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In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye

Fri Mar 8, 9-10.20pm, Sky Atlantic

The first warning sign comes early. ‘Fashion can tell you everything that’s going on in the world.’ But can it, Anna Wintour? Can it really? Or is that quote just a hint of the monumental self-absorption affecting those at the higher levels of the industry? This film is essentially a ramble through Vogue’s plentiful back pages, via the reminiscences of various editors and contributors.

The co-operation of the multitude of fashionista heavy-hitters involved suggests that the film won’t attempt much more than uncritical celebration. Which is fine, if haute couture is your bag. But a good documentary also gives the indifferent a reason to care. And on those terms, this fails utterly. Probably the best moment involves the sight of a model in a decorative leg brace, but only because it prompts memories of Alan Partridge’s ‘A Partridge in Paris’ collection. Otherwise, a po-faced, self-involved and thoroughly tedious affair.