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Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe
Kieron McCarron

Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe

Tue Jan 31, 10-10.30pm, BBC2

By Gabriel Tate

Series one, episode one
C4’s ill-fated ‘10 O’Clock Live’ was an experiment worth conducting, but ultimately suffered from uncertainty over tone, material and personnel. Charlie Brooker’s contributions, however, seldom let the side down, drawn as they frequently were in both style and content from his occasional ‘Screenwipe’ series on BBC4.

This six-parter incorporates a bit of both, blending archive hilarity with current affairs, TV with computer games and short films with studio interviews. Fear not, however: the latter seem more likely to involve the likes of Doug Stanhope and Barry Shitpeas than Amy Childs or Jamie Cullen. With the second series imminent of his excellent mini-series of futureshock dramas, ‘Black Mirror’, the only danger for Brooker and his relentlessly mordant wit may be overexposure.


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