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What's London's favourite tube station?

We need you to help us rank the city's zone 1, 2 and 3 Underground stations from best to worst


Where would Londoners be be without their tube stations? Milling around the streets aimlessly, holding a knackered umbrella and tutting, most probably.

But as well as their everyday, practical purposes, a great deal of London Underground stations exude an extra charm. Whether it’s the witty tiling along the length of the Victoria line, the imposing, ‘Star Wars’-esque majesty of Canary Wharf, or the platform announcer at Leicester Square who makes jokes that go over the tourists’ heads, this is the stuff that makes us ever so slightly less furious every time a signal failure leaves us late for work.

So whether you’re mad about Mile End or giddy about Goldhawk Road, use the thingy below to give your favourite stations the props they deserve, and put your reasons in the comments box. We’ll announce the winners and losers in two weeks’ time (January 26). Ranker - Lists About Everything

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