Celebrity Big Brother Live Final

Fri Jan 25, 9-11pm, C5

It’s been another solid series for one of C5’s few ratings bankers, with a smart blend of housemates and the late replacement of Jim Davidson by Razor Ruddock probably representing something of a blessing in disguise. Essentially, everyone has performed the roles allotted to them to perfection, while offering occasional, gentle subversions: the irritants (Speidi, Rylan) have allowed chinks of humanity to seep into their personas; the nice guys (Frankie, Razor) have occasionally had a strop; and the ones no one’s heard of (Paula, Lacey) had minor meltdowns. Who’s going to win? We wouldn’t like to say, but it certainly looks like a closer call than in previous years. After an uncertain start, C5’s revamp has found its feet – there’s no reason why it shouldn’t run and run.