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Win a trip for two to Venice

Your chance to do something different this summer with Disaronno

© Olivia Rutherford

You can do something really different with your summer if you win our competition to attend the 70th Venice Film Festival as special guests of Disaronno.

This glamorous prize includes flights and hotel stay in Venice for two people between August 30 and September 1 2013. It also includes entry to the Venice Film Festival Disaronno Contemporary Terrace – traditionally located each year in front of the iconic red carpet on the Lido. On the Terrace, movie stars, journalists and top celebs gather for special film screenings, performances and exclusive parties. When you’re not out partying, relax in luxury, staying at the 4-star Hotel Petit Palais, with breakfast and city tax included.

All you have to do to enter our Disaronno prize draw is fill in your details below. Good luck!



Never in my life have I won anything and am really curious what is the feeling of winning especially a trip to the city of my dreams. I have just recently got married and this would be such a miracle:)

Andrew Ludlow

glass of Disaronno Gold at the edge of Venice

Kelly Hammond

I can think of nothing better than to Disaronnear in Venice with my husband-to-be :) now, wouldn't that be something to tell that grand kids :) tchin tchin! Ahhhh and if anyone can make an Amaretto Sour for me then I'll be even closer to heaven!

Marjorie Hammond

I have hosted Disaronno at every party. Wish they would host me.


Perfect night out?... would be actually summer sundown enjoying Disaronno Elixir of Love "Remix" (with a pinch of orange) delightfully gazing at the Venice bay, holding tight to my lover.


Never had the opportunity to do something amazing. My gut feeling is telling me that a night in Venice with a mate and a bottle Disaronno just might be a life changer. What I'd like to do in Venice would be to discover the various museums and art galleries and ultimately their extraordinary nightspots. Being able to attend the Venice Film festival sponsored by Disaronno would just be the icing to cement an awesome gateway to the beautiful city.


Enjoy Disaronno on the rocks with my best friend, meet some strangers and explore Venice's canals and twisted streets by moonlight. Xx


Disaronno and peach shot could be a very good mix


Just wanna have a glass of Disaronno Gold at the edge of Venice, and look at the beautiful sunset with my partner :)

Richard G Jones

Does one sink or swim in Venice, or perhaps one just floats ones boat, Disaronno will assure the right mix, for the occasion , who knows I may well fly with the experiance ahhhhhhhh.

patrycja wojciechowska

i love venice, especially during biennale when whole city is filled with contemporary art that is such great contrast for grandeur of the venice's past amaretto is one of the truly famous italian drinks and disaronno is an iconic producer of amaretto coffe and amaretto sour in harry's bar just feels like perfect moment to relax after biennale pavilon and to be honest any excuse would good enough


Travel, a passion that developed out of love and photography. Without a muse, one piece of art would be indistinguishable from the next, my muse is my partner, who loves to travel, who I love to travel with. Nothing like being under a clear sky with a glass of Disaronno and Cranberry next to the only person in the world you'd go anywhere with.

Lynette Styler

Life without Disaronno is like Venice without the water

Ian Loughlin

Would like to go and retrace Dan Brown's steps.

denis burke

Venice, a beautiful venue to see films with someone special. I would love to take someone to share this prize !


I LOVE FILMS!! And would like to an ACTOR and DIRECTOR


To enjoy a Disaronno on the rocks while rubbing elbows with film stars in one of the greatest cities in the world!


Disaronno reigns when it pours, and by the look of the Venetian streets, it's reigned there more than elsewhere!!!

Ana Carolina Loureiro

Venice is the passion of those who visit, and poetry abound works with Venice as background or pretext. Imagine the possibility to be there with Disaronno...


A winter afternoon at Barbican Centre, a spring evening at Southbank in London...but all day summer at Venize´ streets together with a glass of Disaronno.

Lynn Caldwell

An exquisite pairing...and perfect for sharing.

suzanne iwai

Venice beautiful architecture, beautiful art including Murano glass (I might even buy a special one to drink my disaronno from) and beautiful cuisine. I have not visited since I was 11 when I was too young to truly appreciate it. Now I'm nearly 60 I would love to return with my Irish , Guinness drinking boyfriend to show him there are other drinks and other experiences!!


I like to either have a wee snifter in the car whilst having a smoke (using the big Disaronno bottle) or when I stagger out of Ronnie Scotts at stupid o'clock, I go along to Nero's and stick a glug from my little bottle into one of their lovely coffees, get out my own spray can of cream and give it a 4 - 6 inch head and only THEN do I crumble my flake onto it, grab a spoon and attack! BLISS! Do come and join me - even the old bill are fit and worth ogling ;o)


Feel square in London in summer; would rather share the square in St Mark's Square..


Feel square in London in summer; would rather share the square in St Mark's Square..

claudia langton

Its the most deliciously, stylish drink. It reminds me of being 18 and finally being able to order a Disaronno at the bar! 12 years later and i'm still in love with it. I would love to go to Venice for my 30th and celebrate it with a Disaronno on ice! That would be the best 30th birthday present ever! Claudia :-)

Lisa Clow

I truly believe Disoronno played an important role in learning to Moonwalk.


Venice and Disaronno... a perfect match!

Hannah Louise

Never been to Italy!.... But I am very familiar with Disaronno! ;)


A great way to celebrate our anniversary :-)

Dave Ellis

Should I start looking now for Commissario Brunetti or am I more likely to find Ripley?

nick gordon

To go to the location of 'Don't Look Now' would be a dream cinematic break


Balmy evening on a private balcony watching the people weave through the streets below..a cool breeze..my best summer dress.. just me and my man...


Looking forward to relaxing at the end of the day with a large glass of Disaronno, in St Mark's Square.

Katy Drillsma- Milgrom

Disarono, ginger and lime ice lollies on the heath, with your mates, in the evening as the sun goes down....bliss