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In the Flesh

Sun Mar 24, 10-11pm, BBC3

Series one, episode two
Like some hybrid religious fundamentalists/macho survivalists, the anti-zombie Human Volunteer Force of Roarton are out in force tonight hunting a supposedly rabid zombie. Of course, the real target of Dominic Mitchell’s excellent three-part drama about one-time zombies being reintegrated into society are those nasty bedfellows bigotry and irrational fear.

And it’s to his credit, as well as a great cast and crew, that while this dystopian post-apocalyptic tale of a society torn apart by fear could so easily feel like a mash-up of so many other zombie/vampire screen and literature outings, it feels wholly homegrown and fresh.

Chief zombie hunter Bill faces the prospect of welcoming home his son Rick, killed in Afghanistan and being returned to him not in the body bag you suspect he might have preferred, but in the form of one of the Partially Deceased Syndrome Sufferers he so detests. Kieren’s own recent return, meanwhile, is causing further family troubles – but the discovery of a surprise ‘friend’ with an upbeat take on immortality could be just the tonic he needs.