What's your favourite thing in Kingston?

Tell us what you love most in the area - and why!

© Piero Serra

[Photo: Kingston at night, by Pierro Serra]

Next up in our weekly series of area guides: Kingston! We'd love to hear your recommendations, so let us know your favourite things in the area (and what makes them so good!) in the comments below.


Andy W

The Wych Elm (http://www.wychelmkingston.co.uk/) - that rarity, a proper community pub that survived the recent retirement of its marvellous long-standing landlord without becoming a block of flats or a mini-supermarket...

Gun J

Big up all. Me just moved 2 Kingston from da Isle and me picked it coz it was bangin. Came bare recommended by my client Jim Gibson who used 2 live dere bare time ago.

Da brer Jon T who say da music scene sick bare correct. Bare clubs in Kingston all playin da hottest vibes in da UK. Mccluskys smashed it every time+was edgy. Their knife arch added 2 dis - u neva knew if u was goin to get thru. Now it replaced by Viper Rooms which is safe in da bad sense - mccluskys was always havin dere licence suspended, Viper only had it suspended once since September. 

Wiv pubs, dont bother wiv da 1 next 2 viper - bare posh. It all bout da Kins Tun opposite Pryzm. Dis serve all da drinks u cud want (sambuca, tequila, fosters) at bare cheap prices so u can save all ur money 4 Pryzm ugetme? And dont forget hippodrome down da road - me was asked 4 ID once when I entered. When me asked why dey said coz me looked 2 old 4 it. Me laughed - dis just 1 example of banter me always havin wiv da bouncers. 

Any more questions hit me up on my twitta @kingofisleworth. (wud be da KingofKingston  but cant change 2 dat coz sum brer got it already.). Respect

Ebru G

Local Hero is one of the best places to have breakfast or just coffee. Walking by the riverside is always inspiring. Golden colors of autumn go very well with lovely Kingston.

Rebecca H

Kingston Ancient Market Place - always something happening including Night Markets, Xmas markets and music events. 

Amy G

Banquet Records and New Slang.

The Antiques shop/Polish cafe on Old London Road- a huge treasure trove of furniture, art, clothes and random retro memorabilia. The food is brilliant as well, especially now that the days are getting colder.

Also, there are great swing dance classes on a Monday night at the working mans club (behind Wilkinsons).

Cynthia F tastemaker

- Banquet Records, the staff are super and the events they run really helped to expand my music taste when I lived there
- The Terrace, I'd happily organise a shopping trip to Kingston just to include that as part of the day (Shopping in Kingston is actually really good too)

- The Fighting Cocks, really great place to drink and see some great bands

Florrie T

The Terrace do the BEST sandwiches around

Amy M

It has to be it's proximity to the river.  In the summer going to any of the riverside bars is unbeatable.

Also, when I was 18/9 it was clearly all about Oceana!

Jon T

Kingston has a brilliant music scene. it's the reason i live and work here.

there's a lot more about it which is great, but for me, this is the unique part.