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What's your favourite thing in Brentford?

Tell us what you love most in the area - and why!

Christopher Bulle

Next up in our weekly series of area guides: Brentford! We'd love to hear your recommendations, so let us know your favourite things in the area (and what makes them so good!) in the comments below.



Grab some great Chinese food at Real Dragon before watching a game at Griffin Park.

Stroll around the canals or Syon Park.

Coffee at Boki and a movie date at Watermans Centre.

Jordan S

Boki Coffee - amazing coffee, healthy juices and sandwiches in a very cool, minimalistic setting 

Hammond's Butchers and Delicatessen - lovely shop with really high quality meat, cheese and wine and very friendly and helpful staff. 

Bianca Marton Chocolate shop - beautiful little shop with gorgeous chocolates, including dairy free 

Syon Park - stunning stately home and grounds

Waterman's theatre - good value film and theatre

Brentford Market - every Sunday with a great selection of street food, artisan bread, cheese etc. 

Charlotte M

The Globe pub is great - the staff and atmosphere are incredibly welcoming throughout the week, but the atmosphere before and after Brentford home games is something else! I know a lot of people that haven't turned back after their first experience of the Globe for pre and post match beers (and burgers!). Great garden, staff and beer. Easily the best pub in Brentford.

La Rosetta's down near the old court is a worthwhile restaurant too. Family run for a long time, their pizzas are always delicious and I'd recommend the arrabiata pasta. Very friendly and accommodating place.

Agnes L

When I think of Brentford I think of The Globe a pub that caters for your every need whatever your age taste preference I no longer live in the area but I still make my weekly trip for Sunday roast the meat is perfect and the Yorkshire is to die for. They get a wide range of customers go through the doors and nothing is too much bother for the wonderful staff. The girls are all lovely and always have time to chat with me and the Barmen are all wonderful even though I'm no longer a local as I walk through the door I'm greeted with a smile and "your usual" which makes me feel at home. A definite must if you're ever in the area!

Keep up the good work.


The globe pub is my favourite spot in Brentford. So family friendly and accommodating, and their food is fantastic - especially their Sunday roasts! I won't go anywhere else whilst in the area!

Penny A

The globe brentford is fantastic! They serve lovely home cooked food and the staff are all very welcoming and friendly - a real local pub!!

Rhys W

Griffin Park - the home of Brentford FC since 1904 - is one of the best kept secrets in English football, it's noisy, authentic, traditional, close to the pitch, and produces a better atmosphere than many bigger and newer stadiums. Now a Championship Club, the ground is hosting some of the best quality and most entertaining football ever played there and attendances are close to capacity most weeks as a result. Brentford FC supporters are a friendly, passionate, loyal bunch who love their team and I'm proud to be one of them and to count a good number of them among my friends. Get to a game if you can and come join us on the terraces. 

To echo the beesotted post below - there are a number of standout pubs in Brentford: 

The Griffin - a proper pub that now boasts a restaurant. It offers great food at very reasonable prices. Busy throughout the week, the pub is at the heart of the local community and is a very popular on match days with home and away fans.

The Magpie and Crown - Fantastic real ale free house. Always different, always good. You are always likely to leave this pub very jolly. A very good local full of community spirit. 

The Express Tavern - Near Kew Bridge Station. Recently refurbished but still retaining a traditional feel, it is also a real ale pub and has a good food menu. The pub has a huge beer garden that is great for drinks on late summer nights. Despite it's proximity to Strand on the Green this pub retains a distinctly 'Brentford' feel.

The Brewery Tap - down by the Canal and Docks in Brentford this is a traditional boozer. Going in feels like a step back in time to a time when the canals and industry of Brentford was booming. It serves a very local eccentric community, offers live music, food, a pool table and good company.

The Globe and The Nelson are also very good pubs but I only drink in these on match days so will leave others to review. 

Besides the football club and pubs, I would recommend walking down by the river, docks and canal in Brentford, there is some fascinating industrial and canal heritage to be seen, which adds a bit of colour and demonstrates the history of the area. Unseen by those who never venture off the high street, this area is enjoyed mostly by us locals who keep it to ourselves. This area includes a small artists commune on Johnson's Island (it is literally an island, albeit man-made, accessible by bridge only) which is worth a visit on open days. Much of this area will soon be gone forever once the redevelopment on the south side of Brentford High Street happens so explore it now while you can. 

The London Museum of Water and Steam is also well worth a visit with many working steam engines on display.

For those who prefer history from before the industrial age Syon Park is worth a visit. This enormous site is the ancestral aristocratic home of the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland (and still is). A nice area to walk your dog on the way to Isleworth and you can go in the house and grounds too.  

Brentford Market - the Sunday food market in the town square on the High Street is an excellent place to pick up quality goods and to meet your neighbours and catch up with the local news. 

My partner and I have lived in Brentford for over three years now and we enjoy it so much we hope to remain here for the foreseeable future.


Brentford is one of those place that, because it is in the shadow of the M4 elevated section, looks like a dull concrete jungle. But looks are deceiving. There is a real community vibe at Brentford that you don't get in more (on paper) affluent places in West London like Chiswick and Notting Hill. 

At the heard of the town is Brentford Football Club. The club is one of those 'back to the future' football grounds. Old. Traditional. Rickety. But with plenty of character. And a rarity in the fact it actually still has terracing for both home and away fans - something that ensures that away teams sell out their allocation week in and week out as it becomes the go-to match of the season for most away supporters. 

Brentford's tight noisy ground is a must-go for fans all over the world as it for them represents the traditional football experience. People also seem to love the fact the Brentford area has LOADS of pubs with a tradition of everyone mixing and no bouncers on the doors. And the punters are incredibly friendly. Like a (dare I say it) little village. 

There are the traditional four-minus-one (one closed down) pubs on the four corners of Brentford's Griffin Park. The Griffin is the best and most popular with decent food now in the mix it's a definite shout any time of the week. 

Slightly North of the main drag is The Globe - an excellent pub. Warm. Friendly. Great food. And lovely bar staff. Busy pre and post match but less manic than the pubs around the ground. It also has live music regularly and boasts a welcoming set of regulars. 

The Lord Nelson is a lovely cozy traditional pub nestled in the middle of the houses which also does good food. 

The Magpie and Crown down the high street is one for the ale-heads

Going a tad more up-market, The Weir is a 'nice' bar .. near the Grand Union Canal

Fatboys thai seems to have been there forever. Good grub there 

Gotta give a shout to the Express Tavern - a retro looking and feeling ale drinkers pub on Kew Bridge - and One Over The Ait - a new pub on the river on Kew Bridge that also does decent food. 

Check out Syon Park around Christmas. They have the their Enchanted Woodland where they light up the woods in and around the main Syon Park house.

The Watermans Arts Centre has been there for years. Holds loads of events (I remember going to acid house parties there and a few years back saw then up-and-coming comedian Paul Chowdhry there) and has a cinema too. 

Take a walk down the Grand Union Canal on a Sunday afternoon. Lots of barges. Lots of house boats. 

Domenico U

he globe in windmill road (really good food)

magpie and crown for fantastic ales

the lord nelson in Enfield Road (lovely organic Burger)

the Weir if you miss Central London Gastro Pub atmosphere

The Griffin for the pre/post match pub

Boston manor park

The Waterman

The steam museum

A walk through to Kew Bridge

Syon Park

Brentford FC

Matt C

The Globe in Windmill Road is THE best thing in Brentford - I spent a wonderfully enjoyable afternoon there with family and friends celebrating a christening.  The food was great, the staff attentive and the atmosphere relaxing.    

Paul H

I visted the Globe several times last year whilst over from the netherlands. Really great place to relax and have a drink, and as others have already mentioned, the food is great!

Vicki C

Johnson's Island art studios and gallery. Quirky, hobbit-like collection of studio buildings on an island in the canal. Just a short hop from the high street but another world away.

Terry C

Everyone talking about The Globe, but nobody's mentioned that bearded northern bar man!

I've seen him pouring six pints at once as well as a JD & Coke. An absolute magician. Lovely bloke too (if you get his humour)!

Kim H

The Waterman centre

The Ealing park tavern (if that counts?)

The Lord Nelson

The globe

Brentford market

Boki coffee

Paperback coffee

The canal and all the crazy houseboats and boat yards

Nick R

The Globe on Windmill Road; it does the best burgers you will ever eat. It's also always packed full of every demographic you can imagine and everyone gets on harmoniously... like the good old days.

Rich J

The Watermans Centre - Small community theatre & cinema

The Lord Nelson Pub - lovely little pub with a secret garden, family friendly and does lots for the local community as well as having great food and atmosphere and table tennis!

Brentford FC

David C

Boki Coffee under urban villa - best coffee that side of the a4

Brentford Market - Great atmosphere, great street food, goes from strength to strength 

The Lord Nelson Pub - The friendliest pub in the area, lovely food, great staff and puts on loads of great events. A real hidden gem

Mark R

I have to echo the comments below. The Globe is by far the number one place to be in Brentord. Great food, friendly bar staff and a great atmosphere make it the go to place in this area


The Globe pub in Windmill Road!! I lived near the pub for 5 years and saw it develop it to the happy, social, family friendly environment it is today. It is such a fantastic location only helped by being so close to the Bees!

Things that make me want to go to the Globe? > Fantastic food! (DO NOT MISS THE SUNDAY ROASTS) > Fresh cold beer > Great atmosphere. What else do you need!? Might just be a pub.....but it's the social hub of the local community.  

Linda J

The Globe pub in Windmill Road! amazing food, had a burger - could have fed 3 of us! Staff friendly and nothing was too much bother. Didn't think places like this still exist in London. Will be going back with my husband to watch the football this weekend, Maybe also a Sunday roast too!

Paul H

The togetherness of home games of the mighty Bees.

The warm community feeling in The Globe Pub where the neighbours come to boost their love for the area.

The still active docks for boat building

The re delelopment progress that is re shaping and introducing new neighbours.

The new kids play areas in all the local parks.

Guy L

The whole river/canal, full of surprises like Johnsons island artists, the Brewery Tap and hidden communities of boaters. Loads of good pubs and a good variety of restaurants. The Sunday market. The atmosphere of the place with such a great mix of people. The fact it has a naff strap line like Brentford is Brilliant, and that someone came up with an alternative - Brentford is Well Buggy. Oh, and all the parks - Carville Hall Park South is so well hidden it took me 30 years to discover it.

Jessica L

Boston Manor Park which is picturesque all year round and great for that early morning run.

The Waterman's Centre for great fringe theatre and a small community cinema.

The Globe Pub - Amazing bar staff, massive beer garden and food that's so good it's got them in the top 2% of places to eat in London on Tripadvisor  (The manager just told me this after I saw it on Facebook - pretty impressive)

Saturdays at Griffin Park watching the mighty Bees.

Chris J

Water and Steam Museum - great day out with lot of interactive exhibits. Music Museum (almost next door) - entertaining especially the recitals!

The Lord Nelson Pub on Enfield Road - all you want from a traditional pub (great beer, lovely refurbished bar, darts and friendly staff, as well as great food (more traditional pub food and sandwiches at lunch time and great modern cuisine in the evenings). Lovely small, hidden garden with separate enclosed children's play area and fun events all year round.

Paperback coffee shop in South Ealing Road for great coffee and pastries.

Osterley Park (National Trust) for a day out as well as Syon House and not forgetting Kew across the bridge. Nice walks along the canal.

Laura L

The Canal Boats, Watermans Theatre, and the brilliant Lord Nelson Pub on Enfield Road, brilliant service, food and events, and they use local suppliers! A hidden gem.

Al D

The rivers and canal. Loads of v cool beautiful bits, and bits of old boatyard/ drydock/ disused industrial bits, equally beautiful in a different way, all hidden away.

Museum of Water and Steam. A gem of a little local museum and engine geek heaven. beautifully done, now revamped so accessible for all and particularly with little ones we are there a lot in winter.

Watermans £5 Monday cinema.not most impressive of screens and clearly run with love on a shoestring but...often have released that main cinemas don't and for a fiver you can take a risk on an art house film you may never see otherwise.

Hen Corner, esp the microbakery every Friday...best bread for miles, all made locally.

Plus chicken keeping lessons and jsm making. Could be the closest Brentford ever gets to the Good Life.

Griffin pub. Proper beer and a dart board. Nuff said.

I could go on....

Ann H

The Lord Nelson pub - Brentford's hidden gem, on Enfield Road (North of the A4). A small, cosy pub, with an enclosed garden, and great food.

Boki Coffee (at Urban Villa in Great West Quarter). A great new(ish) addition to the area, with good coffee and food, in a quirky setting.

Kurupt FM (Well, they've put Brentford on the map!)

Coach and Horses (London Road). Large pub with a great outside space, and great food - the planes can get a bit noisy at times, but we've never had a bad meal.

Syon Park. You'd never guess you were in London.