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Plum Guide
Photograph: Plum Guide

What’s the deal with… Plum Guide?

A booking platform that prides itself on providing trustworthy, high-quality rentals

Written by Ed Cunningham in association with Plum Guide

A guide to… plums? I didn’t know plums needed a guide!

No, no. Plum Guide is certainly not a guide to plums. Unfortunately, you’ll have to look somewhere else for sorting your Damsons from your Elephant Hearts. Plum Guide is a booking platform. 

Just a booking platform? Aren’t there loads of those already?

From to Airbnb, there certainly are quite a few around. But Plum Guide comes with a twist. It’s more exclusive – not for its customers, but for the rentals that feature on its site. Think of it like a Michelin star for rentals. 

Oooh, exclusive. That sounds fancy.  

Indeed. Only three in every 100 rentals that apply to be on Plum Guide get featured on it. The site wants to narrow down the amount of choice you have when booking accommodation for a holiday. The idea is that only the most trustworthy and high-quality rentals are featured – so, theoretically, you can have a far less stressful holiday. 

No more last minute cancellations, unexpected surprises or catastrophic rental hosts?

Hopefully not. 

Plum Guide
Photograph: Plum Guide

Sounds fab. So how do they sort the good plums from the bad plums?

There’s a very stringent vetting process. Using a mix of AI, first-person interviewing, and a crew of ‘Home Critics’ to visit and test each property, Plum Guide whittles out any dodgy rentals. Overall, the site judges each accom based on 150 factors, ranging from measurable stuff like WiFi speed and decibel levels to other preferences like aesthetic appeal and sociability. 

What makes it better than a platform based on user reviews? 

For starters, the critics at Plum Guide definitely exist. Keith from Barbados or Linda from Sydney might write rave reviews on other sites, but how do you know they aren’t written by the rental itself? You don’t. Plum Guide, by contrast, is open and thorough in its rental selection process. Plus, Plum Guide’s critics are experts – so you don’t have to worry about reviewers with worryingly low standards leading you astray. 

Go on then. Gizza few examples of some top plums

There are so many incredible looking homes on Plum Guide. Each listing on the site looks very stay-in-able, from this very chic, pretty reasonably priced pad in Edinburgh to this enormous, Grand Designs-esque thing in Oxfordshire. In London, you can bag the likes of this colourful, characterful home in the heart of Clapham, and even a mega-luxurious Kensington townhouse. We could stay in all of them. 

And do you pay a pretty penny for all this expertise?

Nope. You shouldn’t pay a drop more than you would on other booking sites. Plum Guide matches prices with other platforms daily, so you won’t find the same home listed cheaper somewhere else. 

Cool! Sign me up

Check out Plum Guide’s website to peruse some holiday spots and book a dreamy curated getaway.

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