What's your favourite thing in... Bethnal Green?

Time Out readers share the places that make their area great

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Our weekly series of area guides continues! Next up, it's Bethnal Green's turn in the sun. We'd love to hear your recommendations, so let us know your favourite things in the area (and what makes them so good!) in the comments below. You could even win a luxury hotel stay!


Dillon M

Without doubt Al Amin restaurant is truly the best tasting Indian restaurant food I have ever eaten! Personally I like a mild curry and the korma and butter chicken are in a league of their own.  Nothing like other restaurant food I have tasted.  The staff are so warm, friendly and up for some friendly discussion and banter if you like and you are definitely made to feel welcomed.  A hidden treasure in the East End.

Gary N

For me it has to be the Resistance Gallery tucked away in the back street just of the Cambridge heath road known as Poyser, railway arch 265 is always bursting with some form of talent or other, the clientele is across the board but as always decent people frequent the Res Gal even Jonathan Ross pays the odd visit…………..

Amy K

Resistance Gallery and The Bethnal Green Working Men's Club! Both are fantastic hide aways of alt culture, performance and creativity. 

Resistance Gallery has fantastic mexican wrestling classes during the week. Wrestling shows each month and a variety of queer fun, creative events each week! Oh and a CHEAP BAR!!! 

The Working Men's Club has amazing nights full of fabulous performances and insane ideas- The Double R Club, Its Your Funeral, Sink The Pink and so many other crazy fab nights!

Sophie H

LimeWharf - tucked down Vyner Street, in my opinion it's definitely one of the best places to eat... worth catching for a sunny lunch. 

Bill H

Resistance Gallery

Ben L

The Larder on Globe Road is a great place for vegan/vegetarian brunch at the weekend. It also sells organic drinks, great coffee, and excellent croissants in the morning. If you're hungover, however, just across the road is the Worker's Café - a great place for a cheap, greasy, satisfying fry up. I know what I'd choose...

For a drink, head to The Camel, just a bit further up on Globe Road. You can play games like scrabble and monopoly whilst downing a nice traditional ale. If you're hungry they've got a selection of niche homemade pies. 

Nightlife - The Working Men's Club on Pollard Row (off Bethnal Green Road). Cheap entrance, reasonably prices bar, and some really crazily weird music - ranging from 50s nights to queer Italian disco... strange but awesome.

Michael D

I forgot to mention Italina in Cambridge Heath Road in my last comment. Ace little Italian

Michal S


E Pellicci



Approach Tavern

Carpenters Arms

Shaf H

Al-Amin Restaurant all the way!! Great quality food, so good I have to travel all the way there from Dagenham.  Few drinks at the friendly 'Hare' pub first then end the night with the one and only Al-Amin Vindaloo, Both places right next to each other.

Rob S

Definently Al-Amin on Cambridge Heath Road, great restaurant run by a top guy called Mo. Great food.

robin a

The perfect night out? The Hare followed by the Al Amin and Mo! And not forgetting the Perfect Kebab shop!

Rhea J

Al-Amin - friendly staff, great atmosphere and damn good curry.

Star of Bethnal Green - friendly staff and good pizza

Ann Marie G

Herwundeki - great coffee, great surroundings (love the old piano!) and nice space to sit outside 

Al Amin - fab curry place, lots of locals and regulars 

Bistrotheque - the brunch on a Sunday is superb, complete with live piano playing. Booking ahead is a must though because it gets very busy! 

Eddie B

Al Amin is a Bethnal Green institution. I worry about writing about it here because I couldn't bear if it changed, but it's worth sharing.

Just up Cambridge Heath Road - The Hare, one of the best locals in London

Aidan D

The Hare - proper boozer.

The Al Amin - proper curry house.

What more do you need? 

Ella F

As a Bethnal Green resident I am so lucky to have the Al-Amin at the top of my road, it is hands down one of the best Indian restaurants in London and the friendliness of the staff in particular Mo can't be beaten, they make you feel so at home. When I went to uni it was one of the parts of London I missed the most and my family household have been going there for 20years. Don't miss it.


James G

The Al Amin and Mo are the best. Esp the green herby curry and the cold beer. you will never leave

Michael M

I've had some amazing nights in the Al-Amin restaurant! I have friends who live locally, & know Mo really well, so it's always a favourite choice, whether you just want quality food, an after-party with visiting French lasses, or a generally relaxed vibe. And you really never know whom you might bump into; I once met pop producer, Clive Langer (Madness/Dexy's Midnight Runners/The Teardrop Explodes/Elvis Costello & The Attractions) picking up his regular take-out. He was very affable, and Mo was listening intently as Clive and I were swapping music biz memoirs over poppadoms. Similar rumours of Bill Nighy and such-like persist, mostly spread by Mo, but I have sufficient faith now to believe..

Oliver S

Al Amin is a great restaurant with special atmosphere, I SUPPOSE Mo is alright too


The town hall has a beautiful restaurant tucked away in the back but for all round greatness its got to be AL AMIN. Theres no other place like it. Always have a great time when i go. Mo is brilliant at mucking around with the guests and even introducing people from different tables leading to a big chat across the whole restaurant. Food is well priced for the outstanding level of cuisine you receive. For a start of the night meal or party at the restaurant look no further than here.

Suzanna R

Al-Amin on Cambridge Heath Rd - first restaurant I dined at in London since moving here; now I've brought everyone who comes to visit here. Mo is the loveliest, warming and funniest guy. This restaurant is top-notch food and always warm and welcoming. I love this spot!

Michael D

Just putting it out there. . . The Al-Amin Restaurant on Cambridge Heath Road is a fantastic curry house. Not only is the food lush but the atmosphere and people make it what it is! Not forgetting the restaurateur himself, MO - Thank you for your service.

Karly S

The Al-Amin Restaurant on Cambridge Heath Road! Warm, welcoming atmosphere. Authentic, appetising food. Outstanding service, beautiful people. My favourite place in Bethnal Green.

Iriidaa G

My favourite place has to be Al-Amin! Amazing food and atmosphere- also the best vindaloo I've ever had, and I've eaten quite a few :P - It's very authentic and I had no complaints!!

Jahima N

Al amin is the best place in London purely for its ambiance. The food is authentic, delicious, unique and by far outperforms the generic curry you find in your average Indian restaurant.


Al amin definitely, atmosphere, food and owners cant get any better

Hugh L

I love stopping by the arch gallery. For a coffee in the day or a crisp pint in the eve there is always a welcoming energy that makes me feel like its my place

Joe G

As it seems many users know, Al Amin is quite simply a Bethnal Green institution. Not only do they serve up one of the East End's finest chicken madrases (amongst a great many other choice items on the menu), but in Mo - the ringmaster of the operation - they proudly possess one of the area's most charming and singular characters. You will find no warmer greeting in this corner of E2 and, as far as I'm concerned, you haven't truly been to Bethnal Green until you've sat and broken naan at Al Amin.

Aisha A

Aisha A

The Al Amin resturant in Cambridge Heath Rd

Kel'z H

Defiantly the best place to go for a curry is the Al Amin, no questions ask!! Great service, friendly, staff always have a smile and the food is amazing!! I also really love the childhood museum as it's a great place to go if you have kids and it's a rainy day.

Barry M

Al Amin.....

This is for me the best Indian Restuarant in London let alone East London....

I'll be coming her forever!!!

Barry M



The Florist, Globe Road

The Camel, Globe Road

The Approach, Approach Road

Eat in & take away:

The Florist, Globe Road

The Fish Plaice, Cambridge Heath Road

Meze BBQ & Steak Restaurant, Roman Road

Beigel Bake, Brick Lane


Simply Fresh, Roman Road

Nansons, Roman Road


Nude Espresso, Hanbury Street

Present, Shoreditch High Street

Pavillion, Victoria Park


Ace Cars

GnR cabs

Other stuff:

Victoria Park

Childhood Museum

Mareka C

The Larder on Globe Road - lovely little cafe and provisons shop. Great fresh bread and cakes...

Owen P

Like loads of others have already said, the Al-Amin is an unassuming gem - miles better than anywhere else I've been in East London for curry, with real variety and unusual dishes.

The Approach is a really relaxed pub, and The Hare is great for football and a pint.

Mareka C

@Shinjuku D  Viajante is unfortunately closed! Waiting to see what the replacement restaurant at The Town Hall will be. But the Corner Room remains open and is equally delish.

Colin T

ha ha the AlAmin seems to be getting a lot of good reviews! It's no surprise as it's right at the heart of Bethnal Green in every way. Everybody knows it and the food tastes like curry should taste - and not just like it all comes from the same jars of Pataks!

If we're stretching the definition of BG out to Broadway Market then we absolutely have to include Santa Maria

the Argentinain steak place. Amazing steaks and go there at lunch for a cheap(ish) deal!

If you're wandering down the Viccy Park then the breakfast at the Pavillion is really excellent but be warned that, if the weather is approaching reasonable, then the place will be packed!

Bottom line is that we're spoiled for choice here...

Kyria L

The best thing and the only worth place going to is Al-Amin restaurant. The food itself speaks for the area of Bethnal Green! Been going to this place for years and it is the only place I go to... The food is amazing and well worth :) I highly recommend ☆☆☆☆☆

danny l


The Approach,  has been a brilliant pub for 50+ years

The Florist, has been a good pub in its many guises

The Crown Hotel,  see above for Florist

The Hare, with Julian as a fantastic and knowledgeable host


The Al Amin (have been going there for 30+ years - always a warm welcome, food is plentiful and cheap, brilliant atmosphere, with Mr Noor as the local cultural historian and area curator, and young Mo providing brilliant front of house banter)

The noodle bar in BG road

Nico's cafe next to the station

The Fish Plaice fish and chip shop in Cambridge Heath Rd, under the railway bridge, splendid ownership over the years

Tom L

My favourite place in Bethnal Green has to be the Al Amin restaurant. Great place, greet food and instantly made to feel like a part of the family :) I recommend it to everyone.

Tom Leach


Al Amin restaurant! Great place with fantastic food and service...

Always a pleasure to go there.

Peter moore

Josh H

Al Amin ... GREAT PLACE!!!!

Serious food.. I've been going for years!!!!

Josh Hair E8

Thomas D

The Camel and The Approach are great for a few beers and loved by everyone. But you simply can't beat a organic tea or coffee from G&T on Cambridge Heath Road. However I'd reserve my highest praise for a "proper" curry at Al Amin again on Cambridge Heath Road. The food is always great. Fresh and wonderfully cooked and the whole atmosphere of the restaurant is welcoming. You get treated like a friend and the regulars clearly love the place. If you're not a regular - one question - why not? I

Hanal P

The Al-Amin Restaurant - good food, good atmosphere

Zoe E

Others have beaten me to it, but I'll happily jump on the bandwagon and say Al-Amin for a reliably delicious curry and a true neighborhood-y experience. The Camel for a pint and some Trivial Pursuit. The Approach for a pale ale and sitting outside. Victoria Park for everything all the time because it is gorgeous and easily one of my favourite places in all of London.

Lien R

My favourite place in Bethnal Green (probably in the whole of London if I'm honest) is Al Amin. Perfect for a night out with friends or even by yourself as I always meet new people in there. The food is of high standard, great wines and beers, friendly service, convenient location and surprisingly low prices.

Julia A

The Gallery Cafe on Old Ford Road, lovely atmosphere and cakes! Museum of Childhood to remind you of why being a kid was awesome, the new Arch Gallery on Cambridge Heath Road is a cool little cafe and event space.

Mullah H

My wife and I have been going to the AL AMIN Indian restaurant for almost 14 years now

The food is consistently exceeding my expectations of what good traditional Bengali cooking is

This is our fave place in Bethnal green!!!!!

Sonia A

My favourite place to go in Bethnal Green is the Al-Amin Restaurant, located on Cambridge Heath Road. The food is divine. 

This restaurant provides delicious quality food for a great price as well as excellent customer service.

The Museum of Childhood, also located on Cambridge Heath Road is another one of my favourite places in the area. They have a great display of toys and you will be sure to find one that you owned as a child.