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User reviews: How to get started

Your step-by-step guide to creating a new account and writing user reviews


Creating your account

Step 1:
Go the top right hand side of the website and click “sign in”

Step 2:
Click "create an account" and tap in your info (or log in if you’ve used the Time Out website before).

Step 3:
Get writing those reviews!

How to write user reviews on Time Out

Step 1:
Log in to your account (as above).

Step 2:
Hit the red search button on the top right hand side

Step 3:
Search for your exact term - eg - “Pizza Pilgrims”

Step 4:
Click into the listing and look for the 'user reviews' tab.

Step 5:
In the user review tab, click 'write a review'. Add a star rating, and get writing. That’s all there is to it!

What to write about

Below are some basic guidelines, but mainly we just want to hear your voice come through talking about places you love in your city!

Write about things you love

Be enthusiastic and passionate: we want to inspire our readers to go out and explore their city and we want you to champion the best things in town. Say why something is good, and why it’s worth spending time and money on. If Time Out has already reviewed it, there’s no need to agree with our critic, but if you do disagree, make sure you say why. Don’t be sarcastic for the sake of it. Above all, enjoy writing it.

Pick out some details to back up your opinions

Was the bartender super-helpful? Was the salmon a bit dry? Did Hamlet accidentally do a massive fart during his first soliloquy? We love local knowledge and killer details. Make sure you include some specific stuff – it backs up your authority as a reviewer and makes your review much more engaging to read.

Write about YOUR city

It's not just restaurants, bars and nightclubs that you'll find on Time Out. You can write reviews of what you've just seen at the cinema or the theatre, or the latest museum or gallery you’ve been to. Don't forget about shops, fitness, film, parks and activities too. If it's on the site, you can review it! Not been out much this month? Search our film listings and give us your opinions on ‘The Goonies’, ‘Titanic’ or ‘Mad Max’.

Don’t go on a rampage

An expletive-ridden tirade won’t lend you the air of someone whose opinion is worth listening to. If you've got beef with the manager of your local pub because they wouldn’t let you hold an impromptu karaoke night, email them directly: don’t make it the basis for a review.

Keep it short – but not too short

Nobody wants to read a history of the negroni, but then again, ‘This place is kinda okay’ definitely sits the wrong side of useful. Aim for 50-100 words, and maybe stop writing when smoke starts coming out of your keyboard.

Add a picture

Your Facebook friends probably don’t care about what you had for brunch, but hungry Time Out readers do! Attaching an image to your review may mean it takes a little longer to appear (in the interest of maintaining a genital-free website, we moderate all images) but it’ll make it more likely to be picked out as a featured comment for the magazine, thereby justifying the fact that your eggs benedict was cold by the time you stopped snapping it and actually ate it.


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