tour was a huge plus!  Thank you so much for the magical adventure!

We just got back from a quick but wonderful time in London, and one of our highlights was absolutely the walking tour. Great insights, great places to go, wonderful fun facts to hear about Harry Potter and JK Rowlings. Our tour guide Scott, was energetic, enthusiastic and kept us moving and quite interested! We loved it and highly recommend it for anyone!

The tour was great, especially for Harry Potter fans, but also for normal" muggles. Caitlin knew lots of interesting details about the films, about the books and about J.K. Rowling. We got to magical places in London that you wouldn't normally go to. We can definitely recommend the tour.

The Muggle Tour was an excellent excursion, very enlightening and good value. Both adults and kids enjoyed the tour, discovering new parts of London and learning interesting and amusing facts on the making of the Harry Potter films and other British made movies, Caitlin was an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very entertaining guide. We would definitely recommend to others.

It was rainy and windy; however, there er a lot of interesting places and facts presented by the guide which made this tour very enjoyable. The tour guide was very knowledgeable.

Me, my brother and my sister had a really nice time today on the muggle tour. Hana took very cool relaxed approach, which for me, made it all the more enjoyable! We learnt a lot about harry potter but also about the history of London. Would recommend to anybody!

This is a must for Harry Potter fans and Hana is friendly, knowledgeable and provides a well thought out tour. It is also a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours walking around some of the most famous places in London with non Harry Potter facts too, so there is something for everyone. Definitely recommended and you pay as much as you like at the end which is brilliant. Go if you can!

The tour was really well organised and takes you round some of the most memorable locations of not only the films but also the city itself, so the tour has something for everyone. Hanna was really into the tour and the small sizes of the groups means that she has time to talk to everyone and answer any questions that you might have. Hanna was friendly,informative and energetic, a pleasure to walk around the city with! One of the best walking tours that I’ve done in London without a doubt!

Forced to traverse our city , to avoid the death eaters, Hana creates a considered tour for Londoners and visitors. A delightful tour by a guide experienced beyond her years. Disabled partakers or those who forgot their oyster/ travel cards all treated with respect and as a result, loads of bonding and laughs...highlights for me ( I will divulge) were visiting the home of the Order of the Phoenix and ending up in time for lunch near china town....easy and pleasurable all round family day!

Fantastic tour! Hana was really great at making everyone feel welcome and part of the group. She really knows her stuff! I was in awe of her recalling so much information! We were told many interesting facts about Harry Potter locations, but also other historical and cinematic information. I will definitely be passing on some of my new knowledge to friends as we wander around town! I would absolutely recommend Muggle Tours to others! A wonderful experience that my sister and I really enjoyed.

Absolutely wonderful tour! The guide was a really lovely girl who knew her stuff! She gave us a unique insight to the Harry Potter world as well as other interesting facts about London. Definitely not your generic boring guide. Time very well spent and will definitely have to come along again! Thank you so much!

Fantastic tour! Our guide was hugely enthusiastic about all Harry Potter issues and great with our mixed group, aged 11, 12, 14, 15, 17 and 44. We all thoroughly enjoyed it - it's a great way to show teenagers some key historical sites in Central London (Whitehall, Clink, Winchester Palace etc.) without boring them.

Really great tour - I reckon our guide could have answered any HP question thrown at her - along with a wealth of other interesting facts (can you link the Golden Hinde to Harry Potter?). As well as visiting HP film locations, the tour takes you past some fantastic London sights - the view of St. Paul's from Southwark, the Clink, Borough market, Leicester Square etc. Time very well spent!

We had a great time, our guide was real fan and really new her HP stuff according to the family, as an HP virgin I've been inspired to read the books! or watch the DVD's. Back to the tour great locations, interesting info and a magic treat for the kids

interesting, entertaining and informative. A lovely tour that goes around some great places in London and is perfect for Harry Potter fans!

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