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Samsung KX

What to expect at Samsung KX, London’s new creative hub

Ready to have your mind blown? Samsung’s new experience space is filled with interactive and cutting-edge tech, and is hosting a series of creative workshops and events guaranteed to expand your limits

Written by Time Out. Paid for by Samsung KX

When it comes to explaining exactly what Samsung KX is, it might be easier to tell you what it isn’t. It’s not a shop. Sure, it’s a place where you can take a look at Samsung’s latest tech, but it’s also a games arcade, a music venue, a lecture hall, a café, a community centre, a gallery… you get the idea. It’s a spot where you can get creative, relax and recharge or satisfy your curiosity. 

And how does Time Out fit into this, exactly? Well, we’ve teamed up with Samsung to bring the best of the city to KX, squeezed into a 16-week programme. Check out the full list of events here; there’s everything from disco yoga to drag bingo, plus film screenings, performances and more. 

There’s nothing quite like visiting the space yourself, but here’s a bit more on what to expect at #SamsungKX to whet your appetite…

A cutting-edge tech destination

A cutting-edge tech destination

See this graffiti wall? Here's the crazy thing about it: all the artwork on it was digitally sprayed on by a Galaxy S10 spray can. Galaxy Graffiti is just one of the super-cool experiencies you can have at Samsung KX. Augmented reality comes into its own with the AR Message Tree, where you can watch your messages turn into opaque bubbles which fly across the space. Over at the Collage Me station, you can turn a selfie into a personalised collage; and to really make your mark, head to 3DM+e+ and use a Galaxy S10 to create a mini 3D wooden egg figure of yourself. Feeling musical? Use DJ Galaxy to mix your own beats (and get your track emailed to you). You could stay here for hours... no one's gonna stop you.

Tasty treats

Hungry? There are all sorts of snacks on offer here, thanks to the folks at Origin Coffee who have set up shop in a cosy corner of the Samsung KX space. Naturally, world-class coffee is on the menu here, too.

A glimpse into the future

A glimpse into the future

The Digital Cockpit represents the merging of the car and home, and it's pretty damn impressive. This really feels like the future of the automotive: there's a memory system that alerts the driver when they're drowsy or distracted, light shows which pulse to the beat of Spotify, and the ability to control things with your voice, turn on the lights to your house and answer the door of your home. Elsewhere in the space, you can chill out in the living room and experience a world in which everything you own is seamlessly connected. 

Mind-expanding events

This is where we come in. For the next few months, Time Out will be hosting a series of curated events designed to spark your curiosity, connect you with like-minded folk and teach you new things. You can see the full program here: highlights include killer dance classes, gin tasting sessions and very intriguing wellness classes. 

Want more Samsung KX events?

  • Things to do

There's a huge new creative hub at King's Cross, filled with mind-blowing interactive technology, futuristic displays and an awesome programme of Time Out-curated events. Here's the lowdown on the best things to do at Samsung KX, plus all the events you can book now.

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