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Cuddle Therapy

What’s the deal with... cuddle therapy?

Can an hour-long hug really be the answer to lowering our stress levels? Rebekka Mikkola, co-founder of London’s Nordic Cuddle, is coming to Samsung KX to explain all

Written by Time Out. Paid for by Samsung KX

Sorry, did you say ‘cuddle therapy’?

Yes – and no giggling, please. Since Rebekka Mikkola co-founded Nordic Cuddle, a few eyebrows have been raised about this snuggly form of therapy. But the practice has been shown to help with stress, anxiety and depression, along with lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system.

How does a Nordic cuddle differ from, like, a British cuddle?

When we first heard of Nordic cuddles we imagined being hugged by a massive woolly jumper while a reindeer ambled by. But the ‘Nordic’ bit is actually a reference to Rebekka’s Finnish heritage, a culture traditionally seen as a bit on the reserved side. So perhaps it’s fitting that she’s now also helping us buttoned-up Brits to embrace the embrace.

Will we get a cuddle?

Sadly not, you’ll have to book in with a Nordic Cuddle therapist to actually try cuddle therapy. This is a two-part talk introducing you to the fascinating science behind the practice, plus some brain food about our relationship with touch. 

Are we just learning about cuddles?

No. Rebekka will be joined by Yoann Demont from Pop & Rest, London’s first meditation and nap pods. Yoann is following the cuddle therapy talk with an introduction to the scientifically-proven benefits of sleep. You’ll leave as an expert on power naps.

Okay, I’m in. When is it?

November 20 at 1pm. AKA quite possibly the most restorative and soothing lunch break you’ve ever had.  

What else is happening at Samsung KX this month?

Umm, pretty much everything! There’s a silent disco, a festive wreath-making class, drag aerobics, meditation… in fact, you can just check out the full list here.

To book your place for Sleep & Touch Wellness Talks with Nordic Cuddle and Pop & Rest at Samsung KX, click here.

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