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Festive playground Winterville is back in Clapham Common and features more dancing, eating, laughing, drinking and skating than you can shake a snow globe at.

Street Feast, Backyard Cinema, Plonk Golf, an Ice Rink and the Solo Craft Fair Christmas Market will be popping up, plus the Common will play host to the Spiegeltent, packed full with party people like Chivaree Circus, Lucha Britannia Mexican Wrestling, Mariah & Friends and the Mighty Hoopla’s Christmas Jumpergeddon.

Backyard Cinema will be making an appearance with their Christmas Maze and there'll also be club nights in the Roller Disco. There’s also an indoor area for kids complete with Santa's Workshop and a fairground. 

Entry: Tue: free, Wed: £2, Thu: £2, Fri: £2 after 12noon & £5 after 6pm, Sat: £2 after 12pm & £5 after 6pm, Sun: £2. Free all times under 16s. Free for SW4 residents expect after 6pm on Fri and 5pm on Sat. 

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I had a very jolly time at the opening press night of Winterville last night. First things first, it's not Winter Wonderland. It's much smaller, the vendors are more hip (more in line with the likes of Streetfeast, etc) and due to the location in Victoria Park East London way, I'm fairly certain it won't draw in the billions of people you're trapped in with at WW. Things to note, there is lots of lovely Neon signage and it certainly feels very festive - plenty of Christmas trees and the like. The rides are terrifying but fun (don't go on the big upside down 4 seat swinging thing, I thought I was actually going to die) and I recommend the dodgems. The foodhall is fun and the staff are all super friendly, I recommend the southern fried hot wings (even moderate level spicy were bloody spicy, be careful). Not a big fan of the deep fried crab, too much vinegary salad, batter and not much else. Churros were great. 

I'll return and I think this would be a good place to bring kids too as lots of the rides are kid friendly. It's free to enter and it runs through until 23rd Dec.  

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I liked it last year. It is small and quirky rather than your big fancy winter fair in Hyde Park.  Good range of food stalls, mulled cider followed by ice skating, what more could you want?! Saturday 5 December there is a Christmas craft fair down the road from Vicky Park at St Paul's chruch, close to Roman Road.  Along with a range of Christmas markets at Winterville this is a much more fun way to do your Christmas shopping than queuing to get in nearby Westfield! 

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 It's the most wonderful time of the year - Winterville is bringing holiday cheer back to East London! No better way to spend a frosty Winter weekend than wrapped up listening to music with a mulled wine in the Spiegeltent. 

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FABULOUS!!!!!! Dont know why people moan about pricing what do you expect in London, i thought everything was quite reasonable and no more pricy than any other event of its kind. First year so hopefully in years to come it will only get better

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'Twas twenty nine nights before Christmas,
Opening of Winterville house,
With plenty of stirring,
crowds were ready to be roused.

Personal highlights - I have to include,

Moony's Halloumi (of tempting streetfood),

and rides for thrill-seekers and for those meeker (across the Fairground),

and lastly the Circus show (worth the ten pounds).

Perhaps it's a pricey,

but not unlike costs found in central town?

It's fun, festive and free to walk around,

I do suggest you pop down.

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Had a great time, good selection of food stalls and fun rides. Its bigger than last year and generally looks a lot better! There is a circus this year too which was really fun!

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Winterville have massively raised their game in year 2. Immediately entering the park you could tell it was much more dense- the park was glowing with the rides (which also helps to find the entrance as Victoria Park can be quite dark on a winter night).

The town layout was really well thought out and had a very sturdy path which meant no mud this year- much better. The food and drink offerings were top quality (Popdogs, Mother Clucker etc) and dotted around the space as well as in a really warm indoor food hall- again much better set up this year to really make a day of it.

The Ice Rink had a great sound system on our visit. There were more than enough rides to make you feel quite sick and a really beautiful big wheel that seats 6 per carriage so great if you're in a group- even at night we could see quite far out over London on the wheel.

The whole event seems very well thought out, I highly recomend a visit.

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Amazing! So much to do we didn't have time to fit it all in to one night. Great selection of rides (for kids & adults). The food stands in the food hall were more upmarket than the usual funfair options. Definitely going back there for the crazy golf!

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Fantastic opening night last night, loads of things to see and do.  Such a change from last year.  Really nice that there are lots of places to sit and drink inside.  We didn't manage to do everything so will definitely go back with the family. Can't wait to go back.

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Love Winterville!  The Spiegeltent is so much fun, we saw a great ukulele covers band, went on a couple of rides and grabbed some yummy street food.  Loads more to do like the roller disco and wall of death, will definitely come back!

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Very small, dark, full of mud, tacky, rip off, Essex style fan funfair behind metal fencing...

They are shouting "free" everywhere but free is only getting your shoes dirty in mud. Everything else is west end prices and they accept cash only - oh hang on there is a cash point there - 3 pound fee for withdrawals. 

No dogs allowed, nothing to do for young children, the place feels sad and empty. Security Guard I had a chat with gave me a hint they might be closing the whole thing down way before Christmas as there is no interest and as they put it on the grass field the whole place is sinking in mud. 


What could be better than a festive evening of ice skating, crazy golf, mulled drinks, good food and a huge group karaoke session!? Not much I reckon!

Winterville is a small scale version of other Christmas-y markets, meaning the queues are shorter, if existent at all, and you don't have to fight your way around.

A highlight has to be Bar Humbug where the majority of the crowd seems to end up (even queuing outside later in the day), all singing along to the biggest music hits! I can also definitely recommend the wood fired pizzas.

Give it a go to get in the festive spirit!


Definitely more enjoyable than Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park because Winterville is has fewer crowds and tourists. It was just as fun in terms of activities to do, food and drink options, and rides. 

My friend and I really enjoyed the rides and activities, as there were no queues when we went on a Thursday evening. We managed to fit in 3 rides, bumper cars, mini golf, and the roller disco. 

The Street Feast options were great and we both went for the Steak Frites from Up In My Grill. It was a generous portion of steak and fries, and the salsa verde and spicy sauces were lovely. We also had a serving of Fondue Fries, which was a bit of a disappointment. They became soggy very quickly because of the gravy and because the fondue was too liquid-y in my opinion. 

It was a rather chilly night but we managed to warm up in the tents and with loads of mulled wine! 


As much as I love a Christmas market, I am not one to battle the crowds at Winter Wonderland to get my festive kick. However, Winterville is a different story. Over in Clapham Common, the South equivalent of the winter tourist hotspot is far more chilled and is just as fun. Although you do have to pay to enter - a rather annoying side note - the food and drink on offer aren't too overpriced, and there is plenty of space to move around. I didn't try out any of the rides, but the bars were so much fun.  In particular Bar Humbug (although do expect to queue to get in). On another positive note, there is loads of cover if it is chucking it down with rain. 


Having been to Winter Wonderland in the past, Winterville was more enjoyable because of the lack of crowds and tourists. You can actually manage to move and queue at stalls without waiting a ridiculous amount of time. The selection of food stalls was the best thing about Winterville hands down, but I would say that because I am a die-hard Street Feast fan and they can do no wrong. But apart from Street Feast, Winterville lacked something. The attractions were super cheap fayre ground rides and a lot of them were broken and clearly very old, and they were WAY too overpriced. The Ice Skating Rink was quite small and so was the Rollerdisco rink. Saying that there were some lovely spots to get cosy in and have a few drinks, and fires dotted around to keep warm by. I don't think I would rush back, but I wouldn't say no to going again.


Think or a small sized winter wonderland with less crowds, where you can actually go on the rides without he crazy queues! This year it is in Clapham Common, there is an on site skating rink (ice and roller) a crazy golf area and a cinema. Street feast is there this year and serves up a variety of vendors from Thai fried chicken to squid to burgers and doughnuts. Top tip Wrap up warm!


I was worried that Winterville would be as crowded as Winter Wonderland. It wasn't. It is expensive, however. Entrance is £2. Winter Wonderland is free. It is FAR smaller than Winter Wonderland as well. The food is done by street feast, so it is good, however £9 for a pizza is pretty expensive. My friend said her mulled cider was £7. SEVEN QUID!

Each ride was approx. £5 for an adult, which turns it into an expensive evening when you want to go on more than one ride. Ice skating is approx £10 for old hour, with an additional £1 for the cloakroom. There are a few bars, but even on a Thursday evening it was hard to get a seat!

It was absolutely freezing, which probably didn't help, but it was a fun evening. 


First time at Winterville - I usually only head to Winter Wonderland but I’m so glad I discovered this gem! Lots of fun rides (there were no queues so we kept going on everything over and over!!!), an array of food options at the Street Feast market, bars and lots of great tunes to jump around and dance to. We headed to the Burger stall and inhaled a bacon cheeseburger and fries (so good) and then a s’mores flavoured crepe (the best thing ever) for dessert. There’s also an ice rink, roller disco, mini golf and cinema! Why haven’t I been here before now?!?? SO GOOD. I definitely recommend you head over there this Christmas. Wrap up warm - it’s cold atop the swings ride!


Woo woo woo! What makes Winterville so amazing? Its not Winter Wonderland. If you dont like the crowds and stalls pretending to be German, this is the place for you. The entry fee is £2 and I do believe that got rid of the crowds as it makes you think do you want to part with your hard earnt cash. 

There's two different areas for food; street feast and the truck stop. The best churros is found in the truck stop area and the best 'mains' are in the street feast area. There are cheeky little hot chocolate stalls dotted about and its a hit with the kids and the adults as they offer ones that are slightly stronger. That will warm you up :) 

The fairground rides are impressive to look at but I didnt really want to part with £5 to go on them for such a little amount of time. We went twice this year and at the weekend they had craft stalls in a top tent. Really cute stuff and I liked the idea of selling local people's items instead of the usual toot that you find in Hyde park around this time.... .

I think the food is awesome and I would pay the entrance just for that. 

There is golf, ice skating and roller skating but I was so cold I was concentrating my energy on getting to the hot chocolate stalls and the food ares :D 

Wrap up warm. You really need to. 


Winterville is a throwback to the funfairs you used to attend as a child and, unfortunately, is a dated attraction.  I appreciate it was cold when I visited, but no one was really taking advantage of the funfair rides and it seemed to be a bit of a waste of space.  Maybe the rides would have got more traction in summer, but I remain sceptical…  The real attractions of Winterville are the food and bars and this is where the focus should be.  The selection of food vendors is strong and there is no lack of choice for the meat-eaters or the vegetarians.  I think the bar is a little overpriced, but standard for these types of things.  Would I visit again?  Probably not, but Winterville may appeal to some.


Usually avoid Winter Wonderland due to sheer volume of people/queues and venture to Southbank's Christmas market instead; having said that, I loved Winterville in Clapham Common and will recommend it as an alternative to anyone. Just look at it as Winter Wonderland's younger sibling, who maybe doesn't get all the plaudits for its accomplishments, however people who know it will realise Winterville's talents.

It was cosy, a friendly atmosphere, fewer people/queues (went on a Thursday evening), the food was delicious (Black Bear Burger)... overall it's a Christmas market to enjoy for all ages. 

Massaoke at Bar Humbug was also worth a visit. 

Got on the last round at the ice rink (9pm) and it closes at 10pm. 

I'll see you there next year ;-) 

Having disliked winter wonderland quite a bit, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to Winterville- my worry was misjudged though. It was much more welcoming and fun and I had a great night!

I visited the Spiegeltent and played musical bingo, danced around to some guilty pleasures (there were definitely some throwbacks!) and then had some food at the street feast vendors - I can’t remember which it was but the potatoes and chilli were delicious (if a little on the expensive side).

I can’t wait to properly explore it next year!!


The smaller sibling of Winter Wonderland is a nice festive activity for a family or with a group of friends. With fairground rides, Plonk mini golf, ice skating, a roller disco and hip street vendors offering foods you've seen at the likes of street feast. Mulled wine was decent and it makes you feel festive walking around. It seems bigger this year than last when it was at Victoria park. Don't go just to compare it to Winter Wonderland as it does well on its own as the smaller, less busy attraction. It has a much more local vibe if you don't want to feel like you've joined all of the tourists who flock to london this time of year at Winter Wonderland then this is your place!


Although I wasn't exactly expecting to, I really enjoyed my visit to Winterville! It wasn't crowded and it had a really sweet Chrsitmassy atmosphere. Winter Wonderland scares the hell out of me so Winterville was a nice and calm treat. 

There was a really good selection of food from indie street food stalls. We tried the vegetarian Popdogs and Crispy Squid which were both delicious and were standard prices for these kinda things.

The ice rink was a little small but fun nonetheless and the rides were also a laugh.

Basically, if you have a bit of spare dolla and are looking to revisit your childhood, this is your place.


I went on a Monday night and there wasn't much of a vibe going on, a lot of things were shut and the rides weren't that interesting. I enjoyed the variety of street food and drinks on offer and it was nice to be able to sit outside (with the aid of patio heaters). This is a good place if you want to avoid the crowds of Winter Wonderland but maybe it would have a better atmosphere on a Friday/Saturday night.


It doesn't compare at all to Winter Wonderland, as it's much smaller, with less rides, less food options, and much less of a Christmassy vibe. However if Winter Wonderland isn't your thing because of all the people, Winterland isn't a bad alternative. Street Feast is probably the best thing it's got going for it in my opinion, but being located on Clapham Common is a definite bonus because you're close to a range of bars if you want to carry on afterwards. I didn't find it overly Christmassy though, apart from one big tree in the middle of everything. I probably wouldn't travel to Clapham just to go there, but if you live in the area it's worth popping in.

I don't know if it's because we went on a weekday, but it was pretty blah. A big section was closed off, so it was mainly cheesy fairground rides and the food stall area. Everything was really expensive, which we kind of expected, but the thing that made it so bad was the music playing. I expected Christmas songs, but there was relentless crappy techno booming around the whole place!! It was SO loud and I could hear people around me moaning about it too. It just felt really out of place and not Christmassy at all!! Maybe this was because we were there on a weekday? I don't know but they should really fix that.


I love winter markets so when we heard about the new Winterville in Clapham, we were super excited to get into the Christmas spirit. Before we got there, we managed our own expectations by thinking it may just be a poor little cousin on the Winter Wonderland. However, to our surprise, Winterville was amazing! Imagine all the best bits from Winter Wonderland, and strip away all the touristy crowds. The food and drinks selection was amazing and since it’s in Clapham Common, you can carry on the festivities afterwards. If you like Christmas markets but the through of Winter Wonderland scares you, give this little gem a go. 


This is Winter Wonderland, only 100 times better. It's much smaller, cheaper, cooler. It's less busy, the food is delicious and the rides are tons of fun.

There is a really tall Christmas tree, as you would expect from a Christmas fair.

There is an ice rink which, compared to the ones at Somerset House, Winter Wonderland or the Natural History Museam, is quite disappointing looking and plain.

There is a surprisingly super difficult crazy gold I got absolutely terrible scores at.

There is a whole Street Feast area with many £10 meals. The food is great quality and different from the billion sausage stands you usually find in this type of place. The drink prices are pretty classic.

All the awesome rides are only £3 each, which is half or third the price of Winter Wonderland. There are kid rides as well for families.

Very important: there are big open fires and big tipis to chill and sip mulled wine in when you need a bit of heat.

Big bonus: check out the upcoming gigs and shows that are taking place in the big circus tent. Some great ones, such as Old Dirty Brasstards, are coming.


This is a winter fun fair with the usual rides, street food stalls (expensive), ice rink, and a backyard cinema. The crowds size was less than the one in central London, hence you could actually have some space looking around without constantly bumping into people. 

The thing that I enjoyed the most was the Backyard Cinema. The atmosphere was warm and festive inside the tent, and having a small bar inside helped - they sold mulled wine and popcorn! However, they operated an inefficient ticketing system: despite printing my tickets online, I needed to queue at the box office to exchange the printed tickets with the cinema tickets, and then join another queue at the cinema door to get in.

Winterville is fine. Just fine. Nothing wrong with it - imagine a mini-Winter Wonderland with less crowds (that's a win) and better food (that's a significant win!). Street Feast and Backyard Cinema add an alternative and very cool (festive-wise) twist to the festival, but to be honest, don't expect much else that's different from all the other London winter attractions.

There are rides, a ferris wheel, very expensive (but super tasty!) hot chocolate and an ice rink. But there's loads of seating, nice selection of stalls and open fires, which are cool and very good to warm up your hands.

If you live in the area or fancy something a bit smaller and friendlier than WW, this one's a good alternative. Definitely recommend Backyard Cinema though - the tent is toasty and the Ginger-tini is soooo nice.

Winterville is simply a fun, feelgood Christmassy extravaganza that everyone should go to. Apparently it’s bigger than previous years, I couldn’t tell if this is true having never been before, but considering how wife they have made the walkways do expect it to be crowded. Situated on Clapham Common, it is only a short walk from the tube.

The park itself is a well thought out combination of street food stalls, rides and a pretty big children’s area, again with rides suitable. Throughout there are drink stands where you can purchase warm wine (not mulled wine I noticed), beers and shots. A big wheel takes centre stage that offers panoramic views over London. A lot of the rides are ones that will throw you around, including a space odyssey experience that spins you around before turning you upside down, and a cat and mouse ride that is well worth a go. Save your money on the Haunted House, it’s not the best, probably what you’d expect, instead head to the ice skating, golf or straight to the food tent. A selection of burgers, fish and chips or chicken are a few of the tasty treats that you can indulge in. There is decent amount of seating and heaters to keep you warm in these cold winter months. There’s a Christmas tree for photos and I’d recommend going after dark to fully appreciate the lights and general relaxed, safe and happy mood. #TOTASTEMAKER


If you've ever been to Winter Wonderland, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed by this fairground. It actually looks like a reduced and sad version of the most famous one, very badly arranged in terms of space and with poorly attractive attractions!! The ice rink is almost hidden by the group of food trucks around the smaller food hall and the only thing I found extremely interesting was a secret cinema immersed in a dense vegetation, hidden behind a curtain, very mysterious and appealing.

The main food hall was particularly disappointing, with a scarce variety of options (mainly for vegetarians) and all of them very expensive. Not even to mention the drinks- average and pricey.

The Truck Stop, just in front of the ice rink was a relief- Le Bao and Sophie Michell offer great (still expensive but worthwhile) dishes, a good alternative to all the rest of junk food.

If you want to give it a go, do it- for sure it's less crowded than Winter in Wonderland and more convenient if you are based in South-East London, but I suggest to go during the weekend if you don't want to wander and ice skating in an empty open space!


Well, I guess these reviews show how we all differ widely in taste and our ideas of a good night out, because, quite frankly, this isn't mine. So I'll simply say why and then you can make up your own mind.

1) Fairground rides are not massively my cup of tea, especially when you have to pay between £3-4 a go. So if I was on an unlimited tickets and I like rides, I guess that would be different.

2) I like Streetfeast, normally, but this time I was extremely disappointed by the lack of veggie options and fish options. I went in the end for a plate of squid, which was tasty, but I'd say, a bit of a rip-off at £10 a plate. I had a similar plate in China Town, not so long ago for half the price. Yes, I know, captive audience. What can I say, I don't like being held captive!

3) The Speigeltent. Well I'm spoilt, as a regular swing dancer, I've danced in this beautiful 'tent' over at Waterloo so it wasn't new to me. But if you haven't, then yes, it's lovely. The band, they were odd. 

4) Drinks. See food. I'd rather drink from a glass in a nice cosy pub. I hate all the plastic. Aren't we supposed to be hating on plastic right now? 

5) What else to see? Well nothing much, for me.

Now saying all that. If you love fairgrounds, fancy a skate and enjoy Xmas Markets and don't care about the price of the food so much, this is a good bet. It is, indeed, more manageable and less busy than Winter Wonderland, though, I suspect, it will get crazy on a Friday and Saturday night.

Ultimately it's not my cup of tea. But we all have different tastes and the event has been done well, so in that respect it's gets my 3 stars. Go if you like this sort of thing. And if you don't, well there are plenty of other Xmassy options in London this time of year. 


Winterville is the cool alternative to Winter Wonderland heading up to Clapham this winter. I have to admit I cannot stand Winter Wonderland anymore after a few Christmas in a row completely lacking personal space at each visit. Winterville was the opposite. Not too crowded, with great food from Street Feast (try those short rib arepas) and cool bars (heated Spiegeltent with live bands). Rides were enjoyable as well up until trying the devilish Waltzer, do not try to go on it if you don't deal well with speed, it was not a good experience on my side. Safe bets are bumping cars and the Circus house. Will probably be going back! 


Winterville is for those looking for festive fun without the manic crowds that plague Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. It has all the same attractions as a larger fairground and carnival - street food, rides, arcade games, ice skating rink, roller disco, mini golf, dodge'ums but just on a smaller scale. It's got the added bonus of Backyard Cinema, which I did not visit this year but have been previously, and lemme tell you - their winter season is SO WORTH IT. 

Food and drink options did not fail to disappoint with Street Feast offering a variety of traders from burritos and arepas, to pizza and fried chicken. Street Feast also offers a bar and there is a larger inside lodge for drinks, but I personally preferred the craft beer offerings at Brew Camp. Sure, at £6 a pint it's not cheap but for a festival in London - that's actually fairly decent. 

Seriously a good night out if you're looking something festive and fun that isn't just ice skating. Will definitely be going again! 


I love that there is a smaller Winter wonderland in South London and thought it had lots on offer, it was actually bigger than I was expecting. I took my 13 year old ice skating and although it isn't as big or as magical as some of the other festive pop up ice skating rinks there are loads of other things to do after the hour session. 

There was a large selection of food to choose from that we found it difficult to decide and opted for a Jerk chicken bun from white men can't jerk and fish and chips from Crispy Squid, both freshly cooked and tasty.

I'm not really a fan of funfair rides at the best of times but thought I would give them a go as it was only a small fair but they were particularly brutal. My son loved them and didn't want to leave but I was feeling a bit queasy, maybe we'll leave the food until after the rides next time!

I'm sure that I will make another visit to Winterville before the season is over as it is local to me and would recommend it to families who want a day out or those that just want to pop in for a drink or bite to eat.


I wasn't that impressed by Winterville, if I'm completely honest. It was like a smaller version of Winter Wonderland. 

Don't get me wrong, there were some redeeming elements - the backyard cinema looked very cool and from the glimpse we caught incredibly cosy. It was almost like stepping into Narnia. 

The food offering is also top notch - from a huge area dedicated to Street Feast stands, to a smaller street food area by the ice skating rink offering everything from churros to delicious souvlaki. 

Apart from that though, there isn't a huge amount to see. There is the standard ice skating rink, and a roller rink, as well as a few bars and fair ground rides. But really you can see everything within half an hour, and probably have 'done' it in a few. 

Maybe it's because we went on a Thursday and it was very quiet, but I just felt it was a bit sad. Would I make my way to Clapham to go back - probably not. 


London's new Christmas addition is well worth checking out - think Winter Wonderland's alternate hipster friend! At Winterville you will find craft beer tents, street food, fair rides, ice skating, roller skating and a lot fewer crowds! There are some amazing street food vendors - I can highly recommend Up in My Grill and to top it off a cookie from Chin Chin dessert bar. 

If you are looking to see something a bit different/Winter Wonderland with fewer people then take yourself down to Clapham Common and get a dose of Christmas! 

Winter wonderland's younger, cooler sibling. As a Clapham local I am somewhat biased towards the newest London Christmas addition. A short, leisurely stroll down the high street and we arrive. The real star of the evening was the phenomenal choir, singing Christmas hit after hit. The choir alone is more festive than anything else I am yet to experience in London. Alongside a cheeky glass of wine or two. Another highlight is the street feast, shout out to the most incredible fish finger sandwich. The only real downside is the lack of Christmas market stalls. More of an eating and drinking experience than anything else. 

Over the past few years, the Christmas period has been defined by Londoners descending upon Hyde Park to experience all the bright lights and fairground rides Winter Wonderland has to offer. Being located just off the end of Oxford Street, and stretching so far across the park you can almost hop, skip and jump through the doors of Harrods at the other end, it has become common that this particular festive attraction can make you sometimes feel as stuffed as sardines at a packing plant. So, if you’re looking for an alternative this year - Winterville is here for the rescue, offering all the great touches that Winter Wonderland brings to Hyde Park, and a couple more. After moving from Victoria Park to Clapham Common this year, South London is getting the perfect touch of much-needed holiday spirit.

On the surface it all looks similar to Winter Wonderland, only a tiny bit smaller - carnival rides, Bailey’s hot chocolate, ice skating and a big decorated tree in the middle. However, the humble capacity is not a bad thing at all, as there’s still plenty to do. You’ll be able to enjoy the always-fun crazy golf area, group-friendly roller skating and mouth-watering food indulgence at Street Feast. I would definitely recommend the Argentinian street food, wood-fired pizzas (nothing beats the delicious mushroom and truffle oil!) and in true Christmas spirit - the marvellous massive festive cocktails to keep up the holiday feeling all through the day.

I would definitely recommend Winterville for a good day out to get a touch of the Christmas feeling in South London.


Whilst 'Winter Wonderland' has nothing to fear, this newer addition to the London Christmas is still worth a visit (although whether you'd go back multiple times is debatable). With the focus more on fairground attractions and less on Christmas crafts and stalls, this is a fun night out with some good food offerings (take a bow, Streetfeast) and fun bars (the outdoor Beer Camp and indoor heated Spiegeltent). It is quite small though compared to other winter festivals and I'm not sure there is enough to entice me back again (although there are some great upcoming free gigs including Norman Jay). 

Took my 3 year old there this weekend. It's basically a very standard fair with some added crap Christmas decorations. Stapling a moth-eaten stuffed reindeer on the front of the waltzer does not turn it into a magical festive experience. £3 per person on the average ride (and with a toddler you have to pay twice because they're not big enough to go on their own - there's no need for this degree of nickle and diming anyone with kids, it's not like they were pushed for capacity), so £6 for about 3 minutes of going round and round on a shabby plastic elephant. Cos everyone know it's Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid and Dumbo.

It's about as Christmassy as Margate on a bank holiday weekend. 

Food's nice, if you can afford it after more than 3 rides. Luckily there are cashpoints on site, and a mortgage adviser.


Definitely not a Christmas Market, more like a winter fairground, Winterville is a good place to eat and drink on the Common, but I wouldn't be the first in the queue for the rides. Street Feast had some absolute gems with Babek Brothers serving up wraps and Motherclucker and their famous chicken, but the real highlight was the Spiegeltent; like something out of a budget Moulin Rouge, it was cozy, warm, intimate and had a great live choir singing Christmas classic after Christmas classic. I would check out Backyard cinema as well if you get a chance, it definitely had the biggest cue of the less than crowded fairground. The rides were lacklustre at best and the Ice rink is definitely on the smaller side. 


Winterville is a superfun, cool and tasty way to spend a festive cold evening in London! Mainly because there’s plenty of mulled wine to keep you warm, excellent food choices and a lot of indoor and outdoor activities that will keep you moving!

Forget winter wonderland, this place has actually tasty food because you can’t go wrong with Street Feast!! All the good food stalls are there with an excellent range and quality of choices. I particularly love up in my grill’s burgers, mother clucker’s delicious fried chicken with fries, kalimera for Greek delicacies and the churros place. There’s a backyard cinema, an ice rink where you can show off your ice skating skills and a wheel that it’s not London eye but has some pretty good views of the city! They’ve got some good roller coasters for the brave ones. There’s something for everyone!! Highly recommended for an evening out this festive season!!


Since days are starting to be frosty and holidays are approaching, I thought that Winterville was the right choice for a night out of fun with friends while sipping mulled wine and indeed, I wasn't wrong. At Winterville, which has now moved from Victoria Park to Clapham Commons you'll find attractions like the ferries wheel, dodgems, roller coasters, roller disco, an ice skate rink, a kids' dedicated area, but even a cinema (Backyard Cinema) and lots of street food stalls. I tried the dodgems and the ice skating and it was so much fun. Add to this the fact that the place is not too big, so you can easily move around without getting lost and you'll find a happy place. In terms of food I had an extremely delicious Bavette at Steak, with Fries and Chimichurri (Pesto and Red Peppers Sauces), however, don't worry if you're not into Steaks or Meat, as there is plenty of choice as to what you can order from the multitude of food stalls, from Pizza, to Ice Cream (Chin Chin Lab has a stall here), to crispy Squid and a great variety of Burgers and Kebabs. Food, fun and a great atmosphere, I'd recommend it!


Move over Winter Wonderland, we have a better way to have festive fun with Winterville! Firstly, it’s not as big, which means you can actually understand the place and know where you are at all times. Secondly, it’s not more of the same in each corner, with loads with actually different things to do all over - from a Backyard Cinema to a heated tent for Choir presentations. Finally (and most importantly), the food if much better and varied, courtesy of a very well thought of partnership with Street Feast. Sure, rides are not as big and bold, but if you’re looking for good day out with family or a cheeky weeknight date, this could very well be your best bet for some Mulled Wine fueled fun!


Winterville is a wonderful alternative to Winter Wonderland, if you're looking to have some fun away from tourists and in an environment that feels more "local". 

Situated in the beautiful Clapham Common, it has everything you need for a perfect night out in the cold: great street food (some of my favourite food stalls such as Mother Clucker, or Chin Chin Lab with their famous marshmallow hot chocolate, hot dogs, churros, pizza, you name it), amazing drinks (Xmas themed drinks of course, mulled wine, spirits), super fun rides, an ice rink and even a roller disco! All surrounded by happy festive decorations. Seriously, what could ask more?

There's also a lovely kid's area with smaller rides and fun games, so it's great for family outings too.

You can enter for free, see what you like and get a few tokens to enjoy the fun! Don't miss this place, it's truly amazing, even for a Grinch like me ;)


Right ... I literally just got back from here ...still recovering from screaming my lungs dry on those rides and terrorising people with my mad driving skills on the bumper cars!

What a lovely way to get into the festive feeling. First things first. It is not as large as winter wonderland in anyway but quantity doesn't always equate to quality guys!! The food options here are way better... there is something similar to a mini hawker house here.. it's called street feast and honestly you come away feeling full,rounded and well feasted!!

The stalls are all amazing and it was hard choosing what to actually feast on!!!

The rides are all fun fair rides and there's an ice skating rink for those who wish to slide the night away!! Many bars and the varieties are plentiful! Honestly.... I'd recommend it... its less predictable and mundane than I expected !! What a blast

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