Mon Jan 28, 10-10.35pm, Sky Atlantic

Series two, episode three
People getting high can spell certain doom for TV dramas, especially those as concerned with the zeitgeist as ‘Girls’. So it’s to the show’s credit that Hannah and Elijah’s big night out on coke is only excruciating in the best possible sense. Having inveigled drugs out of her ex-junkie neighbour in characteristically crass fashion, they talk shit in the flat before hitting the clubs and bumming each other’s vibes during a rare moment of mutual emotional honesty. With Jessa and Shoshannah almost entirely sidelined tonight (Lena Dunham seems to be struggling to find anything interesting for the latter at all this series), Marnie is the unlucky girl dragged into their self-absorption and away from an ill-advised fling with bell-end artist Booth Jonathan (providing tonight’s requisite dose of awkward sex). After an uncertain start to the second season, ‘Girls’ is finding its feet again – although a little more of the ensemble cast and a little less Hannah wouldn’t go amiss.