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What's your favourite thing in Canary Wharf?

Tell us what you love most in the area - and why!

© Umbreen Hafeez

Next up in our weekly series of area guides: Canary Wharf! We'd love to hear your recommendations, so let us know your favourite things in the area (and what makes them so good!) in the comments below.


Ale M

The guys in suits.

Penny L

The park above the Jubilee Line station which  has trees. a stream, sunny and shady grass and seats and a trail of illuminated sculptures in winter.

Amarylis C

Building positioning, as if they're watching over the city. 

Carl K

I love the Litter free Streets.

David N

 The Ledger Building, surely the poshest Wetherspoons in London. Is there anything better than a cheap yet classy pub with lots of history? Nope, there's not.